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  1. Was unknown to everyone. But according to someone on the BBC 5 live/podcast euroleague show, was predicted he would get game time, after featuring heavily with first team in preseason tour(s). Also in the international break, when german teams often play friendlies (for non called up players) he scored a hattrick in a strong dortmund team (all be it against third tier vfl osnabrück). I think that is what got him his first start in the very next game after international break.
  2. both should have had 93s last season. But SM had a bias towards more forward thinking players, with that in mind as you say Kimmich will more likely get 93 ahead of them.This despite Kimmich playing for a top club and being in the national team less long than the previous 2. I think SM ratings seem to be based on his attacking play and assist levels being higher (see dani alves as case in point). David Alaba who is no better a fullback than the two spaniards has been 93 for ever, and this is probably based on the fact he sometimes plays midfield and plays midfield for national team. Would be nice to see GKs and defenders get better average ratings during the match too. Instead of just giving top marks to forwards, then midfielders.
  3. Anyone had any luck with counter formatins recently? or is it one of those things on SM which bares absolutely nothing to do with the result
  4. Im aware of the "wont let you trade a GK unless you have 2" rule, but a couple of times ive had teams which somehow were left with only 1.
  5. I actually am not sure. Im guessing one retired or something. It wasnt that long ago I had Keylor Nevas and Claudio bravio, and i remember selling Bravo, but im guessing i must have had a youth team goalie or something to allow me to do that.
  6. hopefully ill get a gk, since i only have one in my squad, then maybe i can sell one of those big earners.
  7. ok, i did notice in some GWs that new youth players sometimes appear in a squad when one season ends and another begiuns (that i didnt sign myself). also i forgot about the prize money, i hope it pays the debt off, but with 10 or more games to go in the season i think i could well be over 20 million in debt by then, and my prize money might not cover it.
  8. jagerbob

    Players Wages

    I was wondring similar until i worked it out. In the finances summary, it lists finances per week, but wages seem to be double. Reason is wages are paid per turn, and there are 2 turns every 7 days.
  9. i had a similar issue. but in an old game world. Following massive wage increases, I am losing 1 million a week (currently 9.5 in debt) But I now have only 21, players I want to sell some players, have placed on transfer list, but because i am down to 21 in my squad, no bids come in (and thus none can be sold), no one can be bought as there is no such thing as a free transfer on this game. (lowest i have seen is a 4k player) I presume i have to wait until next season when hopefully some youth players will be generated from the real world team i have.
  10. Im looking for an AM LRC which of the following would you buy? Leroy Sane, Raheem Sterling(if I wait 1 or 2 weeks for TB to expire), Dele Ali, Christian Eriksson, Miralem Pjanic
  11. Thanktyou very much. I realise its hard to guarantee +2s for 85s, but 82 and 83s are good too. I am often looking for risers at this level or sometimes in the late 70s too, as I like to take clubs from lower in the leagues, it makes a change from being in a super league where every player in the league is at least 91
  12. So its not all about the best CL players all reated 92+ is it? Can anyone help me, on a real budget, id like to buy the odd player who is rated 82-85 and could get a +2 rise coming up. Any young players maybe who are expected to start this coming season?
  13. Can you tell me which of the following are most likely to get an increase? and which, you might think are only 50/50 given the season is almost over. Tolisso - Bayern. Son - Tottenham Dier - Tottenham I also have a chance to buy Isco and Ratikic are these two likely to be long term stayers at 93, or potential 94+s?
  14. Does such a thing exist. I have seen now on 2 occasions in 2 different GWs whereby a manager has been able to spend 800 million on players (all be it in a gameworld with not many human players). Looks dodgy when an unfashionable 2nd division club has that much cash in the bank. and before anyone asks.... now they didnt seem to sell anyone of great value to raise the money.
  15. Is mane at liverpool as likely to get a 93 as Firminho is? really? i wouldnt have had Mane as getting an increase at all
  16. Rahul, i see you reviewed 2nd division in england (championship) do you ever review bundersliga 2?
  17. Rahul, i see you reviewed 2nd division in england (championship) do you ever review bundersliga 2?
  18. but he kept an 94 when he was injured, then Man Utd resigned him, i think a drop to 93 would have been natutral for not starting games. Maybe down to 92 at most. But 91 seems a step too far for anyone who had him in their team.
  19. Anyone know whcih league is likely to be next after portugal? based on previous years ratings.. eg. Portugal often follows holland right?
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