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    shiladityaacharya reacted to CAFC28 in I like running up my debt >:-)   
    Yes, rules change, but clubs are given notice before they come into effect, usually during the off season, so they have time to adjust.
    At no point in football history did anyone immediately double wages during the middle of a season, and expect clubs to manage with no balancing addition to income. At least real clubs get the benefit of huge TV deals and better merchandising incomes.
    It's very hard to "just deal with it", when a club you've built up and a team you've assembled over years suddenly doesn't work any more (partly because of some moronic positioning change to your players, who overnight now can't play 10 yards further down the pitch than they could the day before...) and you now lose millions per week.
    When it negatively affects all but the biggest 5% of clubs in the game, you know it's a poorly thought out plan.
    Actually, in my cynical mind, I think it was deliberately planned that way - you can reserve clubs in new game worlds, right? For money? And there's only a few big clubs per game world now that can support the biggest stars and survive paying the wages? Hmm...
    But I can't believe SM would do that, what with their immaculate and caring customer service record.
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    shiladityaacharya got a reaction from Hfazil in Strikers not scoring   
    Against Lesser opposition try very attacking, Passing mixed/direct, down both flanks, use target man.
    Also if your strikers are NOT scoring but Assisting well it isnt a big problem.
    If they are NOT Scoring or Assisting then its a problem.
    And when you use, very attacking, go normal/defensive after 60minutes.
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    shiladityaacharya reacted to jbradley16731590 in Beginner in SM need help with Real Madrid tactics   
    Tactics can vary according to the opposition but that looks good. I have found that changing tactics from week to week is not the way to go though.
    I play a 4-2-3-1A and stick with it and have had decent success so far. When I had a few injuries I started swapping the formations around and got heavily beaten by lesser opposition so I stopped and have now gone on a 7 game winning streak. 
    Im sure SM veterans will disagree but that is just my experience. 
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