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  1. So, #2 seems very likely (not the injury to Carvajal) with Odriozola loaned out even though Real Madrid were playing a 3rd division team in the Copa del Rey and Carvajal is suspended for the LaLiga game in the weekend. More than likely, Odriozola will be sold this summer and Hakimi will come back to Madrid to sub in for Carvajal or start at RWB/LWB when Zidane plays with the 3 in the back.
  2. Well...hot dog! Justice! Parejo +1 to 92
  3. I don’t think Hakimi will ever be 92 in SM, unless 1 of 2 things happen: 1) Madrid sell him to Dortmund and they win the league next season with him starting all games, or 2) he goes back to Madrid and a major injury to Carvajal makes him the starter and they win the league. Hakimi’s ceiling right now is 91 but he’s a dual threat on both wings, so he’s very valuable. But I don’t think SM values non-strikers as highly, just look at Carvajal, 92 after winning multiple champions leagues (and 1 LaLiga in the midst of that)
  4. Will Mariano get a -1 to 88? I'm holding on to him in case Madrid sells him to someone else (Espanyol??). He'd definitely start and play well.
  5. You know who deserves a +1 to 92 two years ago? Dani Parejo. He is "the bat" himself for Valencia! But, i guess not enough people appreciate because Valencia don't win leagues or cups (other than the Copa Del Rey last year...and HE STILL DIDN'T GET A +1 to 92)!
  6. With the crazy mess that is Napoli, will their players go down? Koulibaly -1 to 93 Mertens -1 to 92 Callejon -1 to 90 or will SM spare them?
  7. Compare THAT to Fabinho: https://www.transfermarkt.com/fabinho/leistungsdatendetails/spieler/225693 DM 177x RB 98x CB 3x CM 2x and Fernandinho: https://www.transfermarkt.com/fernandinho/leistungsdatendetails/spieler/26267 DM 192x CM 155x CB 19x RB 6x AM/RM 5x LM/LB 2x RW 1x
  8. According to Transfermarkt.com, Saul has played in these positions over his career: CM 136x RM 63x LM 25x CB 15x LB 12x https://www.transfermarkt.com/saul-niguez/leistungsdatendetails/spieler/148928
  9. Fabinho is an example of a player who didn't play CB a lot last season but was quickly changed to CB in SM. Because Saul plays in LaLiga and not in the Premier League, my guess is that it's not going to happen...
  10. You read my mind! WhoScored.com has already listed him as a LB and all purpose midfielder
  11. Last one, Montpellier's Pedro Mendes (29, 87, RB/CB/DM) has played t-8 most minutes (946) and 11/13 games. 29 too old to really profit from him if he rises?
  12. Socca, What are your thoughts on Leandro Cabrera (28, 86, LC/CB) from Getafe? Clearly a starter in Getafe's stingy defense, has played t-7 most minutes on team (902) and started 11/13 games. They've only lost 2 games with him on the field in all competitions. Due to his age, is he not worth much if he rises?
  13. Hey Socca, I'm surprised you don't have Oscar Plano as a part of your risers for Valladolid. 85 rated, has played t-3 most minutes on team (1130), tied for the most goals on the team (3) and has the most assists on the team as well (2) in 13 games played. Do you perceive a rating increase to 86? Thanks for working on these.
  14. Hi, will the Portugal ratings happen before or after the big 4 in January?
  15. Will Filipe Luis go down anytime soon? I know he moved to Flamengo, but he is still a 91. Juanfran said he wasn't going to go continue with Atletico and he dropped to 89 during the LaLiga rating changes. Any idea when Brazil will do their rating changes? How long do I have before Filipe Luis drops? Should I go ahead and sell him now to maximize profit?
  16. Should I sell Mertens to get Lukaku? What if Lukaku stays in Man Utd?
  17. With AC Milan skipping out on UEL next season, will Torino players get a bump for making it to UEL?
  18. Actually, Germany did start today. SM went ahead and started with newly promoted Bundesliga team Paderborn. We can expect the same for FC Koln and maybe Union Berlin before they hit up the rest of the Bundesliga
  19. I want to see you eliminate both Madrid and Juve in UCL, win the Dutch Cup, and make a comeback to win the league...
  20. After their big Copa del Rey (CdR) win, their EL semifinal appearance, and return to the top 4 of LaLiga, are any OTHER Valencia players like Parejo going to get a boost too? I know Rahul already suggested the above increases, but that’s before they beat Barca in the CdR final. My suggestions: (league mins/CdR mins) Parejo +1 to 92 (3063 mins/626 mins) Gaya +1 to 91 (3138 mins/450 mins) Garay +1 to 90 (2127 mins/270 mins) Domenech +1/2 to 86/87 (360 mins/810 mins) Parejo and Gaya have also been called up by Spain, which I know SM doesn’t care about, but proves they are playing really well the end of this season.
  21. Who has more likelihood of dropping -1 to 89? Glik (Monaco 17th) 33 league apps, 2970 mins Nacho (RM 3rd) 20 league apps, 1700 mins Asking for a friend...
  22. I'm sure this will change, especially the time that the ratings come around, but NOT HAVING David Soria +1 to 88 AT LEAST is just wrong. Nombre Coef. GR PJ 1 Oblak (Atlético) 0,66 23 35 2 David Soria (Getafe) 0,88 30 34 3 Ter Stegen (Barcelona) 0,91 32 35 The Spanish Zamora trophy is given to the goalie who has received less goals (GR) per games played (PJ) with more than 60 minutes at the end of the season. David Soria is hanging with the best of them. https://www.marca.com/futbol/primera-division/zamora.html
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