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  1. Oh then you could save your money (as O.Dembele is an uncertain case right now). You have at least 5 players there who can play on the wings for you. Do you have much young talent coming through?
  2. I actually think you should go for him, but only if he is the only 90-91 rated decent player available and if you really need another player for rotation purposes. He currently has a 2 match ban (some reports suggest that he should be available for El Classico as it is being moved to Dec 18). Hoping he learns a lesson, sures up his attitude, remains injury free and improves on his performances: He could then rise in the later future. He is still in his early twenties, so there is time for him to wake up and realise his immense potential!
  3. Before/by the summer Castagne could be at 89. Right now H. Bellerin faces competition from R.Holding to get a place in the Arsenal 11. https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.football.london/arsenal-fc/players/sheffield-united-vs-arsenal-depth-17096060.amp
  4. I suggest you follow the link to the thread below to see if your Croatian players were mentioned in it.
  5. Season 19/20 (transfermarkt.com) J.Gogic (23) 8 apps, 1 goal. M.Suto 6 apps, (23). J. Prsir, 8 apps 3 goals 2 assists. L.Sipos (CB,19) 6 apps 1 goal. R.Peric-Komsic 9 apps I only recommend these 5 as they have more appearances than the others (although I've not gone through all of them only 85% of them).
  6. Right now the very few I can think of are: R.Lodi, C.Dagba, and M.Aarons.
  7. If you have enough depth in midfield than I would accept the deal. I believe H.Aouar is a more complete player than the other two in his position. (if you have some free time to read it).Here is an article about his play: https://www.google.com/amp/s/footballbh.net/2019/02/09/houssem-aouar-lyon-tactical-analysis-statistics/amp/
  8. Good day Mr Green, I agree with you that many people these days do lack patience at times (myself included✋). I don't know how long you have been playing in the SM GW's, therefore I don't mean to state the obvious to you. In the defence of those who are not in a competitive GW anymore: For some of us we have built our team/team's up over the seasons. In my Milan I was fortunate to pick up R.Varane, T.Alcantara and M.Verrati when they were still in their mid-late teens (and not over-hyped as many players are these days), over time my midfield and defence got stronger. And with buying and selling risers/selling and trading ancient players I managed to save up enough funds to bring in better players into my team. Of course over the seasons we saw the popularity of the GW's diminish with many managers leaving their Clubs (some would only stay at their Club for like half the season). Also due to Fantasy Football sites becoming ever more popular and SM bringing in other games. This means in present time for some/many of us the GW's unfortunately are not as competitive anymore. This certainly takes away the buzz of playing the game and learning after a loss on how to improve our playing tactics in order to become better managers, as managed teams are harder to overcome. I usually agree and sometimes even learn from your's and other's responses on here. ..😊
  9. Fair enough. I will leave you with what the verdict is on him: (FootballLondon) Tanguy Ndombele, Lyon, £70m Pochettino got his main target in the summer with Ndombele signing a long-term deal at Tottenham Hotspur Stadium. The French international made a huge impression in Ligue 1 and the Champions League for Lyon and a number of Europe's top clubs were keen on signing him. Netting a crucial goal on his debut against Aston Villa, Ndombele has endured a mixed start to his time in N17 with injury ruling him out for a few games and the fact that he just doesn't look up to speed at present. He's definitely more miss than hit as things stand, but time is on his side and his first-half performance against Bayern Munich has given fans a tantalising look into the future. Good day Mr Lesar.
  10. I would consider keeping him till the end of the season, as Paqueta and Aouar are more AM's than Ndom. Ndombele can be used in the CM role depending on your formation. He is still higher rated than 3 of your Mids.
  11. I would consider keeping him till the end of the season, as Paqueta and Aouar are more AM's than Ndom. Ndombele can be used in the CM role depending on your formation. He is still higher rated than 3 of your Mids.
  12. I actually only recently sold him. Although I do have FDJ, A.Melo and 4 better/similar rated Mids in my team: So Ndombele was not really worth hanging on to. If you can be patient with him I think you could hold on to him for a bit longer. Also if an extra midfielder would be of any use to you just in case of injuries/suspensions to other players.
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