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  1. Re: Fast reply please. Simao has more chance of getting a rise than staying but its not certain and forlan will get a rise to 94 i know hes not on the list but he playes for athletico the spanish ratings are a couple of days away if yopu could wait before you do anything with the deals you wont make a mistake
  2. Re: need a LB and a RB Luis Miguel +0 Joan Capdevillia +0/1 there is no way that Marcelo will get a rise and to say he could go up 2 is stupid
  3. Re: Help! Who shud i buy HUGO VENTURA, Ferreira MIKEL BALENZIAGA, Oruesagasti THIAGO CARLETO, Alves SCHENNIKOV, Georgi WHITE, Aidan KOLODZIECZAK, Thimothee CRESCENZI, Alessandro SANTON, Davide VIDAL, Javan OPARE, Daniel FILIPPINI, Marco HUTCHINSON, Sam IVAN MARCANO, Sierra MUNOZ, Ezequiel SPENCE, Jordan ARIAUDO, Lorenzo EYJOLFSSON, Hólmar Örn MIKI ROQUE, Farrero DARMIAN, Matteo BELLUSCI, Giuseppe MANCUELLO, Federico JEFFREN, Suarez GOSLING, Dan LJAJIC, Adem RODWELL, Jack FELLIPE BASTOS, Ramos BLIND, Daley POSSEBON, Rodrigo STRASSER, Rodney COQUELIN, Francis RIGONI, Nicola TAIWO, Tom MERIDA, Francisco DELPH, Fabian RANDALL, Mark FUNK, Patrick SPEARING, Jay PARRETT, Dean ÓSCAR SIELVA , Moreno CASTIGLIA, Luca BOLZONI, Francesco BRIDCUTT, Liam BOSTOCK, John WILSHERE, Jack RENATINHO, Ribeiro DONALD, Mitchell GIULIANO, Victor de Paula MUTOMBO, Andrea GAI ASSULIN , Yigaal KANTAROVSKI, Ben NSEREKO, Savio STANISLAS, Junior FABIO PAIM, Miguel Malheiro KEKO, Sergio Gontan STOCH, Miroslav VELAZQUEZ, Leandro VIANA, Diogo TOWNSEND, Andros FERREIRA, Fabio DENTINHO, Bruno Bonfim DANI AQUINO, Pintos ALBERTO BUENO, Calvo CIRO, Silva MANIERO, Riccardo SARIC, Nikola D'ALESSANDRO, Marco ADAMS, Sadick RABIOLA, Tiago MANCINI, Filippo NAPOLI, Aiman JESIC, Marko FASCIANA, Franco OBIKA, Jonathan TERRAZZINO, Marco GRIGOREV, Maksim TAFER, Yannis MICHEL, Ángel GNABOUYOU, Guy Kassa NEYMAR, Silva these players are long term buys a few will get huge rises hope i helped
  4. Re: Upcoming Changes - Help keep Tortajada Raul Albiol +0 Ezequiel Garay +0 Martín Caceres +0 Sánchez Joaquin +1 Daniele De Rossi +0/1 Samuel Eto'o +1 Gonzalo Higuain +1/2 Alexandre Pato +2 Sergio Gontan Keko +8 Alexandre Bruno Pereirinha +0 sell Julien Escude David Albelda Clarence Seedorf Filippo Mancini replacements CHIELLINI +1 GAGO +1 STANKOVIC +1 ROBBEN +1/2 hope i helped
  5. Re: Adrian Mutu Rating he might keep his rating now because his stats are quite impressive but in the long term he is a bit of a dead end and there is only one way for him to go and thats down his teamate Gilardino has played 8 more games (27 games) so he has played more and will get a rise and if fiorentina have the same succes next season he could be 94 and he is alot younger than mutu forlin for athletico madrid will get a rise to 94 with 25 games and 21 goals so he will be cheaper to buy and better in the long run so he would be the player i would get
  6. Re: Who is the best young right/left back? yeah u r right but i ment him as more of a long term buy but i suppose he is a bit expensive for a long term buy
  7. Re: Who is the best young right/left back? Santon 18 75-85/6/7 ( inter gave him a chance and he suprised everyone and is in the inter first team) Insua. 20 83-? ( just went up but still good buy) Opare 17. 75-83.( playing for real Madrids youth he will be huge) Gibbs. 18. 82-? (just went up but still playing for arsenals first team) ivan marcano 21 84-87 (his future looks bright) fabio will neeed more games for a rise and he has to compete with evra for a first team place but both fabio and rafael are great uchida has cool hair but thats all i really know bout the Japanese leauge why would anyone complain not a bad idea but it would have been easier to have looked on other threads
  8. Re: Help needed: Spanish Ratings. the best young spanish riser to buy: Oruesagasti Mikel Balenziaga LB 20 83>86 Raposo Raul Llorente LB 22 75>80 Mate Oier Sanjurjo RB/LB 22 78>82 Francisco Xisco Campos RB/CB 26 75>80 Sierra Ivan Marcano CB/LB 21 84>87 Ezequiel Luna CB 22 75>81 Torrijos David Fuster RM 26 75>80 Paulos Dani Abalo RM/CM 21 75>80 Ritchie Kitoko CM 20 75>79 Caseras Igor Martinez CM/AM 19 76>80 Santacruz Javi Flores AM 22 78>81 Sarto Marc Pedraza Fwd 21 74>79 Martin Roberto Cuevas Fwd 27 73>78 Lopez Emilio Nsue Fwd 19 75>80 Keko 17 75>83
  9. Re: Help needed: Spanish Ratings. CASILLAS, Iker 96 +0 DUDEK, Jerzy 85 -1/2 MARCELO, Vieira 90 +0 SERGIO RAMOS, García 95 +0/-1 CANNAVARO, Fabio 95 -1 PEPE, Ferreira 93 +0/1 DRENTHE, Royston 88 -1 SNEIJDER, Wesley 94 +0 GAGO, Fernando 91 +0/1 DIARRA, Mahamadou 94 -1 DIARRA, Lassana 90 +2 VAN DER VAART, Rafael 94 -1 ROBBEN, Arjen 92 +1/2 RAUL, González 95 +0 HIGUAIN, Gonzalo 90 +1/2 VAN NISTELROOY, Ruud 96 -1 HUNTELAAR, Klaas-Jan 92 +1 VICTOR VALDES, Arribas 91 +1 ABIDAL, Éric 94 +0 DANI ALVES, Silva 94 +1/0 PUYOL, Carles 96 +0 MILITO, Gabriel 93 -1 MARQUEZ, Rafael 93 +0 CACERES, Martín 89+0 PIQUE, Gerard 88 +1/2 XAVI, Hernández 96 +1 KEITA, Seydou 92 +0 YAYA TOURE, Gnégnéri 92 +0 SERGIO BUSQUETS, Burgos 85 +2/3 INIESTA, Andrés 95 +0 HLEB, Aleksandr 93 -1/2 MESSI, Lionel 