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  1. Re: Mauro Zárate. Is he any good??

    Nope' date=' cancel the deal. He's likely to drop to 89 due to his and Lazio's poor form. I think you're offering far too much as well for a GC. Other better strikers around his rating are Falcao, Suarez, Bent, Chamakh and Dzeko.[/quote']

    Yeah i guess you are right i have Dzeko already i just need a good sub, i know im paying alot but both players are really old and i just want to get rid.

    But thanks for the advise guys

  2. Legrottaglie + Camoranesi + 10mil for Zarate

    in GC 112

    I have a deal accepted for Zarate and im not really sure if I should buy him as Lazio have been doing really badly and he has only scored a couple of goals this season. However he his young and rated highly. The deal I have for him im ok with its just whether or not he will go down or leave Lazio and do well. Can anyone help me? Should I buy him??

  3. Re: Help With Deal(s) Thread...

    I just got a bid of Diego and Buffon for Pato in GC112 lol


    Thats too much take it if you can but i would try and get Diego and Amauri if you want too sell pato as they are both quite good because i think Juventus wont let them go for just pato

  4. Re: Benzema or Higuain

    Higuain. He is on really good form and i wouldnt be suprised if he played alongside messi for argentina in the world cup. If Real do sell him the he will still go to a big club and continue to play well. In Sm Higuain could rise but Benzema has no chance

  5. Re: Who to sell from this team ?



    LLORIS, Hugo GGk 23 91 £15.2M

    AKINFEEV, Igor GGk 24 91 £14.8M

    ASENJO, Sergio GGk 20 88 £11.0M

    DELAC, Matej GGk 17 83 £5.1M


    COLE, Ashley LBLB 29 94 £19.6M

    JOHNSON, Glen RBRB 25 91 £11.1M

    SANTON, Davide RB-LBRB/LB 19 87 £6.3M

    BOTIA, Alberto CB-RBCB/RB 21 85 £3.2M

    CARVALHO, Ricardo CBCB 31 94 £15.7M

    VERMAELEN, Thomas CB-LBCB/LB 24 90 £8.6M

    MEXES, Philippe CBCB 28 92 £13.7M

    SQUILLACI, Sébastien CBCB 29 92 £13.2M

    BOATENG, Jérôme D-DMDef/DM 21 89 £8.9M

    CISSOKHO, Aly LBLB 22 89 £9.7M

    SCHENNIKOV, Georgi LB-LMLB/LM 18 86 £6.5M

    RAFAEL, Pereira da Silva RB-RMRB/RM 19 86 £5.2M

    ROLANDO, Jorge CBCB 24 90 £11.9M

    THIAGO SILVA, Emiliano CBCB 25 90 £8.7M

    OTAMENDI, Nicolás CB-RBCB/RB 22 88 £8.7M[/i]

