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  1. Lemar has no chance of rising at this point, awful season from him, he's even been getting a hard time from Monaco fans.
  2. How confident are you that Thomas Strakosha jumps from 87 to 89? That would make him a great buy as it would double his value from 6m to 12m. I think I'll get him if it's likely... Maximiliano Eggestein is rated 85 & valued at 4m, if he gets the expected increase to 87, then how much will he be worth? It looks like between 7-10m. He's 21, birthday in December & plays for Werder Bremen... but not sure how it works. He could be another great buy, confident of his rating as well?
  3. I'm no expert on SM ratings but going by form; Firmino should definitely get 93 as he's been brilliant, Mane might be just short of deserving it. As good as he is, I'd leave him where is he is for now personally, maybe if LFC win the CL then quite a few LFC players get bumps they wouldn't have, Mane included.
  4. How likely is Callejon to rise to 92? He's available in 1 of my GWs but there are other 91s & soon some 92s available in it so I'm not bothering with him if he stays.
  5. Worth buying Patrik Shick? Will he rise? Had a bid accepted for him after seeing him play for Roma in the CL.
  6. I have Arp, he'll be moving to Bayern when HSV are relegated, big future. Brewster will be in the LFC 1st team squad next season according to reliable LFC journos, only Ings & Solanke ahead of him for the backup spot so not major competition. He reminds me of a Mbappe/Rashford hybrid, big future after he recovers from his long term injury (should be back for preseason). I have Leao, looks good in his limited game time so far. I sold Lincoln cos couldn't be bothered to wait for his breakthrough in Brazil, think he has alot of competition for his place, so I wouldn't rush to buy him just yet as his big price. His hype if from Brazil U17s only at this point, not league games. Big talent though.
  7. Thought Fred deserved 90 though considering all the big cubs looking at him & how much he's improved since his last update in 2015. I'm biased cos I have him mind you haha.
  8. What does McTominay reach on his next review?
  9. Icardi, Chiellini, try anyone good under 29.5m (player search) so it's a straight forward deal. I had a deal for Casemiro set up but the manager quit so I'm doing a deal for Matic now, it's a bit more complicated though as he's a little more expensive than the Iniesta bid limit. Straight swaps are obviously easier.
  10. Iniesta off to China announced after the Copa Del Rey final... time to pull the trigger on my Iniesta for Casemiro deal I had set up I reckon! Iniesta's rating could fall through the floor on his next review.
  11. Is Mascherano gonna drop? & if so when?
  12. Anyone know any good risers from these leagues?
  13. Weigl will take ages to get to world class (if he ever does), so make sure you're the one with Busquets at the end of that deal!
  14. Yes he will. I was lucky enough to trade him along with Benzema for Oblak. Get rid/don't buy.
  15. What makes you think De Rossi will stay? I was gonna bin him before his next update.
  16. When was the last time Fernandinho played right back? Surely he loses that position soon.
  17. It certainly isn't, I haven't watched that game yet, watching it later. but there you go... benched for a massive game, says it all. I traded Bale for Hazard the other day!
  18. Bale hasn't just been inured though, he's been in & out of the Madrid side, Reus could also drop on his next review. But I'm not an expert on Madrid tbh, only seen some of their games this season... I'm going off Rahul's predictions. I traded Bale for Hazard the other day in expectation of it. If you watch alot of Madrid what do you think Casemiro's chances of 93 are?
  19. What's the consensus.. Pedro retains his 92 rating?
  20. You're probably looking at a 90 & a 93 for a 94 there after their updates, & given the lack of top full backs plus their younger ages, I'd prefer Gelson/Carvajal. Depends if you have a young up & coming team or you're in win now mode though. Win now then Bale.
  21. Any chance of a change in Fernandinho's rating?
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