97+1 ETO'O, Samuel 96+1 HENRY, Thierry 95+0/+1 BOJAN KRKIC, 89 +0 henry eto and messi have been great this season so bojan has only 3 starts but has had 14 subs he wont get a rise this time but everyone knows this guy is great dani alves is considerd one of the best RBs in the world he moved from sevilla he has 27 starts for barca and has a good chance for a rise SERGIO BUSQUETS has 13 starts and five subs and is rated just 85 on the database he is not playing as much as a first team player but he is a great long term prospect at barca and should get a rise of three real madrid had a slow start to the season but under Juande Ramos they have started to do well but there leaky defence is letting them down ramos and cannavaro have been off form for a while and both could get a drop especially cannavaro but pepe has been good(ish) this season and could get a 94 but it looks slim robben is back from injury and playing better madrids FWs hasve been compensating for the defence problems. he only has 2 goals to his name but has been running madrids midfield this season and will get a rise possibly 2 PIQUE plays first team for barca and can hold his ground against players like raul he is cositantly good and help barca dominate everything potentially the best defender in the world i dont know what it is but dutch players always do well at madrid and huntleaar is no differnt played almost every game since he left ajax and with 8 goals in 11 games he deserves a rise Lassana diarra is the next diarra he is not in the first team and has only played 6 games but he had just mived from pompey and the games he played in he was solid and will be as good as Mahamadou diarra witch means he may eventually hit 94 if gago dosent instead wich is possible because at the moment he is played more than diarra caceres is one of barcas top prospects but was beaten to the team by pigue although caceres wont get a rise this time if you are looking for a long term investment because once milito and marques retire or are eventually droped from the team wich milito seems to already have done to make way for pigue caceres may be playing first team football soon higuain was given a chance this season at madrid and played 26 games in wich he has scored 18 goals now for a 90 thats great now he will get a rise by one mabey even 2 but in 2 or 3 years time mabey even less he may be Considered one of the best FWs in the world henry has had a new lease of life at barca this season he has been outstanding in the left wing forward position he has played 22 games and scored 15 goals a form that he had only at arsenal so a rise isnt completly out of the question but its slim. barca, runner way winners of div 1 for three reasons henry 22 games- 15 goals messi 23 games- 20 goals eto 27 games - 26 goals eto is back free of injury and made the biggest impact since jesus arguably the best form of his career and is sure for a rise because the only reason he went down last time was because of injury and because he is playing insane. messi is just class for me the best player in the world because he dosen't fall over all the time will get the rise to 98 other names not mentioned but are good buys are simao 93 +1 forlin 93 +1 david villa 95 +1 (26 appearences 24 goals) keko 75 +10 (big future) ivan marcano 84 +2 (big future) sinama-pongolle 89 +1/0 joaquin 92 +1/0 mata 89 +2 raul albiol 92 +0/+1 (small chance of rise big prospect) manuel fernandes 89 +1 (20 starts for an 89 worth a rise) navas 91 +1 (sevilla have had a good season and this is the reason why) i will just do the 2 big teams and just a few players from athletico and valencia hope i helped
  10. Re: Diawara Baba 75 ---> 83! Good find I checked him out he might make 83 mabey one less but good detailed thread nice one
  11. Re: Which Stars Should I Get For My Team? possible risers (from your thread) GK reina +1 DEF ferdinand +1 dani alves +1 maicon +1 MID xavi +1 xabi alonso +1 FW ibrahimovic +1 david villa +1 berbatov +1 forlan +1 others may rise but i just went for the people with a good chance of rising alot on that list you should stay clear of quaresma drop to 91 milito drop 92 hleb drop 91 these are just a few but alot on that list will drop
  12. Re: William GALLAS he has started playing for arsenal again dont know if it will be long term but hes still playing for france and getting games he could drop but he has more chance of staying up
  13. Re: cabbytoodles List Of 90+ Rated Risers. good predictions and great thread one that I can use so many forumers are trying to get 12+ risers you don’t know any players over 90 that are going to rise its good that not everybody is making threads about 74 rated players so nice one
  14. Re: Sulley Muntari: Rise to 92? Inter have been great this season and muntari a has played a part so he will rise could be a 93
  15. Re: Can Benzema have a rating of 94 If he goes to Madrid and keeps playing well he will rise
  16. Re: Nani vs. Walcott Walcott is far better nani is going down but walcott has international potential so yeah swap
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