    BONUCCI, Leonardo CBCB 22 86 £7.1M

    RANOCCHIA, Andrea CBCB 22 86 £4.7M

    BADSTUBER, Holger CB-LBCB/LB 21 85 £3.8M


    PABLO HERNANDEZ, Dominguez RM-WRM/Wing 24 90£9.2M

    MILNER, James RM-CMRM/CM 24 90 £9.2M

    NAVAS, Jesús RM-WRM/Wing 24 92 £19.5M

    BUSQUETS, Sergi DM-CMDM/CM 21 90 £12.5M

    GENTNER, Christian MMid 24 89 £8.0M

    MUNTARI, Sulley Ali CMCM 25 91 £14.2M

    FELIPE MELO, Carvalho CM-DMCM/DM 26 91 £13.7M

    KRHIN, Rene CMCM 19 80 £1.6M

    JOVETIC, Stevan AM-FAM/Fwd 20 89 £12.8M

    HAMSIK, Marek AM-CMAM/CM 22 91 £18.2M

    KROOS, Toni AM-WAM/Wing 20 86 £5.6M

    MODRIC, Luka AM-LMAM/LM 24 91 £14.6M

    PAULO HENRIQUE, Chagas AM-WAM/Wing 20 86 £5.6M

    MATA, Juan Manuel W-FWing/Fwd 21 91 £18.7M

    BASTOS, Michel W-LBWing/LB 26 90 £8.6M

    LENNON, Aaron WWing 22 90 £12.2M

    SANDRO, Ranieri DM-CMDM/CM 21 88 £10.7M

    CANALES, Sergio AM-WAM/Wing 19 85 £5.5M

    HAZARD, Eden W-AMWing/AM 19 87 £7.5M

    SALVIO, Eduardo W-FWing/Fwd 19 87 £7.1M

    MUNIAIN, Iker W-FWing/Fwd 17 85 £5.9M

    MULLER, Thomas W-FWing/Fwd 20 85 £4.3M


    FALCAO, Radamel FFwd 24 90 £8.4M

    ROSSI, Giuseppe F-AMFwd/AM 23 91 £12.5M

    SUAREZ, Luis FFwd 23 90 £11.0M

    ADIYIAH, Dominic FFwd 20 80 £1.3M

    AGUERO, Sergio FFwd 21 94 £35.9M

    LUIS FABIANO, Clemente CFCF 29 93 £14.6M

    LLORENTE, Fernando CFCF 25 90 £8.1M

    LUKAKU, Romelu CFCF 16 83 £3.1M

    DZEKO, Edin CFCF 24 91

    BALOTELLI, Mario F-WFwd/Wing 19 89 £11.7M

    HULK, Givanildo Vieira F-WFwd/Wing 23 89 £9.6M

    NEYMAR, Silva F-AMFwd/AM 18 86 £8.0M

    HERNANDEZ, Javier FFwd 21 86 £5.5M

    DERDIYOK, Eren CF 21 87 £5.8M

    My best players :

    FALCAO, Radamel FFwd 24 90


    DZEKO, Edin CFCF 24 91


    LLORENTE, Fernando CFCF 25 90


    LLORIS, Hugo GGk 23 91


    SUAREZ, Luis FFwd 23 90


    MODRIC, Luka AM-LMAM/LM 24 91


    ROSSI, Giuseppe F-AMFwd/AM 23 91


    like other people have said Asenjo and Akinfeev are not need and tbh not that good asenjo isnt playing every game for atletico and CSKA did not have a great last season.

    You have a very good defence but a pointlessly large one, having good youth is important but why have this many. I have Highlighted these defenders becaus they are either ageing and will drop or because they are nothing special or usefull and u should get rid

    The midfield is also packed with talent but again too much. Wolfsburg are not having the season they had last year and although Gentner is a usefull player you will have no trouble filling positions in your team.

    Melo has been a big disapointment for Juventus the season as have juventus and as he has won the goldin bin i advice you to sell him asap.

    Kroos is a good youth player who starts many games however muller is better in the long term and as you have so many players i would sell him after he rises for a profit and decrease your squad size.

    Modric is again good but will not rise again (in the foreseeable futuer that is) and he is unnecessary in a team of your size.

    Salvio is young and starts most games but not one i would recomend and as he plays in a lower rated league with not many caps i would say that you have far better players in your team that play his position and you can afford to spare him.

    Now, fwds. Falco is playing really well in real life and should get a rise with 20goals this season but he is nothing special (compared to suarez) chances are he wont leave porto and you have many better fwds that can play in your first team and fill the bench with ease.

    Llorente is at a club performing above par as is he, with 13 goals this season he is playing slightly above average but is not good enough for your team and will never be close to performing at thier level in reality.

    Hulk is pretty much the same story apart from porto who are not performing to thier usual standerds unless you belive thier usual standerds are poor. They have done well in the Champions league however hulk only has 4 goals this season and will stay at porto for perhaps his entire career and is not good enough for your team.

    Hope i helped :D if you still need to downsize focuss on your youth players as you have too many, just keep the exceptionally talented and get rid of the players who are only rising due to minuets, especially if they are at a smaller club than usual (except lukaku who is a god)

  6. Re: Samuel ETO'O for Gonzalo HIGUAIN

    should i sell Eto'o and buy Gonzalo HIGUAIN?

    Really it depends on your other fwds and what team you are, higuain is playing exceptionaly well 2nd most goals in la liga just behind messi and its likely that they will both start together for argentina in the world cup. A rise of 1 looks likely however who can say if he will continue this form or not, a 96could be on the cards in the future but at the momment its to early to tell. eto wont rise again however he will keep 96 for a couple of seasons. In the long term Higuain is the better choice but its unlikly he will ever reach 96 and if you do not have any other fwds above 90 then keeping him might be the more sensible option.

