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  1. Yeah ths is simply wrong, anyone who has him should try and trade away Skriniar while his rep is still high, he'll only decline. De Vrij is Inter's main CB, Bastoni is a rising star, and old war horse Godin preferred. Upamecano has everything in his game, gonna be a star.
  2. He has risen fast but I think it accurately reflects his ability so not mad at it. Would rather see ratings as accurate as possible than pissing about. Hopefully others who are deserving get similar rises though and he's not an outlier. Kimpembe, he's been playing really well, matter of time before he gets 92. Klostermann is more versatile though, very useful player.
  3. Come on, don't use England calls ups as if they're a valid point, they're not, he should have been called up by now. Southgate makes many questionable decisions. The Villa attack was an absolute show, a half decent striker woulda boosted his assist stats big time, he carried that team. Without context stats are very misleading.
  4. Yeah I dont get the uproar over his 90, he's as good as Maddison who may even get a bump to 91 in this PL review. I couldn't care less about England call ups, Southgate never even picked a left back in his latest squad ffs. 😄
  5. Gini doesn't deserve 94, 93 is enough for him. Yeah he was great the following season so I wouldn't write him off yet.
  6. Hazard really struggles when he's bogged down by injuries like the season Chelsea were in freefall. I wouldn't be surprised if he's a lot better next season provided he stays clear of injuries. But plenty of players have been punished for injury ridden seasons so they just seem to like him lol, maybe SM are Chelsea fans, who knows.
  7. 14 goals in a bad team means he deserves 89? Nope.
  8. You have more chance of rising that's for sure, which is most relevant to the game. It's hard to separate Gomez & Soyuncu so you go with the one in the best situation.
  9. I think that was fake news? He may struggle for games now since they brought in Sander Berge.
  10. Got all of them apart from Ferguson who is unavailable. Probably buying Jarrod Bowen as he may get an independent rise at some point on the back of his upcoming move to the Premier League if he gets nothing in the Championship review. Taking a chance on a few cheap players close to 80 like Ben Purrington & Lewis Wing as well.
  11. Yeah I'm just wondering if it's even worth getting players like Jarrod Bowen or Kalvin Phillips for the quick profit as they're already rated 84, will they get any change at all? If so will they only change a little bit in value...
  12. Gotta say, I know some have issues with SM saying wait til the Summer etc, but I'd rather a player was acurately reflected than stick to the SM tradition which has made for some pretty silly ratings for older players like Ibrahimovic (was comfortably ahead of Kane for ages) & Iniesta etc being rated far too high when they were past it. If players notably fall in performance just drop em back down.
  13. He's got huge potential but he's not been anything special at City so far, still adapting. Sterling didn't rise either but he hasn't been in great form in fairness despite what the stats say. Also, I have John Stones in one of my gameworlds so I'm happy he hasn't, but the man should be dropping like his name. 😁
  14. All the LFC rises deserved (bound to be some fume over VvD on here though 😁). Apart from Wijnaldum, he's good, but 93 is too high for him, he was fine on 92 for me. Robertson has been rated higher than Trent so now they'll have to move Trent to 93 on his next review. I thought there was a small chance he'd rise to 93 directly but this is more in line with the usual gradual SM way so whatever. KDB & Mahrez deserving of their rises. Predicted Silva's drop & binned him, so feeling smug on that one!
  15. I wouldn't say he deserved a drop rather that he was over rated & shoulda been 94 to begin with. Rising to 95 for being prolific in the Bundesliga then dropping while being prolific in the better Premier League makes no sense, but we've finally arrived at an accurate rating for him so it's all good in the end.
  16. Not fun for anyone with Auba! 🤐 I agree. You must have angered the rise gods beating me to him in the Road to Glory game world, let that be a lesson to you! 😄
  17. Wow tackling? It's time Whoscored dispensed with their awful strengths/weaknesses columns, they have some laughable stuff in there! A Liverpool title win is a formality at this point (the SM player raters will know this) so that's not the strongest argument really is it. Based on your criteria it wouldn't make a difference if he rose now or at the end of the season. It would be an absolute joke if he doesn't rise to 92, I'd bet on it & if he doesn't we riot. I don't care that he's 33... 17 goals in 21 Premier League games & Leicester doing well. No brainer. This wasn't a good argument before you started embellishing it & is even worse now. Matip wasn't easily the best, some games he was better, some VvD was better. But Matip was in exceptional form so it makes no difference anyway. If VvD doesn't rise, it wouldn't be because of performance, he's still been in the form of the best CB in the world. However, I think it's fair that a rise past 95 should come hard (if at all) given that's been the recent CB ceiling & the better you are in the game the harder it is to earn rises in the SM system so fair enough. lol man that really is a dilemma! I wouldn't usually advocate this, but in your case I'd say unless he rises this week then Fabinho 😲 even though he's on the rise in his career. It will take him a while to reach 94 (if he does), he may end up stuck on 93 & he's not even there yet. But it depends, he's versatile, so is he better than your RB, CB or worth keeping around as quality versatile backup? He's not really the same as the others. I would keep an eye on Thiago & Veratti though as they could get a Koke style drop in the future if they remain treading water. Kante is safe as houses. I'd keep them all, why do you need to sell one? No one else you can let go of?
  18. Yeah Rice to 90 is a joke, I never saw that one coming at all. As you say, he's been nothing special in a poor woefully underperforming side.
  19. You've repeated this as if you've made a good point, you haven't I'm afraid. VvD has still been monster & if he doesn't rise it won't be a performance issue. It just seems to be the recent ceiling for top CBs. If that's the case then Ramos should just drop to 94 at the end of the season instead, leaving him on his own as the best.
  20. Are you expecting decent price rises for Pedrinho and Soteldo? What are you predicting?
  21. Surely Arthur at least +1? Maybe +2.
  22. Well that was obvious... someone less obvious is Angelino who City just bought back, wonder if he'll get a small bump?
  23. He's hyped because he's one of the best defenders in the world, he's deserving of 94. It's good to see that he doesn't have to be at a better team to get it, not his fault Napoli don't win things.
  24. What would you say Vinicius will get?
  25. Joao Felix is surely gonna get a rise after his move to Atletico becomes official, they can't have an £112.9m replacement for Greizmann on 85 & priced only £10m! When exactly it happens, who knows.
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