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  1. I agree. I would have loved to have seen him playing for Milan. I've heard positive reviews about these 5. I must admit I don't know much about many of these players. And I'm sure there are a few more on that list who are worth keeping (as risers) as well.
  2. I presume you already have a better-rated first team GK than these two GK's? Therefore, I would sell both of them, unless you want to wait till the end of the season for Gollini to get a (hopeful) +1. I've based the number ranking on their age, current rating, individual performance average, team's table position, and the potential of a winter and/or summer rise. I used the .5 numerical because of the difficulty in answering the question. Just throwing some names out there Skov, A. Masuka, B. Kamara (not primarily a LB), B. Toure, Y..Atal, F. Mauossa.
  3. I guess the owners will have to go as well! 😀 If your in need of an extra defender then go for Diallo. Lol 😂 Rodrygo - youngest and has very good potential to improve further. Emre Can - is quite an important player to the very talented BD side. Rabiot - I just couldn't put the French Messi in last position. Marcos Llorente (89) - right now he looks a good sqaud player at best, Plus he is already at a peak age for a footballer.
  4. I would accept the offer. Hopefully (given time) J. David will come good. If you play in a competitive GW and really need another midfielder than choose VDB, otherwise it's F. Mendy + whichever one (don't know much about them). Niguez can possibly hold his current rating for another 4-5 years (max), and can play in mutlipe positions. Who knows if the duo will ever go over 92: Rodrygo could, but I doubt Jorgi ever will - unless he can help Chelsea do really well. However if the duo give you much needed dept then most then certainly choose duo + cash. Happen Sevi
  5. 🤔 From an Arsenal team prospective it would sound like this: Xhaka - to Saka - to Laca: "Gooooooaaaal"! "Nooooo, VAR have flagged it for offside by a mere mm's, but why"? "It seems as though Laca's finger nails on his out stretched arm were a tad too long so he's been ruled offside. 😀 The order you've put them in. 🙂
  6. Professor 🔬⚽ Socca's answer to your question was a thought 💭 provoker for me. 🤔 First, I would definitely try to replace Adrian, that's if someone decent is available out there. I must change my previous response and say that you should use a (more balanced) normal tempo instead of a fast one because your team lacks any talented passers of the ball, which, in a fast tempo game would lead to sloppy passes to the opposion. 😀 He's a late bloomer that's for sure - I'm happy for him. 🙂 He's now finnaly reached the height of his game. https://onefootball.com/en/news/scouting
  7. If these new players are not named in the your GW database (new players section), then go on to your account setting - select the calender like icon (highlighted in blue in image below) - Load Data Pack - select a data pack - click Load - now see if you can view the player's with their actual names. I myself have to load a new data pack regulary as I get a new player with only their number (no name). As in: player 999, player 786, player 101, player 666, ect...😀
  8. I can only recommend that you attack through the middle (his weakest area) and play with a fast tempo - for only the first 45 minutes, ey, it's worth a shot. 😀 And, is there no other decent Goalkeeper available? Adrian was impressive at the beginning of last season, but since then he's just not been good enough: a hazard waiting to happen - a bit like DDG.
  9. 🤔 I re-post and edit just for the Liverpool fans: @Liverpool Fans. Whatever happened to the class of 1993, the likes of: John Flanagan, Jack Robinson (Liverpool's second youngest debuten), and Andre Wisdom? Were these 3 never really good enough in your opinion? I'm sure you'd agree that Trent Alex Arnold, Andrew Robertson and Joe Gomez are quite a different class. We'll, 🤔 that's 7 they aren't caught out playing a constant high-line, without really wanting 2 press the opposion = Lazypool (anyone?). 😅 😇
  10. Oh, silly me I forgot about AMN. Your right, I doubt Arsenal would be foolish enough to play a top player-signing out of his natural position ("ahem" Barcelona).
  11. He's finnaly impressing us! . He can play as a DR or as a DL. Forza Calabria! https://en.soccerwiki.org/player.php?pid=8163 Ramy BENSEBAINI is also very good, but he doesn't play for a strong enough team. I would think so, he'd be a useful 3rd option for Arsenal, especially if H. Bellerin and/or C. Soares are injured/under-performing. --- --- --- --- --- Yes Toni K is still a first teamer. Latest on Toni: https://www.google.co.jp/amp/s/www.football-espana.net/2020/10/11/toni-kroos-set-for-real-madrid-return-against-cadiz/amp He's started life wel
  12. He's really improved his game since the lockdown restart and the start of new season. Frank The Tank has been vital to our resurgence.
  13. I would take the 5 Alive! I reckon Alex Sandro (29) will soon (in a few years) start declining. And, F. Mendy is a great long-term replacement for him. De Ligt is a very good young player, however with a rating of 92 - he'll want significant gametime throughout the season. 🙂
  14. Tick tock tick tock 💣🔥 times running out.......⌚..... ☺ 😇 Personally, I don't see Diaby as talented as Kulusevski (he's not too bad though). Plus, Diaby is playing for the weaker side, one that will probably only be good enough for a top 5-10 finish - especially without the influence of Kai Havertz on the team this season. https://www.whoscored.com/Articles/MHOTifU7DUCilQuLCqrm2w/Show/U21-Team-of-the-Week-Debutants-Bellingham-and-Kulusevski-star-in-XI ( 🤓 I don't see M. Diaby in this eleven). 😀 https://www.google.co.jp/amp/s/www.blackwhitereadallover.com/platform/amp/2020
  15. Go for it! I'm sure he'll eventually become a 91+ CB soonday. He's a Varane fanboi as well - a move to Madrid to replace the aging Senior Ramos would be perfect for him! If your GW is a competitive one then no doubt go for Tapsoba. It's just that Eduardo Quaresma is still fairly young and probably won't get a move away till he is in his early 20's. Add to that, I can't remember too many young CB's (aged 20-24) coming out of Portugal in recent times. It's the leagues in France, Germany, Spain, and other which are producing more talented CB's. I do remember (once) reading on SM
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