    I personally would sell eto and buy higuain but use the infomation above and make your own choice.

  7. Re: Players: Should I buy, sell or keep?

    I've had 2 bisd for Santi Cazorla. Barca have bid 25m and Liverpool have bid 8m + Suarez + Merida. He sent me a message saying it's a fair deal. The only problem is that if I reject Liverpool's bid it might hamper my hopes of getting Dzeko and Misimovic on loan. Please help.

    Go for it, its a really good deal for you suarez is a brilliant player who will rise to 91 this time around and in the near future move to a bigger club and keep on rising. Merida is just extra and a good youth player who has a bright future.

  8. Re: Riser and FC Schalke starter-Christoph MORITZ


    Pat by the looks of it you have been here long enough to understand the use of the search facility.

    We appreciate the effort your putting into scouting recently' date=' but remember to search[/quote']

    Yeah your right but that was a while ago people may not have seen it and now more people will know about him


    David is a 19 year old winger fwd playing for 2nd place in Scottish division 1 Hibernian. David has started 5 games and come off the bench once. He scored the winning goal against st mirren on the first game of the season. Since then David has been playing first team football and because on soccermanager he is rated just 74 he is in for a good rise. The fwds that play for Hibernian are 84/84/83 David won’t rise to this strait away but will in the long term.

    Current rating: 74

    Predicted rating:80

    he was also mentioned in this thread http://forum.soccermanager.com/showthread.php?t=49531&highlight=David+WOTHERSPOON

  10. Christoph MORITZ

    Christoph is a defensive midfielder aged 19 and currently playing for FC Schalke in German division 1. Christoph has started 7 games for schalke and has a goal. Christoph is rated 75 on soccermanager, because he is rated so low and starts every game he will be in for a big rise. The midfielders for schalke are rated around 88/87/89 so if Christoph continues to play first team in 2 or more seasons he could be rated similar.

    Current rating: 75

    Predicted rating: 82/81

  11. Younès Belhanda

    Younes is a 19 year old midfielder playing for French division 1 side Montpellier HSC. Younes has appeared 8 times for his club starting 6 and coming off the bench twice. Younes has scored once this season and received 1 man of the match for his team. Younes is rated on soccermanager 2nd worst on his team, as a result of this if he continues to get more starts by the time the French changes come round he will get a good rise.

    Current rating: 75

    Predicted rating 80/81

  12. Macedo MICHEL

    Macedo is a 19 year old RB playing for Almeria in Spanish division 1. Macedo is rated 75 on soccermanager and rated a lot less than other defenders on his team. Despite Macedo’s inexperience he is a regular for Almeria starting 5 out of 6 games for the Spanish side. Macedo is only rated 75 but he plays first team for a reasonable team so I think he will get a good rise if he continues to play first team for Almeria.

    Current rating: 75

    Predicted rating: 82

    He will also continue to rise to a similar level to the defenders for Almeria that play in the first team alongside Macedo. So in the future he could be rated 87 and as many Brazilian talents he may move to a 5 star team and continue to rise, a definite buy.

    He is worth around 300-400k so cheap as well

  13. Bavon Tshibuabua

    Bavon is an 18 year old congo player currently playing for Germinal Beerschot in Belgian division 1. Bavon has started 5 games for the club and has come off the bench to score. Bavon is not on the DB at the moment but I have sent a message to SM about him and will be added shortly. Looking at his team I would imagine he will be added with the rating of 75 and when the changes come round will be in for a good rise.

  14. Re: Arbeloa

    I would. He has started both games for real and looks to be a regular. Defenders tend to get a rise depending on the team performance as well as thier stats. Real have won both thier games and are looking like they will have a good season with thier new players. So i think he will get a rise and mabey more in the future.

  15. Re: Albiol = Arshavin?

    Albiol starts for real and if they do well he will rise and is young on the other hand arshavin will rise to 94. It is up to you if you want younger players then go for albiol i think that its harder to find young and high rated DF so i would go for albiol.

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