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  1. Dank u Thorgan.. 👍 I had some free time to do a bit of searching, plus I wanted to keep to my word: about answering Tharanidharan questions.
  2. For Q2 and Q6: I will be referring to Whoscored.com as I reckon these players are at similar rating - their team and league may also be considered. 1. Jonjoe Kenny = he's been doing well (on loan) as a regular for Schalke - I read Schalke may attempt to make his loan move a permenant deal... The other player (J.Maehle) is being linked to lower-table PL teams, don't know much else about him. 2. In this order: S.Arias/O.Aina, A.Capa, D.D.Costa, D.Wass, then F.Bustos Ola Aina can play down both flanks and has the potential to play for a better side. Although Santiago Arias is better rated, has to now compete with K.Tripper and S.Vrsaljko for a starting spot in the A.Madrid team. Nonetheless he's not done too bad when he has been called upon. 3. E.Bardhi (88, 24): I would liken him to a Cervi or a S. Boufal type of player. I'm not too sure about him because he's not produced enough as an attacking player for Levante. We'll see how he does against R.Madrid. 4. K.Ayhan - He's a decent player to have, especially for the kind of (interesting, short/mid-term) team you are trying to set up. 5. J.Musso - he's been one of the few very bright sparks in the Udinese side this season, and is now being linked with a move away to Inter/Chelsea. 6. This order: E.Skhiri, M.Lemina, G.Pizarro: The other 2 play for a weaker side in a weaker league, the performance average for each player is near enough the same. 7. It seems you've now made up your mind about him. Of course I have tried to select the better longer-term options because with youth players - you can never be too certain on how they will turn out: If we look at the quick regress of the likes of R.Morrison, Robinho, G.Dos Santos, M.Ballotelli and J.Wilshere - to name but a few.
  3. Angelino, Aina, Jorge/Ballo Toure, Jorge was playing for Santos in a weaker league, before moving to AS Monaco. And Tierney hasn't made as many apps as the others to (fairly) rank him among them.
  4. Oh I see.... However, I hope Malcolm does well in Russia...
  5. I agree with Thorgan, getting Malcolm is a risk as I really doubt he can become a better player at Zenit, especially with the immense pressure he will possibly be under: His record transfer fee and the constant racist chants opposition fans will aim at him. Laborde is the safer option. I will try to answer to your previous question later today.
  6. Since his (record) 36M move to Zenit, he's only played 2 games for them: this is due to an ankle injury he sustained which required him to undergo surgery. I think he'd make for a good rotational player. (if nothing else). That's if you've already got decent attacking players. Who else around the same rating is available in your GW?
  7. I apologize for the confusion in responding the first time.😕 https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.hammers.news/club-news/our-view-west-ham-should-sell-issa-diop-if-theyre-offered-50-million-this-summer/amp/ https://www.hammers.news/club-news/west-ham-fans-slate-issa-diops-display-vs-liverpool/amp/ After reading the two articles above - I would say, getting Pique is better for your team. After Pique's TB is lifted you could swap Pique for someone better than I.Diop: preferably a CB rated between 90-91, who has the potential to rise further.
  8. It sounds like you are staying for the long-run, so who else decent (CB), apart from Issa Diop (89) is available - who you can swap Pique (94) with? I ask, just to be sure that there isn't anyone slightly better than Diop (89) out there who you can swap Pique (94) for? Bentancur (90) is the higher rated player and plays for the stronger team. He could also (possibly) jump to a 91 in the Summer: He's played consistenly well for Juve - so far this season.
  9. However, swapping Auba for Cout could turn out to be a very good deal for you next season: https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.express.co.uk/sport/football/1243750/Liverpool-Jordan-Henderson-Philippe-Coutinho-transfer-message/amp With Mane and Salah away at the AFCON next season - it would be wise for Liverpool to go out and sign at least another AM and/or FWD in the Summer transfer window. I would wait on the responses of others.
  10. Whoscored.com - his overall performance average (so far this season) is slightly better than the other two keepers. Add to that his team is also performing the better in their domestic league.
  11. You say - "Meret is much better than Donnarumma", then most certainly go for the duo!
  12. Nkunku has done very well since joining RB Leipzig. 🤔 G.Donnarumma (our best and most important player) is a better GK than Meret. 🤔 depending on which side of the deal you are on: I would keep/buy G.Donnaarumma. But only if he is the best of the GK's available in your GW. I believe he certainly has the potential to play for a much better performing side. I'll be gutted 😔 when he departs from AC Milan, with Chelsea, PSG and Real all interested. Although Real Madrid are well covered with T.Courtois. However, a young player of his talent deserves much better.
