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  1. can i have a link too, if it means i can log into my game worlds
  2. Before you laugh in my face do you not think they as a club are over peforming, from a team that does mid table at best at least as top 4 contenders they deserve more increases than just Calvin-Lewin. Also 3 points off top spot at xmas time is impressive if you ask me.
  3. Before you laugh in my face do you not think they as a club are over peforming, from a team that does mid table at best at least as top 4 contenders they deserve more increases than just Calvin-Lewin.
  4. any chance you might rethink your ratings for everton. Only one player set to rise, in a team that looks like title contenders?????
  5. Kimmich +1 one is a bit of a joke isnt it?
  6. welcome back rahul. thoughts on modric. -2 to 93? or could he drop even more than that. im hopless at predicting, whereas your record is very good.
  7. it might be because enough people ask for a rise on their soccerwiki pages... im talking players at the big clubs. Like mount, mctominay, dan james etc.... it would be better if they just had a real schedule and reviewed the whole world at least one a year.
  8. God knows when Dani Olmo and zagreb will be reviewed, they were suppose to do it in july i think, and decided in their infinate wisdom to missout the croatian teams and greek league all together.. they also reviewed half the korean teams and didnt bother with the other half. SM rating changes are a joke unless you play in a non competitive league and can buy up the players from the big 5 euro leagues.
  9. Anyone know why they started to review korea K league then after about two teams they stopped?
  10. I was more than tempted, especially if it weakened him, by losing 2 players, to my one. But at the same time Firmino for me wouldnt be a starter when everyone is fit, due to me also having mane, aubamayang, coutinho, isco .
  11. Just got offered this: Firmino + Aguero for my Harry Kane. Would you swap? Kane for the 2? In terms of value of the players kane is about 52mill, and the two of those come to near that offer. Is it worth keeping the youth of kane, or is Ageuro likely to keep his rating for a while, and maybe Firmino go up What should I do?
  12. Is crotia or greek super league going to be the next leagues to be reviewed after Spanish La Liga?
  13. Did Ajax just win the world cup or something?
  14. When will the big 5 euro leagues be reviewed? soon? season just ended IRL
  15. anyone have a good educated guess which leagues will get rated after belgium? will they do eridavisie? or go straight to the big 5 leagues?
  16. Its not useless in a properly populated GW, They are right to not review the big 5 european leagues more than twice a season. The top leagues will probably start to be reviewed in one months time anyway, as the seasons come to an end.
  17. There isnt one. if there was, you'd get teams winning every game with no draws and no defeats and life would be boring.
  18. totally dont understand their bias of not giving full backs more than 92. theres loads of CBs at 94 that dont deserve it.
  19. they hate full backs. apparently you only need to win a world cup these days. doesnt matter if you have one UCLs, euros, and WCs in the past if you are a fullback.
  20. Umtiti rises, whilst Jordi alba stays again! varane rises and Dani Caravhal stays again What for? Cos he won one world cup, pretty sure Alba has one world cups euros, ECLs, even scored in finals. The full back bias on SM is pathetic. And on what basis Diego costa and edison cavani to drop, yet luis suarez on his already inflated 96 stays. If you are gonna drop cavani for being at psg and a crappy french league, then why not drop neymar too.
  21. we are obviously talking about two different people. Just realised I was thinking of Rony Lopes at Monaco
  22. 0/99 would be a more accurate prediction. The guy hasn't played hardly at all 400 odd minutes from a possible 1800. Infact he is injured isn't he? and his club have been dire in the ECL and don't they sit 2nd bottom of the French league?
  23. As if your original post didn't sound age-ist enough, then this one confirms it. Im not one who likes to see a rating drop purely because he is over 31 years old, which seems to be the norm. Whilst Kimmich, Van Diyk, and Skriniar should all get a rise, theres nothing to suggest the ones you want to drop should. Hummels and Boateng are the only possibilities due to Germany and Bayerns drop off in form, and the rotation to include Süle at Bayern doesn't help their minute count. but the rest all fully deserve their ratings. Gonna have to disagree on your opinion, and its just your opininion, that Chiellini is so much better than Bonucci and Godin, who in my opinion for whats its worth are two of the best in the world.
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