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  1. Dutch and Belgian talents This is my seconed post on dutch risers my other post includes other people similar to these players http://forum.soccermanager.com/showthread.php?p=650529#post650529 Fejzullahu http://cdn.cloudfiles.mosso.com/c12341/38657_1246817412.jpg Fejzullahu is a 21 year old 77 attacking midfielder playing for NEC in the Dutch league. He has started 4 out of 4 games and got himself a goal. He was awarded player of the season at Mjallby solvesborg starting 14 games and scoring 12 goals before moving to NEC. Now that Fejzullahu is at a good side in dutch division 1 and playing in the first team he could be in for a good rise Current rating:78 Predicted rating:83 Biemans http://cdn.cloudfiles.mosso.com/c12341/38036_1243495312.jpg Bart Biemans is a 21 year old CB playing for Dutch division 1 team Willem. The 21 year old defender has started all 6 games and because he has a very attacking style of play he has 2 goals as well. On soccermanager he is rated just 74 and for a first team player that’s quite low so he is in for a good rise. AZ have shown interest in the Dutch player and have put in an undisclosed fee for the young Belgium, but as of this moment I don’t know what stage the transfer deal is at. Current rating: 74 Predicted rating: 82 Coppens http://cdn.cloudfiles.mosso.com/c12341/35383_1224166397.jpg Jo Coppens is an 18 year old 70 rated keeper currently playing for the Belgian side cercle brugge. This season he has started 5 out of 6 games for Brugge. The old first team keeper for cercle brugge is rated 84. Because of this if Coppens holds on to his first team place I think he will get a good rise. Current rating: 70 Predicted rating: 80 Alderweireld http://cdn.cloudfiles.mosso.com/c12341/22410_1221820980.jpg Alderweireld is the best player I have found whilst scouting players from Belgium and Germany. The 20 year old Belgian CB has started all 6 games and scored a goal for the German side Ajax. Ajax have produce some very good young defenders including, Gregory Van Der Wiel Vermaelen and Vertonghen and Alderweireld is no different, he is a great prospect and if he continues to play first team he will get a good rise. Current rating: 78 Predicted rating: 84 Koc http://cdn.cloudfiles.mosso.com/c12341/35969_1249480908.jpg I scouted Koc a while ago when he had been transferred to Fc Groningen. I said I would keep people posted about his progress. Koc is a 19 year old 77 and has started 3 games and had 2 subs playing over 200 minutes for Groningen. He will get a small rise if he starts a few more games but he is a great long term prospect. Current rating: 77 Predicted rating: 80 Daeseleire http://cdn.cloudfiles.mosso.com/c12341/35391_1223543710.jpg Dimitri Daeseleire Is a 19 year old 78 RB currently playing for racing Gent. Last season he had a rise of three because he had started 4 games for his team since then he has started 18 times, 14 last season and every game this season. Rubin have shown interest in the 19 year old but the Gent chairman has said he does not want to sell any players, especially first team players during the absence of their manager. But this still cant stopped Daeseleire talking to rubin, but the vvv-venlo manager job Jan Van Dijk is in talks with the club and so Daeseleire could be kept as a first team playervfor a few months. But at Gent he is still a great player and because of his first team position he should be in for a good rise. The rating I have predicted he will get depends on him keeping his first team place which is almost certain. Current rating: 78 Predicted rating: 82 By pat
  2. Many people may have already heard of this player but not many people consider him as that great?? Marcus Berg The next ibrahimovic a sweedish 22 year old and rated 89 on soccermanager. Just the other day he moved to Hamburger SV on a five season deal. This top german side is a big improvement from a small dutch team FC Groningen. After getting 22 goals in 35 apps he got a rise of 2 making him the best player in his team but this move has given him room to grow. If he appears for the majority of Hamburgers games and repeates his previous success he will be one of the best FWs in the Bundesliga.
  3. Tim BREUKERS Is a RB/RM who players for Heracles Almelo In the Eredivisie he is considered more of a RM because of his attacking mentality. This attacking role that he has adopted has gained him many assts and a high profile at the club because of his raw quality down the right flank he has become a regular for his team. halve way through last season the Eredivisie (Dutch league) was reviewed he got a rise of 6 to 80 since then he has started most of the games and has established a permanent first team place guaranteeing hm games next season. A typical RB at his club is rated 83 so i would predict a rise of 3 SM Rating:80 Predicted Rating:83 Breukers team mate is Bas DOS he is a year younger than Breukers making him just 20 years old he has worked his way to a semi-first team place starting 15 games and achieving 12 subs and scoring 3 goals although at first glance it does not seem much for a player rated 80 on SM but Heracles Almelo's top FWD is rated 83 and has 18 starts 9 subs and 5 goals compared to Dos his starts are not that much better but is rated 3 more. I would personally rate Dos the same as Everton (the top FWD for Heracles Almelo) SM Rating:80 Predicted Rating:83 both rises may seem small but both players are creating allot of transfer interest with other clubs and i would not be surprised if I saw them playing for a new club this coming season where they will have allot more room to grow.
