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  1. Sign Manolas for the long term? Are Napoli players destined to drop?
  2. Rashford or 40mil Maddison and Jovic???
  3. VVD us the best CB currently. Period. Any argument against is silly.
  4. After Rice to 90 if Chilwell doesn’t get 90 I’ll lose my ish
  5. Do I sign Calvert Lewin? Rise beyond 88 long term?
  6. In my GW Sancho is a top 5 player for his team (Cardiff). He’s only played 25/37 matches and is currently at a Level 4 concern. Shouldn’t he request a transfer after fixture 36?
  7. Matheus Cunha of RB Leipzig worth keeping?
  8. Half a season does not qualify you to be 88. Especially for a player who does not play European/International football. ake, Netherlands international. 88 would rank him above Tarkowski, Dunk and Lascelles. The first two have played in friendlies for England this year. Tarkowski played in EL qualifiers. you should be more upset about those players not being 88.
  9. How do you all rate Denis Zakaria? Not starting regularly in Bubdesliga. What is his ceiling?
  10. Played multiple international matches for Colombia. no different than Zakaria for Gladbach. Let’s put it this way, if Livermore, Shelvey and ELNENY are 88...
  11. Get Oliver Skipp! if I am a lower division side and I equal the max bid of a Div 1 team, who does the player sign for?
  12. Our should probably ask/know this before you buy him!
  13. @Rahul what are the criteria for WC risers? Who is in line for a rise? Any good buys out there?
  14. Which rising La Liga keeper do you like best? David Soria 2.2m (Rahul, I did not see a rating for this player on your prediction) Ruben Blanco 3.0m Pau Lopez 4.0m (moved to Betis)
  15. 5th Division team. sell Akanji to buy 2 players (4+6 mil) that will rise to 88 or keep him?
  16. Naldo gets snubbed for Brasil, therefore he gets snubbed by SM. to achieve 90+ a player must have international success be it club or country (usually both).
  17. ok, what the actual f%#£ with these reviews!?!? They can’t even do a complete team? Any reason for this?
  18. Unrelated question but you all are the most qualified to answer. My balance is currently at -500k. There are 5 matches left in the season and I expect to be at -2mil by the end. Will I lose my team?
  19. When we scout young players who are attracting big clubs, we do it because they will one day play for giants and rise to be the best players in the game. Let’s take a look at different examples. Leon Bailey is attracting Bayern and just about all the big English clubs. Why will he rise? Because of this interest? No. Because he plays in a top division and is a top performer. arthur for gremio rose from 75 to 87 this past December. Is it because he was connected to Barcelona? No. He had just won the Libertadores and was MOTM in the final. Not to mention he was called up to for Brasil in 2017. Sessegnon, while voted POTY, is an uncapped player in a second division which is being given way too much weight in this forum. Championship teams cannot qualify for Europe. Rarely do Championship players play for their national team. Ruben Neves does, and he has probably maxed out at 86. I don’t think soccerwiki takes “interest “ into account at all nor should they.
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