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  1. Still in everything, but next danger games are against Swansea and Everton Had one good game already with them but have to get lucky again to keep going
  2. New players in and out: + Ajer Ntcham Smith-Rowe Guendouzi - Martin
  3. Good battle ongoing and big cup games in there too
  4. The business part of the season will start soon, with cups and the first league game against Port Vale coming up. A draw would be an interesting result, and would make the comparative goal difference quite relevant.
  5. This is the team Pope Djene Silva Juanpe Bonera Hermoso Lobotka Sorlin Portu Ruiz Diaz Bench Zuta Martin Renato Berezutsky Zubeldia Pizarro Gomez Rosier Niane Windass
  6. SM rate players by yellow cards accumulated or reeee. I have a PhD in being a data slave so I am a big deal. Base rating 85 + 1 rating point per yellow card This is sarcasm.
  7. Here is the new team Pope 87 Rosier 83 -- Djene 85 -- Silva 86 --Bonera 86 Sorlin 86 Joaquin 87 -- Portu 85 -- Diaz 89 Gomez 86 -- Quagliarella 89 Aguirregabiria 70 -- Ruiz 83 -- Kounde 83 -- Niane 80 -- Zubeldia 82 -- Pizarro 85 -- Hermoso 82
  8. Interesting to observe confirmed changes: De Gea 95 McTominay 83 Darmian only -1 Random players like Lindelöf confirmed +/- 0 Salah 94 Alexander-Arnold 87 Karius 89...LOL
  9. You can make that joke, you're not a weirdo
  10. Mourinho is a sell-out LOL, shadow of his former self. One of the most overrated coaches in the world atm Not rehashing redcafe.net on Soccermanager, for that you can go here and find thousands like yourself debating back and forth if United can win the title next season http://www.redcafe.net/threads/jose-mourinho-2017-18-assessments-poll-added.431384/page-342 Little tip: 100% will not LOL. I'm not a gambler anymore, but if I was, I'd put my own savings, my apartment, and the lives of myself and all my children [if i had!] on the line that Man United will not win the titl
  11. De Gea +1 Sanchez 0/-1 Matic 0 Pogba 0/-1 Mata -1 Lukaku 0/+1 Valencia 0/-1 Herrera 0/-1 Darmian -2 Rashford 0 Fred 0 Smalling 0 Rojo 0/-1 Bailly 0 Martial 0 Blind -2 Jones 0 Fellaini 0/-1 Lindelof 0 Young 0/+1 Shaw 0/-1 Romero 0/-1
  12. PL is overrated as is, except Liverpool, Man City Man United needs big drops
  13. Port Vale, I see that Strakosha!.... 87 - 89 Really need to sell Aouar quick...!
  14. Pope 1.8 million - 5 million Tracking other considered risers - Chilwell 83 - 85 - Kenny 80 - 83 - Cook 84 - 86 - Tarkowski 85 - 87 - Wan Bissaka 70 - 78 - Stephens 84 - 85 - Barnes 84 - 87 - Mavropanos 73 - 82 - Maitland - 82 - 85 Current squad looks like this Pope 87 Rosier 83 - Djene 85 - Silva 86 - Bonera 86 Sorlin 86 - Portu 85 Aouar 88 - Joaquin 87 - Diaz 89 Quagliarella 88 Subs; Pizarro 85 - Niane 80 - Ruiz 83 - Kounde 83 - Lysov 78 - Aguirregabiria 70
  15. Under might get +3 seeing what Aouar got Roma is a better team than Lyon or Milan
  16. Do you know how I got Aouar? I scouted every team deep in the Champions League and Europa League and looked for young players who were still rated low. Aouar was the best of them. He cost most of the starting budget we had.
  17. I'm honestly the same way, and it's very interesting being in the same league with Port Vale who are very fast with picking out the best risers. But I do what I can scouting from soccerway with the rest, and with players like Kounde, Diaz, Mendy, Ndombele, Zambo Anguissa, Lopes still available, there are still good players left for us. It's a lot of choices, for example we had accepted bid for Marius Wolf, but withdrew, and we see now Port Vale got him and it was 1.8m to 6m.
  18. Aouar is a big rise. The reason I got him is because the transfer was made February 28. Port Vale usually gets the best risers very fast and we have to choose the best from the rest.
  19. Recent risers: Aouar 2.8m to 12m, Diaz 6m to 12m Missed Mendy 2.6m to 7m, we had to choose between Diaz and Mendy. Looking back, we should have chosen Mendy over Djene. We actually had made that decision at the time but forgot to withdraw offer on Djene so Mendy collapsed. Other players we were tracking also rose. Ndombele 5m to 10m, Zambo Anguissa 6m to 10m, R. Lopes 7m to 14m. We correctly stayed away from Tousart, 8m to 10m is less than expected. Some comments on France: Lerager only +1, Lees-Melou big +2, Bourigeaud big +2, Le Marchand only +1, Sarr only +2, Kimpembe only
  20. Recent risers; Rosier +3 - 83, Kounde +8 - 83, Niane +4 - 80 Kuyt is retiring, we need to hire a forward to take over the left wing - Mariano Diaz is joining
  21. The short-term aim of the squad is to keep replacing the 35+ year old players with players in the age range of 26 and under. We currently have about 6-7 reasonably rated, reasonably good young players
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