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  1. Which player would you go for out of Coutinho, Varane, Griezmann, Muller and Thiago? My team is pretty even across all positions
  2. Umtiti, Walker, Carvajal and Alba are the most likely to rise and in that order. Saul Niguez can play centre back and has played at fullback so may work but not sure how he'd do in that position with his stats. Varane and Marquinhos are on their way to 93 but maybe not this time.
  3. Jorginho would probably the best single player for that money, should be 92 at the end of the review. Check Fabinho hasn't scone a free agent in the gameworld after his transfer. I'd get a mixture of torreira, tousart, rodri, aouar and ndombele depending on who's available in your gameworld as previous posters have said.
  4. Tierney when Scotland comes around. Gomez and Lascelles are best bets in the prem. Calabria is a good shout for a double raise to 87
  5. They'd have to be reviewed after Chelsea by those rules so that limits it to the top 4 English clubs if they are going by coefficient. Not a whole lot of choice.
  6. Double rating increases at a high level are rare and there are no guarantees but Lingard is probably your best shot. You'll have to be quick after Chelsea gets reviews as Man U will be a day or two later. Depending on what order the leagues are reviewed, Lucas Hernandez is probably the second best shot as I've seen him in some versions of La Liga team of the season but I don't think that he will.
  7. Wendell is likely to rise to 90 at left back. Guererro, Cancelo, Theo Hernandez and Henrichs have potential but will take longer to reach 90 and. Good full backs are rarer and Cedric is quite a good one so might be working on other areas of your squad first and see Southampton gets relegated and he moves club. You could always buy Trent Alexander Arnold as back up and wait until he gets better. Keep an eye on transfers to big clubs over the summer, Man City could buy a left back since Mendy has been pretty much all season.
  8. With those stats he's very likely to rise, the only thing that might hold him back is that he has had a couple of rises in a row but for he's cheap for a player in the 90s still approaching his peak. He'll struggle to get above 91 at Marseille but hes good value for money and is very likely to reach 91 at the end of the season, which is good enough to be in a top side. Other interesting options in this price bracket are Arthur Melo, who is pretty much confirmed to be moving to Barca in the Summer. Might be a squad player but very likely to rise over the course of next season and if he d
  9. Kimmich, Umtiti, Casemiro, Mbappe and Saul Niguez play regularly for top teams and are important players so are pretty safe bets to rise over the next couple of seasons as they have lower ratings in top teams. Christensen and Salah are in the same bracket as well if their managers decide to sell. Donnurama is the top young keeper but his potential may be limited if AC Milan don't up their game. Havertz, Bailey, Torreira, Soler and Partey are cheaper options and should be starters for mid table teams but you'll have wait until they move clubs for them to get really high ratings. M
  10. Hi, I'm new to this game and have taken over an Atletico Madrid team in a European Championship. I've been offered Veratti and Mbappe for Griezmann, is this a good deal. I've sold Gaitan, Torres and Gameiro to bring in Lemar and Icardi and will have enough money to buy Salah if I get a bid for Carrasco, so my attack is pretty stacked but is there a big advantage to having a player with a world class rating?
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