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  1. Oblak to 94, lovely stuff, knew he would despite the moaning in here yesterday lol.
  2. Maybe SM factor that into their decisions... but Nainggolan didn't even make Belgium's squad, Icardi the same with Argentina, I could go on... So I don't think they should. Ok reward players doing well for their national teams but don't penalize them for not playing as they can't change their situation. & find another top country lol Also... Azpilicueta mostly plays CB for Chelsea these days in a 3, Spain play with 2 CBs. Obviously before that he mostly played LB... so no surprise he fell down the RB pecking order. But he still makes the squad because he's excellent in a number of positions. So is Sergi Roberto who didn't even make the squad.
  3. Not so sure about that, Azpilicueta has been 1 of the best defenders in the PL for a while now & is still stuck on 92.
  4. Yeah the reason is he's been winning titles with Chelsea as the main man so he wasn't that bothered about going, & Ronaldo plays where he would. Bale's 58 league starts (out of 114 possible games!) over the last 3 seasons put him at risk, 100% that was a factor in his drop.
  5. Firstly you look at lack of games, if you look at those stats Hazard has played a usual Bale league season more than him in the last 2 league seasons alone. Hazard also plays in a defensive team, & if you think of Iniesta, he's a bit like that often making the pass before the pass, so it's no surprise his stats aren't outstanding. He's also a guaranteed starter for Chelsea but gets linked to Madrid. Bale is often benched & linked with a move away. Bale also plays in a much better attack with better players, which helps his numbers. With all this said, purely going on ability I probably wouldn't have dropped Bale, but there are clearly other factors they consider. That's why I traded Bale for Hazard a while back! 😁
  6. I have him but he's not had a great season tbh, I wasn't hopeful. They haven't touched the Atletico 1st team yet, let's wait & see eh...
  7. Quintero worth buying for a potential rise after the World Cup? He's been excellent for Columbia so far. 3m & rated 86 atm.
  8. I traded him away months ago. I think he'll drop, don't think the CL final goal will save him.
  9. It wouldn't be that unfair? lol It would seriously damage the credibility of SM ratings to have Messi below Ronaldo. Barcelona's Messi led La Liga domination counts for ALOT as he totally ran the show, finished 17 points ahead of Ronaldo's Madrid over the major test of a 38 game season, scored 8 more goals, with 7 more assists in the top ranked league in the world. Having them both 99 is the way it should stay.
  10. Benzema drop? Bale stay? Tough one to call isn't it.
  11. Lautaro MARTÍNEZ has risen to 10m, is he gonna get another rise when Inter get reviewed?
  12. Azpilicueta should be 93 but it's no surprise he never got it after Chelsea's season.
  13. Can anyone recommend a worthwhile dirt cheap GK (we're talking under 1m), so I can sell my backup?
  14. It's more likely he rises to 91 but any chance of VvD rising 2 to 92? He was capped at 90 by being at Southampton but deserved 91 there IMO. Surely a 92 quality player atm.
  15. Doesn't look like it's gonna happen, thought he'd rise straight to 20m looking at other players, strange. I predict he'll lose it then, it'd make him alot less useful!
  16. Will Saul keep all his positions on the next update? Could lose CB?
  17. because Mignolet is also terrible, Karius did pretty well this season til last night What about Benzema though? His lack of goals could be a factor.
  18. can you tell us more about why he'd be a good buy?
  19. Cheers, made a bid for Mepham, the others are taken.
  20. I can't wait for that! I'm in a scouting league where you can only sign at most 80 rated players (25 & under) & I signed... Josh Murphy & Cristoph Zimmermann - Norwich Adam Jackson & Matty Pearson - Barnsley Ronaldo Vieira - Leeds Josh Clarke - Brentford Jarrod Bowen - Hull George Honeyman - Sunderland George Saville - Milwall
  21. I never said they would take my opinion into consideration you idiot, I was just giving my opinion. He's had a massive influence on City's title win (some City fans I know think he's been their best player), & he was on on the six man shortlist for PFA player of the year, so he's clearly had a great season.
  22. Any chance of David Silva +1? I know he's old & already really highly rated but he's had a great season. 3rd best player of the year in the PL IMO. Very influential in an easy title win.
  23. I agree, he's been excellent, such a dangerous player. What an improvement since he's been with Roma. Bit of a shame, I wasn't looking to trade him but I had an offer of Christian Eriksen so had to do it. More chance of Mane reaching 93 as well after his performance last night & getting to the CL final.
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