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  1. I reckon B. Fernandes will have a slightly greater impact on a club level. I'm so glad he's slotted in well at Man United - hope he keeps it going, only then he can help the reds go marching up up up, once again in the later future. However, as Fabian Ruiz is younger, valued more, and will soon (probably) be playing for one of the Spanish giants - he would be a better option for you to have in your team. Sandro is higher-rated and playing more for his club, so (right now) he is the better option. This is a good query. 🤔 In my opinion Alaba (27) should already be at a rating of 94. I agree that he's been excellent and important for Bayern season after season. He's one of the most versatile (and under-rated) player's in World football. I hope he is given a (deserved) +1 in the next review. I guess the fact that he isn't a German plays against him. However, D. Alaba is still only 27 years young and has time to go up - seems as if he's been around forever: I think he's currently Bayern's second most capped player after T. Muller. 😀
  2. Just agreeing/adding to what the others have said: I believe if FDJ (continues progressing at Barça) he could well hit up to a 95 before A. Robertson does, because its quite rare for a full-back to hit such a high rating or even stay there for too long, no doubt Andy does have the potential to get there someday. However, as FDJ is also 3 years younger than A. Robertson - you will have the services of (FDJ) a highly-rated player for longer. I know the question isn't aimed at me😇but I thought I would offer an opinion as well. Both players do have a similar average performance rating this season in as many games. For the short-term I would go for J.Hernandez, as J. Hernandez (89, 31) is (for now) +3 rating above R. Oudin (23) who plays his trade at Bordeaux - who are probably capped at 89 anyways.
  3. You make a good point. However, with SM's stinginess to raise some players (B. Pavard comes to mind) I wasn't too sure if T. Werner would get a raise in the upcoming review. Add to that I didn't really look into others who raised above 92 (at less elite clubs), like the players you have mentioned. Plus Leipzig have only come to the fold in recent seasons, and are not always in the CL, and aren't they capped at a certain rating? They have also not challenged BM and Dortmund too much in the last few years. Although, I can say that (individually) T. Werner has undeniably been performing above a rating of 92, that's why I stated he could "easily" get it at a bigger club, if not at Leipzig. As I don't feel they are a big enough club, especially if you look across their squad of players: they have a lowly-rated squad, and at 92 I believe TW has already broken the squad cap.
  4. As mentioned before, it seems that (due to a drop of form) he hasn't been first choice at Schalke. After selling Nubel, I reckon you should replace him with U.Simon, D. Henderson or even A. Meret. I agree with the others. The bold duo are a better long-term deal for you. Not right now. However, at a bigger/better club, with consistent performances, he no doubt should easily hit 93+ in the future. 🙂
  5. I don't think I can really add anything to your and Kierans91's in-depth, dedicated-hardwork. In all honesty i've not really been able to keep up with the threads recently, as they seem to be moving along fairly quickly (which is nice to see). Plus i've not been feeling too well: with my recent IBD and CFS flare-ups. Maybe you guys could keep us updated on how some of these young talents are doing throughout the next few years.
  6. Blimey Grandpa, We'll (thinking back) I do remember stating in my first response that I didn't mean to cause you any offence by the statement I made. I really hope the distress doesn't cause you to lose all your hair or misplace your false teeth again. Good Evening, Grandson, M.
  7. Oh, my bad princess. I just couldn't make out whether you were joking or just showing ingratitude for the response you were given by the others to your previous question regarding Rashica. 😀
  8. Look here dear, (No offence intended), we aren't reporters for the football media on here. About Rashica: going by his performances this season - Rashica is just too good to continue playing for his current club. Therefore, ofcourse he will be linked to many different clubs before/during the upcoming transfer window.
  9. He's been linked to Man United and A. Madrid as well. Go for him, especially If your playing In a CGW - where there aren't any other decent fullbacks (better-rated) available. I was previously (negative) about Pervis Estupinan (22) who is out on loan from ("the mighty" Watford). I was thinking that, surely, at 22 years old he really should be starting for Watford instead of being out on loan. However, now that I have read this article I can understand why they've sent him out on loan: https://totalfootballanalysis.com/player-analysis/pervis-estupinan-2019-20-scout-report-tactical-analysis-tactics This is a great article for an analysis on how he plays his game: his strengths and weaknesses. I somewhat agree with you. Especially with Barça's recent fullback purchases. However, they've done OK with their CB's: S.Umtitti (bar injury) and C. Lenglet. Arsenal haven't bought a good enough CB since (probably) T. Vermearlan, and have been mediocre for fullbacks in seasons gone by. it sounds like SM have done some magic on you: they call it Soccer Magic. 😇 Joking aside, it's probably just an error on their part. I see that Mason has certainly improved the defensive side to his game under Carlo. He'd a good option indeed. I remember my good old friend RobboEFC making mention that M. Holgate has been one of Everton's (few) best performing player's during this season.
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