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  1. Pjaca sucks this year.. not to buy. Kean remain at Juventus, and will not play.
  2. They'll finish Tottenham, and make 1 player of city, in my opinion.
  3. In your opinion, when Iniesta will drop? and how much? -2?
  4. New European World will start soon. Game World ID: 391749 Free Squad: 1 Chelsea 1 Manchester City 1 Manchester United 1 Paris Saint-Germain 1 Real Madrid 2 AC Milan 2 Arsenal 2 Atl├ętico Madrid 2 Dortmund 2 Internazionale 2 Tottenham Hotspur 2 Valencia CF 2 Zenit Saint Petersburg 3
  5. new world game ID: 391749 world championship - real madrid and barcelona still free. nuovo Mondo di Gioco ID: 391749 campionato mondiale - real madrid e barcelona ancora liberi. nuevo mundo de juego ID: 391749 liga mundial - real madrid y barcelona libre
  6. Hi, if a team have only 21 players and a squad of only 21 players, I have to offer money + one player or I can offer only money? Thanks
  7. Use 4-5-1 B (defensive)
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