  4. Bart BIEMANS is a young player at willem like others before him e.g Leo Veloso he was given a chance last season and appeared for his club 11 times. Many of these were at the end part of the season so will probably continue playing first team next season as his impressive performances keep getting him starts. The reason i mentioned Leo Veloso is because he is also a young talent just like Biemans he was allowed a chance last season he also showed he was a good quality player and has had 27 starts. he got a rise of 8,Biemans has had under halve of that but with the Dutch ratings further away personally I don’t see any reason why he will not keep starting games. SM Rating:74 Predicted Rating:80/1 I Know Leo Veloso is well known to some people and im sure he will Have at least one thread but to those of you that dont know of him he is only 81 on SM and is a regular for his club so i expect him to earn another rise SM Rating:81 Predicted Rating:84 please leave opinions and coments
  5. Re: Dutch Risers - Big Prospects Thanks guys i looked at the posts and i changed the things you talked about.
  6. Dutch Risers and Talents Leroy Fer Leroy Fer is an 19 year old Dutch centre midfielder who has earnt himself a first team place in the Feyenord squad. Last season, he managed to get 6 goals in 34 appearances. Last time the Dutch ratings where reviewed he got a rise of three based on his 13 league appearances in the 2007/2008 season and his promising start to the 2008/9 season. As he has become a solid first teamer, he should get another rise of at least two to 87, which is the average rating for Feyenoord Current SM Rating: 85 Predicted Rating: 87 Wijnaldum Another Feyenoord regular is Wijnaldum he is 18 years old and last season he also established a solid first team place for Feyenoord he had 31 starts and 4 goals. He is similar story to Fer because he is young and talented so should get a similar rise of 2 but is a great talent for the future. Current SM Rating: 85 Predicted Rating: 87 Kelvin Leerdam Kelvin Leerdam is another Feyenord youngster, who started to get appearances last season. He managed 18 appearances and 1 goal. And on soccermanager he is only rated 75! If he can continue to get appearances next season before the Dutch Eredivisie is reviewed, he should get a rise to around 80/1. However this could be more depending on how many games he plays next season. Current SM Rating: 75 Predicted rating: 80/1 Gregory Van Der Wiel Gregory Van Der Viel is a young Ajax defender who now has a first team place. Last season he has 32 starts, and he could benefit from Vermaelens transfer to Arsenal which should guarantee him more playing time. A rise to 88 is definitely possible. He also nailed down a few appearances in the Dutch national team (beating Dirk Marcellis for that spot) prior to the finalisation of Heitinga's spot as RB. I personally rate him very highly, because he is not shy when it comes to attacking overlap runs that make a difference. With some very old faces in the defence (eg. Ooijer), Heitinga might be able to move back to his favourite CB spot soon, so that would open doors for van der Wiel to make the RB spot his. Current SM Rating: 86 Predicted Rating: 88 Serhat Koc Serhat Koc is a 18 year old rated 77, overall for FC Eindhoven he had 37 starts and 17 goals and has JUST moved to fc Groningen. He joined this summer and is looking to start first team after signing a four year contract he is described as the hottest new talent in the Dutch 2nd division. He rose two at the last changes which made him the joint best player in his team. If he can get starts from Groningen, he could be in for a very nice rise. Current SM Rating: 77 Predicted Rating: big Prospect 82 when the changes come round is possible Joel Tshibamba Joel Tshibamba is 20 years old and rated 78 he has 1 start 9 subs and 3 goals. He plays for NEC, whos best player is rated 86, so although he may not get a huge rise he is one for the future. Current SM Rating: 78 Predicted Rating: Big Prospect Kevin Strootman Kevin Strootman is 19 and 81 he has had 25 starts no subs and 2 goals last season. He is a great prospect cementing his place in Sparta Rotterdam’s first team and is one to watch this season if he continues to play first team football he could be in for another rise Current SM Rating: 81 Predicted Rating: 85 Jordy Buijs Jordy Buijs is a relatively unknown player only starting 6 games in the 2007 to 2008 season but last season he has had 28 games and even got himself a goal at just 20 years old and a low rating of 77 means he could be in for a bigger rise Current SM Rating: 77 Predicted Rating: 83 Joey Godee Joey Godee Another young star from Sparta Rotterdam with only 12 starts he is not yet a regular but consistently performs scoring 4 goals in his 12 games but most players who performed like this tend to be first team players or enough games to gain a big rise Current SM Rating: 78 Predicted Rating: 84 Ruud Vormer Ruud Vormer is 21 and 83 he has 25 starts and 3 subs for Rodja JC he is easily their first team choice and having watched him in many ways he is their best performer Current SM Rating: 83 Predicted Rating: 85 These may not be huge risers but they are all great players and in the future will be rated 85+. By Pat please leave opinions and comments
  7. Re: Deal for Ljajic HELP!!!! keep him the only reason he is not at man u is because he cant go until he is 18 he will be one of the best in the world he has just got a rise because he is a regular so dont sell him hope i helped pat
  8. Re: Sergio Ramos. i would real madrid were bad last season but since then they have got ronaldo and kaka so i would not rule them out for a good season i would like them to do rubbish because it would be funny but the chances are they will do very well and if so ramos will rise back up to 95 as well as this keep in mind he is really young and could be a 95+ player at such a good club
