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  1. Will Buffon retire after this season? What do you think?
  2. How can I play (mostly) draw with my av.78 team against an av. 90 team? My opponent always uses the following instructions: formation: 4222 mentality: defensive tackling style: normal passing style: mixed tempo: normal attacking style: down both flanks pressing: own half IExample of my opponents squad: Buffon (95) Potzmann (82) - Barzagli (91) - Carrick (90) - Evra (89) Gabi (91) - De Rossi (92) Harnik (86) - Ribery (91) Ibrahimovic (94) - Van Persie (88) Most of my players incl. the goalkeeper are rated 78. Is the Counter Attack Style with LONG BALL to clear the ball out of my own half or with SHORT PASSING for more possesion better? Or something else? Thanks for Your Advice
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