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  1. When the new update for sm worlds comes out already know?
  2. Yes, dont know how do i not see this guy! Anyone knows more frimpongs players?? 65/70/73 ratings who can have big rises? Thanks
  3. Hello community Who are best players to rise 85 to 87 and 87 to 89 please? Thanks
  4. Hello, what are best 84/85 best players right now? Thanks
  5. Don't think so. Turkey was reviewed April this year... Wondering who could be next...
  6. Curious what league could be next to update...
  7. A bunch new Scotland players of division 2... Means anything for next league to be reviewed?
  8. I'm thinking China, Bulgaria and Romania haven't been reviewed some time, maybe could be soon. Anyone with some tips which could be next?
  9. Which leagues could be reviewed next after serie b? Championship was few months ago right? I doubt it would be reviewed again. Maybe Romania? China?
  10. Thanks i already know him but it is a little bit of expensive and already owned by one club maybe 500/600/700/800k under to rise
  11. Anyone knows or could share the best serie b and bundesliga 2 risers?
  12. It will be great that @Monolithic update the list of which countries still left to update and his risers
  13. Anyone has some information which league could be next?
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