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  1. Milanista1

    Rahul W's rating predictions

    Merci Sir Rahul and everyone for your advice...
  2. Milanista1

    Rahul W's rating predictions

    Gracias Kev.
  3. Milanista1

    Rahul W's rating predictions

    Buenos Dias. Good day fellow managers. Who to sell: Youri Tielamans, Pelligrini (Roma) or Golovin (As Monaco)?
  4. Milanista1

    Counter formations

    I can sense your frustration as you don't sound grateful for me trying to help you out. The instructions I suggested I got from the new comers guide. Anyhow I hope the 4-3-3 works for you. Peace be with you...
  5. Milanista1

    Counter formations

    Hola good day.. I would suggest playing a 5-4-1: normal or hard tackle, defensive, long ball, attack down flanks, press all over, tick on: counter attack, tight marking, men behind the ball. Use your *Goalkeeper* as playmaker if you can't use your DM. Use this tactic only if you are weaker than your opponent... If your are stronger play a narrow 4-3-3: Hard tackle, Attacking, mixed passing, down both flanks, press fast and all over.. Tick on: Counter attack, tight marking and playmaker.. Select your best winger as playmaker... I really hope that one of these tactics can help you..
  6. Milanista1

    Counter formations

    Thank you to any manager who has responded to me in the past, God bless you! Now how would I counter a 4-2-3-1? My opponent plays default for instructions, and our teams are equally matched.
  7. Milanista1

    Counter formations

    Hello fellow Managers Has anyone had any experience in beating the 4-3-3A formation or any suggestions on countering it? My toughest rival uses attacking arrows for his wingers and a defensive arrow for his DM, instructions: Hard tacking, attacking mentality, Mixed Passing, Mixed attacking style, plays fast, and presses all over. He has a 94 Average rating whereas I have a 92 Average rating. Good day....
  8. Milanista1

    Counter formations

    Hola everyone. I was wondering if a highly experienced manager could advise how to counter the 4-3-3A formation/tactics below? I have previously used a 5-4-1 formation with default tactics, and lost 1-0. I have a 92 rated team whereas my opponent has a 93-94 rated team. He is unbeaten since using this formation/tactics, Grazias.