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  1. yes but done probably in may-june, and probably wont be done until next may-june. They really could do with a mid season review. That goes for All of the big 5 league second tiers. Although if they can review league 1 and 2 from England right now, then I live in hope.
  2. Hector was so lucky to hang on, when he chose to stay to stay at relegated Köln. maybe it was he was a world champion regular for germany. But following germays 2018, (world cup and nations league), he will definitely drop next review. He has to. Question is when does Bundesliga2 get reviewed? end of season? As a general rule players who play in 2nd tier go down to 86, with the odd few hanging on to 87, if they were say 89/90 rated when they dropped down a division.
  3. Last year SM reviewed Lille on 16 Nov 17, so on the same basis it might start in 5days On the subject of Caci, I notice another thread called him a random out of review riser, and suggested he might get another increase when france is reviewed fully. It does seem that a guy who has played the most minutes and percentage of available minutes for a 70 rated youngster in the whole French league would only get an increase of +2. So maybe the 78 or 80 rating could still happen.
  4. I like the way you say continue to plummet, yet the so called plummeting hasn't even started yet.
  5. Are they likely to start reviewing the big 5 leagues soon? I noticed the other day one French league player got a rating change. Caci I think from 70-72. Does this mean the rest of the French league is coming in the next few days?
  6. bad analogy. if I went to his house and he cooked like he predicted, then it would be amazing. I certainly wouldn't need to ask him to recook everything, just for me to tell him it was good.
  7. it took me 3.5 seconds, my computer is slow, my scroll button isn't good.
  8. Dani Alves? Will he not drop? It doesn't look like he had played a single minute this season for PSG
  9. no, my reply didn't quote an entire leagues predictions, for just one line reply.
  10. was that really worth quoting the entire brazillian prediction thread?
  11. there isn't a list anymore. but brazil is getting reviewed at the moment. the big 5 euro leagues are reviewed usually November - December, and then again around may time. so twice a season.
  12. should I sell eric dier for adren rabbiot? both same rating, similar age. I think rabbiot might get a winter increase. but hes gonna leave PSG next summer according to reports.
  13. Soccerwiki is full of errors, especially for lower league players. yet there is no way to submit the changes or proof of their wrong doings to them. Totally flawed database, if they dont allow people in the know to contribute!!!!
  14. will all these drop in the next review? Alexi sanchez pierre Emerick aubamayang mezut özil Jerome boatang Thomas müller Arturo vidal buffon Chiellini ? what does everyone thing, I have so many of these players in my teams, and don't want to sell all of them!
  15. why comment on predications made in 2016?
  16. Read a lot about a lot about Jorginho gettng 92 on the recent posts. Is he more liklely to get 92 ahead of these lot : ? Rabiot Keita Henderson Allan Milinkovic-savic
  17. still sounds like the work mates have all stopped playing with al those options available you listed.
  18. No $hit sherlock. quit the gameworld, is obviously way too easy, with those amount of options available.
  19. Can anyone tell me is Cavani predicted to keep his 94 rating at PSG. SM love to penalise players just cos of their age.
  20. Beat up, or had an altercation with government official. him and one other player, i think being sent down for 2 months, and the other players club were trying to sack the player from the club for gross misconduct or whatever. Anyone remember Mutu at chelsea, they basically cancelled his contract when he had taken cociaine.
  21. Kokorin CF 89 rated at zenit, he just got sent to prison for 2 months. should i sell. bare in mind i am in an ultra comperituive GW and csnt replace him with any other 89 rated players
  22. How does the transfer ban date actually work. I sold a player to an unmanaged external club. Another player in my GW just bought the same player only 2 weeks later. Now the human player has him, his transfer ban is for 10 weeks.(until mid december) EDIT: I just read the following on the SM Help. "Why does my player have a transfer ban? Once a player moves club on a transfer they receive a 20 Turn transfer ban for managed or unmanaged clubs within your Game World,or a 2 turn transfer ban for transfer to an external club. This means that the player cannot be sold on again for 20 game Turns (20 league games) which is equivalent to 10 real life weeks or 2 game Turns (2 league games), equivalent of 1 real life week for transfers to external clubs. The club cannot receive any offers for the player and the player cannot be placed on the transfer list." Why the hell is is 20 turns for managed or unmanaged, but only 2 turns for external. Seems a riculously large difference. major flaw of the game if you ask me!
  23. rated 65 i think. keeps 85 rated Andrew Wisdom out of the side.
  24. I know you all love to play at the top end of the game with those 91+ rated players. But does anyone know of any CFs under 80, who are currently getting game time and would get a rise into the 80s? Its not a hugely competitive GW, so any suggestions welcome.
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