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  1. Hey Z! I wanted to ask you: Thing is i've not much knowledge of Fiorentina, but I know they are not performing well this season even though they have quite a talented team. So therefore Is Federico Cheisa still worth keeping? I have J.Sancho, K.Havetz, and D.Silva all ahead of him for the wing position, or could I sell Silva after the Summer (maybe) and then keep Chiesa? And is G.Castrovilli or R.Sottil worth buying?
  2. 1. B.Silva 2. M. Arthur. 2. G.Jesus 3. L.Sane If M.City were 1st in the PL - I would have thought so. But as they are not I don't think he will rise.
  3. Hey Edson Lisboa, B.Silva and KDB do not play in the same position as S.Busquets, as they are both advanced playmakers. I would suggest looking for a swap + cash deal to replace Busquests with either: T.Alcantara, M.Verrati, N.Kante, M.Pjanic, or even Jorginho (minus the cash). I wouldn't be surprised he was very poor in the beginning of the season, but with SM recently being quite generous I reckon he may stay.
  4. Yes I would sell him. You seem well covered without him. I thought he'd probably drop in the Summer, rather than now. But as his CB spot isn't too stable due to C.Lenglet also playing there and his lack of appearances for Barca - I can therefore understand why SM dropped him. I think the Spanish review hasn't been too bad. I was surprised with A.Melo's rise. Anyways if Arthur is a regular starter for your side, and you don't have any great replacement for him then keep him. I believe A.Melo is now back training with the Barça squad. And now with EV gone, hopefully A.Melo can gather more game time ahead of the likes of A.Vidal and Raki...
  5. To me (right now) the duo seem too much for just one S.Sensi (90), sure M.City will be looking to replace Fernandinho (35) (and others) soon enough. https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.thesun.co.uk/sport/football/10719508/man-city-guardiola-aguero-foden/amp/ Think of it like this your giving up a current (92) DM and a (90) rated AM for just one (90 rated) DM/AM. However It's certainly possible that S.Sensi could get a +1 in the next review, but until he does I would halt this deal. L.Ocompos and D.Origi. Best 91's aside from Oyarzabal: R.Mahrez (deserves to be at a 92), M.Rashford, N.Pepe, M.Asensio, N.Fekir and K.Coman. To be fair there's only around a 20% chance of a +1 according to Socca's formula.
  6. You've got good options in S.Savic and L.Hernandez - so that's something.. Good fate to you for the rest of your season.
  7. If both D and G are not starting for your team regularly then I would sure go for T.Alcantara -he plays well as a No 8 for me. And has been for many seasons. Damn! That really sucks... Do you usually play hard, attacking football, pressing fast and all over, throughout the season? If so this could be as to why this long tem injury suddenly occurred because Hermoso has not played this kind of tactic for some time (just a hunch). Or maybe SM game engine just doesn't like you. Maybe you could ask the other manager's in your GW to loan you 1-2 of their 89 rated defenders - if you are now becoming short of CB options.
  8. Hmmmm No..... In my view as of right now it seems too much, especially if those 2 are regular starters for your team. J.Felix is struggling to adapt in playing for a more defensive side at A.Madrid compared to last season's - more attacking Benfica. Although D.Simone reckons you should remain patient with him as he just needs more time to adapt as those before him did - he mentioned Koke and S.Savic (I read this from an article I was reading on Marca.com). We must also consider J.Felix is still quite young, improving his defensive game will only make him a better all round footballer. In conclusion if it doesn't leave you short of midfielder options then you should go for J.Felix.
  9. Good day Pilonpilon, I see that your question may have been missed amongst the other responses on this thread. I presume you play in quite a competitive GW, due to the fact that you are asking about some medicore/squad players. Arambarri - Are there any other decent (21-24 years old DM's available in your GW)? Arambarri (Getafe, 24) just about averaged a 6:20 in his last five games. Add to that Whoscored lists him as having very weak passing and weak tackling attributes, and for a DM that's really not good. You really want to be selling him if you can afford to let go of him. I highly doubt that he will rise anytime soon as well. Pezzela - I'm a bit confused 😕 about which of the two defenders you are asking about, if you are in a Competitive GW then sell Giuseppe (85), the (22 year old LB, the less rated one), and keep German Pezzela the older (28, 89) (higher rated one). I think Giuseppe Pezzela is only likely to get a small rise in future. As with Fiorentina already poor-forming poorly this season I doubt G.P will go any further for some time. Kolasinac - I would keep him if he's already your player. He's a decent-ish player. Will Rice? You mean Declan Rice? I would certainly keep him or even buy him. He's averaged just over a 7:00/near to a rating of 7:00 in his last 5 games, which is quite impressive especially for a young DM playing for a weaker team such as W.Ham. I hope he gets a +1 (at least) in upcoming review, as he's been one of WH's better players so far this season. I hope this information helps you (Amigo).
  10. Hey dudes, It's rather unfortunate for Spurs that HK is probably out injured till April because he's got to have surgery on his hamstring. Nevertheless this gives young Troy Parrot a great opportunity to amase some more game-time and show us what he's made of, it's just a case of Mou trusting him enough to give him some minutes Although with C.Eriksen possibly heading to Inter, Tottenham will probably invest in a Striker anyways.
  11. You have the better players. Ozan Kabak is a potential "beast for the future". Schalke have been doing really well this season which will only benefit him (SM-wise). Giving up Firmino for Rash is too much! It's great to see Rash playing well - in a more suitable position and (as importantly) getting his confidence back. However by the Summer there's a possibility that the majority of Pool's players would have already risen/will rise. Therefore It will take Rash sometime to catch 👆to Firmino's rating level (if he truly has such potential). If Rash can continue playing well, with Man United performing better at the same time as well then there's certainly hope that he can reach a higher rating in the future.
  12. 1. Pogba still has some of his best years ahead of him. He just needs to be playing for a Club that he wants to play for. He alone is too much for one C.Lenglet. However unless you really-desperately need another defender (due to long term injuries to your other Defs), and C.Lenglet is the only decent one available - then only exchange for C.Lenglet 2. I've been quite impressed with G.Jesus this season, so I choose GJ. Gnabry is now out for a few months so there's no real possibility that he can rise again till (maybe) sometime next season. In their last 5 games (in my view) G.Jesus has the better overall performance rating (Whoscored.com)..
  13. O.Dembele: To be fair on Dembouz he's constantly been injured at Barca to even really show us his top potential. Add to that I don't think E.Valverde/Barcelona are a suitable manager/Club for him due to the pressure of playing for Barça, under a manager who is disliked by many Barca fans - "a manager with no plan B", isn't a man manager that Dembele could do with. I reckon O.Dembele would do much better at say a Liverpool - where he can lach on to balls over the top, playing on the Counter and attacking down the flanks, rather than playing in mainly a possention based team who mainly rely on Magic Messi to rescue them and the manager. B.Pavard: Still criminally under-rated at 90! However I recommend choosing the duo because then you will have two positions covered. Hopefully B.Pavard will certainly rise in the next review or better still (a random rise). Excuse my lazy answer but you got some homework to do: 😇 I suggest you ("hurry") 5-10 pages back, and then read from there on - "the continuous great" prediction work of Soccahappy. With the few apps both players have had, so far C.Perez has made the better impact, he also plays for the better club. Even though K.Lee is younger, he still needs much more game-time to show us what he can bring to Valencia.
  14. It's good to see L.Modric and Isco near to their best again for Real Madrid. F. Mendy is also getting more game time and proving his worth.
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