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  1. Things have well and truly slowed down now hahah. You can only laugh at the situation.
  2. Sorry for the list, I don't normally ask long ones like this. But I have a group of players some distance from starting for me and am looking to move on some. J. Kounde (Bordeaux) 85 J. Gelin (Rennes) 86 J. Andersen (Sampdoria) 86 N. Mukiele (Leipzig) 87 S. Lobotka (Celta Vigo) 89 M. Locatelli (Sassuolo) 87 M. Aguirregabiria (Alaves) 86 M. Roca (Espanyol) 86 I. Sangare (Toulouse) 85 R. De Paul (Udinese) 88 M. Wolf (Dortmund) 87 A simple keep/sell would be massively appreciated. Personally I'm leaning towards selling Lobotka, Locatelli(birthday is soon), Aguirregabiria and Wolf. I understand if it's too long.
  3. Koulibably and Icardi finally. Skriniar too!
  4. Keep imo. Madrid might be poor right now but he's a future spanish international starter and I really like him. I'm keeping him in my club anyway as a backup
  5. Thanks for replying! I assume this was 451 a?
  6. Have you tried and any results?
  7. Don't worry about it. I was just checking if you had already completed it. Appreciate all your input in this thread.
  8. @Soccahappy It's very possible that I could have missed it if it's been already posted but have you done an analysis on Atletico Madrid?
  9. Apologies for asking a transfer related question. But would people swap dybala and 39m to get a chance at signing mbappe. He will go for max (79m) in this competitive but low money world.
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