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  1. Sign Manolas for the long term? Are Napoli players destined to drop?
  2. VVD us the best CB currently. Period. Any argument against is silly.
  3. After Rice to 90 if Chilwell doesn’t get 90 I’ll lose my ish
  4. Do I sign Calvert Lewin? Rise beyond 88 long term?
  5. In my GW Sancho is a top 5 player for his team (Cardiff). He’s only played 25/37 matches and is currently at a Level 4 concern. Shouldn’t he request a transfer after fixture 36?
  6. Half a season does not qualify you to be 88. Especially for a player who does not play European/International football. ake, Netherlands international. 88 would rank him above Tarkowski, Dunk and Lascelles. The first two have played in friendlies for England this year. Tarkowski played in EL qualifiers. you should be more upset about those players not being 88.
  7. How do you all rate Denis Zakaria? Not starting regularly in Bubdesliga. What is his ceiling?
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