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  1. That kind of nonsense happens almost every game you play in the European competitions, get used to it! 😁
  2. Any idea when the Hungarian league will next be updated? I like the chances of eighteen year old left winger Tamás KISS getting a rise, sixteen appearances for him. His birthday was November as well so he's on the young side of eighteen (good for his value).
  3. Too early, he's only been poor this season I think? That's not a very big sample size to drop him, set against his career of quality performances. Boateng has been poor for longer so dropped, so Hummels could drop end of the season if his form doesn't pick up.
  4. Auba's scored goals prolifically in recent years so that wasn't why people thought he should drop, he's simply over rated. He should be 94, he fits in better with the other 94s, he's easily the worst 95 in the game (IRL).
  5. It makes absolutely no sense mate lol. Pointless not to give him his full update when you're changing his rating just 20 days before! He's not went up six points in that time, and they probably already had the exact upgrade he ended up with in mind then. Maybe if it was a few months prior then I could get behind it as making the database more accurate but it's just misleading.
  6. FFS Caci had another upgrade after I sold him in 2 game worlds, what was the point in his upgrade 20 days earlier then? Sigh.
  7. Yeah loving it, I have him in 2 of my games.
  8. No he's just being slowly integrated into the team in the same way Robertson & Ox were. Keita's gone straight in cos Leipzig play a similar style. He played for Brazil the other day, looked fit to me... Also, there's no need to sell him, he'll get plenty of games this season.
  9. Are we gonna have to wait until next March for the Dutch/Portugese potential risers to rise?
  10. Anyone know some really cheap youth players guaranteed to rise?
  11. Barcelona's Juan Miranda is an 18 left back worth signing, he's replaced Digne as backup for Alba. Currently rated 75 & available for 700k. At the very least you should make some profit on him on the next Spanish update, he might even be one to keep hold of long term.
  12. I had Gumny +6 to 83 & Szymanski +6 to 82 so I was very happy with that Poland update. It was especially helpful in my scouting league where I can only sign players rated up to 80... Gumny's my new starting full back & he can play both flanks.
  13. Thanks for this, £2.4m profit for a small 400k outlay, the cheapest ones are the best!
  14. How can he be world class if he's not performing at a world class level? You're only as good as your performances. It's fair to say the reigning German player of the year who also made the CL squad of the tournament (Kimmich) is better at the very least. I brought up the other players rising to illustrate that Carvajal didn't have a good season, they've won 3 CLs in a row, he's a starter, & he still wasn't deemed good enough for 93 like they were. He's Madrid's lowest rated starter. He will only rise or stay IF he keeps his place in the starting line up, which isn't a given if he continues on like he has been. They didn't splash out good money on Alvaro Odriozola for nothing!
  15. What value will Sergio Busquets drop to? He's just turned 30 so I'm assuming he'll drop from 44.5m soon... & how long will it be til he drops? A few weeks?
  16. Carvajal's had an average season, he's not the best RB in the world. Note how he's stuck on 93 while Casemiro & Varane got bumped to 93 last upgrade. There's a reason for that.
  17. It's a relegation release clause. You also see players trying harder for better teams, VvD downed tools for Saints, Wijnaldum had a bad rep among Newcastle fans etc... no problems from players like those at Liverpool. If Shaqiri doesn't try hard enough he'll be sold for a profit. I don't see the downside to the transfer.
  18. He seemed to press fine for Switzerland, I don't think that was Stoke's style. For 13m he's not a strange buy in my books, even if he flops Liverpool can sell him for a decent profit. They had to bring an unfit Lallana on for Salah in the CL final, this gives them cheap cover.
  19. Who is likely to get a bump from the World Cup then? Any chance of Modric to 96? He deserves it, but they're not usually keen on upgrading over 30s.
  20. What rises are we looking at for these mate?
  21. Nice. How high do we think this guy's rating go?
  22. Yeah he deserves to be on the same level as De Gea if he keep this form up.
  23. It's fair enough tbh, & pointless comparing as Salah got plus 2 which was a big jump when you're already 92. Salah will probably get another bump on his next update if he continues his form.
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