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  1. SM has recently finished updating the Dutch league and I feel a few players were missed and should of definitely gone up. Frankie De Jong (Ajax) - I know De Jong has recently agreed to sign for Barcelona in the summer but he is still an Ajax player so there is no reason why he shouldn't of gone up. He plays every game for Ajax, he plays Champions League football and is now starting games for Holland. He should be at least an 87/88. Ridiculous to still have him as an 83. Maximilian Wober (Ajax) - Just recently signed for Sevilla so I don't know if the change will come when the Spanish
  2. I'm very confused as to why SM reviewed some European leagues and then not others. They covered all the big leagues but then didn't update the Dutch league, Portuguese league, Russian league Turkish league etc. They just skipped straight to South American leagues! Any update or explanation for this would be greatly appreciated.
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