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  1. totally dont understand their bias of not giving full backs more than 92. theres loads of CBs at 94 that dont deserve it.
  2. they hate full backs. apparently you only need to win a world cup these days. doesnt matter if you have one UCLs, euros, and WCs in the past if you are a fullback.
  3. Umtiti rises, whilst Jordi alba stays again! varane rises and Dani Caravhal stays again What for? Cos he won one world cup, pretty sure Alba has one world cups euros, ECLs, even scored in finals. The full back bias on SM is pathetic. And on what basis Diego costa and edison cavani to drop, yet luis suarez on his already inflated 96 stays. If you are gonna drop cavani for being at psg and a crappy french league, then why not drop neymar too.
  4. we are obviously talking about two different people. Just realised I was thinking of Rony Lopes at Monaco
  5. 0/99 would be a more accurate prediction. The guy hasn't played hardly at all 400 odd minutes from a possible 1800. Infact he is injured isn't he? and his club have been dire in the ECL and don't they sit 2nd bottom of the French league?
  6. As if your original post didn't sound age-ist enough, then this one confirms it. Im not one who likes to see a rating drop purely because he is over 31 years old, which seems to be the norm. Whilst Kimmich, Van Diyk, and Skriniar should all get a rise, theres nothing to suggest the ones you want to drop should. Hummels and Boateng are the only possibilities due to Germany and Bayerns drop off in form, and the rotation to include Süle at Bayern doesn't help their minute count. but the rest all fully deserve their ratings. Gonna have to disagree on your opinion, and its just your opininion, that Chiellini is so much better than Bonucci and Godin, who in my opinion for whats its worth are two of the best in the world.
  7. yes but done probably in may-june, and probably wont be done until next may-june. They really could do with a mid season review. That goes for All of the big 5 league second tiers. Although if they can review league 1 and 2 from England right now, then I live in hope.
  8. Hector was so lucky to hang on, when he chose to stay to stay at relegated Köln. maybe it was he was a world champion regular for germany. But following germays 2018, (world cup and nations league), he will definitely drop next review. He has to. Question is when does Bundesliga2 get reviewed? end of season? As a general rule players who play in 2nd tier go down to 86, with the odd few hanging on to 87, if they were say 89/90 rated when they dropped down a division.
  9. Last year SM reviewed Lille on 16 Nov 17, so on the same basis it might start in 5days On the subject of Caci, I notice another thread called him a random out of review riser, and suggested he might get another increase when france is reviewed fully. It does seem that a guy who has played the most minutes and percentage of available minutes for a 70 rated youngster in the whole French league would only get an increase of +2. So maybe the 78 or 80 rating could still happen.
  10. I like the way you say continue to plummet, yet the so called plummeting hasn't even started yet.
  11. Are they likely to start reviewing the big 5 leagues soon? I noticed the other day one French league player got a rating change. Caci I think from 70-72. Does this mean the rest of the French league is coming in the next few days?
  12. bad analogy. if I went to his house and he cooked like he predicted, then it would be amazing. I certainly wouldn't need to ask him to recook everything, just for me to tell him it was good.
  13. it took me 3.5 seconds, my computer is slow, my scroll button isn't good.
  14. Dani Alves? Will he not drop? It doesn't look like he had played a single minute this season for PSG
  15. no, my reply didn't quote an entire leagues predictions, for just one line reply.
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