  9. Re: Who is the better winger(RM and LM)?? zhirkov has a good chance of moving to chelsea because he was on guus's list that he made when he left if he goes he will replace joe cole until he returns and the move RM so he may go to 93 nasri is only 21 and at a better club than capel or navas capel only just missed out on a rise navas got the rise because his team did so well navas is being scouted by big clubs and could do well so i would sell capel but dont buy lahm he is a dead end player hope i helped
  10. Re: Best kit in the world lyons new away kit is the best kit ever http://www.footballshirtculture.com/09/10-kits/olympique-lyon-2009-2010-umbro-kits-leaked.html follow the link
  11. Re: Huntelaar it is a risk spurs have put in a bid for him so if he went he would have little chance of a rise if he stays he will never get any games and will drop on the other hand he will play at spurs but not live up to his name and halve a bad season with spurs he will also drop so is there any other FW available if you are unsure on him as well just post it on the thread
  12. Re: Eto + Modric + 17 million for Torres? i would not do it because eto had a great season and just missed a rise of 1 if he repeats the season agin he will be a 97 modric may not rise but spurs have put in a 36mil bid for robben huntelaar and heinze if they get these players theyu could be a much better team and modric could rise
  13. Re: pjanic or dzagoev dzagoev has a chance of going up two and pjanic has an ify first team place but dzagoev plays for his club and his national team as a regular
  14. Re: English Champs 2661 what is this thread about
  15. Pat77


    Re: Pirlo pirlo is not worth it at all and evra is not the best LB in the world but even if you dont need him you could get a good deal for him. pirlo just avoided a drop and is passed his prime i would not go for him just go for another CM if you need one like diego because he is possibly a 95+ and for 22mil and evra you have a chance of getting him
  16. Re: Defenders alot of these players were big risers but what you want to look as the club that they play for some of these guys are one time risers and will not get much more of a rise without moving to a bigger club players to keep DE CEGLIE, Paolo GRIMI, Leandro JOHNSON, Glen CHYHRYNSKY, Dmytro MIRANDA, João THIAGO SILVA, Emiliano ROLANDO, Jorge BOCCHETTI, Salvatore DIAKITE, Mobido FABIO, Pereira da Silva SANTON, Davide MUNOZ, Ezequiel UDOH, Kingsley FELIPE MATTIONI, Rohde CRESCENZI, Alessandro RAFAEL, Pereira Da Silva i chose these players because they either have good potential or are important to your team and the others because they have a bright future but im not saying sell all the others i have just selected the best so keep as many as you need but sell some of the ones that are not on the list hope i helped
  17. Re: Would you swap Toni for Adebayor??? yeah i still think he will leave arsenal and he will get games at the club he goes to toni is good but too old adebayor could still turn his career around with a good move but toni wont be 94 for in a while but saying that he does not look like he will drop at the moment. but i would go for adebayor because he is the younger player and coud easily be back on form by the time the english ratings come round
  18. Re: Higuain + £17m = Drogba there is also the money you should see what the money will get youy because that could play a big part in the deal because you are not only getting a good ploayer but you could possibly get another with the money but i still think you are right to be cautios about the buy but dont let what i said stop you i would just go for it
  19. Re: Higuain + £17m = Drogba the thing is it is a good deal now but madrid have a chance of david villa joining the club and madrid also have FWD's comming back from injury so higuain may not even play so it is a gamble but one i think is worth taking good luck!!
  20. Re: Marcelo for Tasci??? its close to call real madrid play marcelo because of thier bad defence tasci also plays the reason why marcelo was considerd for a drop was because real had such a bad defencive record last season but with ronaldo and kaka possibly david villa they may not have to do so much work and the goals may make the differnce but it will be a gamble to see how the new real madrid do i would keep him because real could have a really good season
  21. Re: Real Madrid-will it work? ronaldo wont go to real now that kaka has gone and niether will ribery i think they just had a short list and kaka was the one they got there is a small chance they will spend that much on players to be honest because the would have to pay even more for ronaldo than kaka thats over 100 mil without ribery they just would not invest that much in players but aswell as the one star they have they also have a respectable younger team gago robben diarra higuan to name a few coupled with a few older players that have been at the club for a while e.g raul so i dont think they should have a problem with ego if its just kaka because he has never been the big headed type like ronaldo him and messi have achieved greatness without people thinking hes an *** madrid may buy a few more people this transfer window but it will be one or two small buys
  22. Re: Best player in the world! 1.messi 2.ronaldo 3.xavi 4.kaka 5.iniesta
  23. Re: Chelsea's new XL! he put in a bid for aguero and has already shown intrest in alonso and adebayor and zhirkov and i think he has put in a bid for zhircov who along with alonso and aguero was on hiddinks must buy list
  24. Re: Andres Iniesta - The Unsung Hero xavi will rise to 97 and is just amazing with or without iniesta and i doubt iniesta will rise
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