  13. Excuse me for showing off 😎, but, I'm just about covered even without F.Chiesa in my side. I really just use him as a regular rotational player because I seem to get quite a few injuries to my attacking players (wingers/Fwd) throughout the course of the season. Plus he's Italian so there's more reason for me to keep him (for now). I guess the injuries occur because I usually play a hard tackling - attacking formation, with my playmaker being a winger.
  14. Thank you for your advice RoyLeo. I'm now actually thinking of selling D.Silva instead - since his drop. Plus I now have Saul who can somewhat take Silva's place in the midfield, therefore I can use F.Chiesa (for now) on the wing. I'm hopeful that F.Chiesa can move to a bigger club in the Summer. I would love for F.Chiesa to join Milan. Are the other two I mentioned (G.Castrovilli and R.Sottil) worth buying, even as risers?
  15. Son - Jesus/Sane. I actually sold him after his last review. Right now I also don't see him as a future star striker - like those you have mentioned. Having said that, it's still early days for him, and as the others have suggested - your better of hanging on to him until he can (possibly) reach the 90 in the Summer. He's too good to give up for the duo, played really well in the recent game against Bayern: https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.squawka.com/en/features/bayern-munich-rb-leipzig-player-ratings-bundesliga/%3famp Providing AS Roma can finish in the top 4, only then I reckon there's a small chance of a +1 in the next review. He has been playing very well this season. He's currently suspended after being sent off against Sassuolo - so won't be playing against Bologna. H.Aouar - I'm not too sure he will get a +1: as he plays in the weaker league and because Lyon are capped at 91 (M.Depay). However, if Aouar can get a move to a bigger club by the end of the season - just by that SM might give him a +1 or if Lyon can finish in the top 3. With H.Aouar performing well consistently to help them get there.
  16. Good day Damian, You should have asked this question to me directly as I wasn't aware that Z is gonna be away for 2 months. To be honest with you Damian, Z has much more in depth knowledge regarding the Serie A players than I do. Darn Usernames: mine suggests I should know much more about Series A, and be more active on this thread. However, please do ask me regarding the Serie A, and when I can, I will try to answer the best I can. I'm actually only a causal Milan and Manunited fan (my city has always been the red half). I'm also not Italian, but asian - and I reside in the UK.
  17. As we are aware AWB is not on R.Pereira level. Though he has certainly shown very good potential at Man United, and can improve further as a player and his rating on SM in the later future. For the short term I would certainly go for C.Ronaldo: (right now) he's too high rated of a player to miss out on. If you can get him and play him well - he will then only add more strength (goals and assists) to your team for the next few seasons to come. I actually play him out on the left side in my 4-3-3 formation (the narrow one). He's the playmaker for our targetman Striker. He's currently my top performer (even though he's 35, and his recent drop). Not that it's a too much of a surprise.
  18. I actually sold him a few months ago - got fed up with him. If these alternative players are available to you, then you should go for them instead: M.Odegaard, H.Aouar, G.Lo Celso, C.Soler, N.Zainolo, A.Harit or E.Lamela. The bold ones are the best ones.
  19. Yes he is worth buying. He's adapting well at Milan, and he's been one of our better midfielder's this season - really hope he keeps it up. Good Afternoon Guille, I'm not too sure what your question is. Anyways, I believe S.Aguero is already on the decline, though B.Silva is still a very good player. If VVD was my player I wouldn't sell/swap VVD for the duo. Especially if I was planning on staying on as manager for the mid/long term.
  20. I don't think Thiago Alcantara will drop anytime soon. I would actually keep Thiago Alcantara (he's always been a personal favorite), because Pogba is more of a drama queen and at times doesn't give his all for the team - no doubt he is still a highly talented player. And could again play his best football when he (possibly) returns to Juve. At present time I'm also not too sure about Pogba's future: that's why I wouldn't risk buying him until it's confirmed that he's moving to Juve.
  21. Their overall performance so far this season is pretty much the same for both of them. Though I reckon R.Leao is the more talented of the two - or maybe I'm just being bias as an Milanista. If you could do with an extra DM to strengthen your midfield then go for it. Although Rodrygo could become even better, with age, and more experience, especially under (an ever improving) manager like Zidane - just look at F.Valverde and F.Mendy. If you can bear patience with J.Felix's (hopeful) further development at A.Madrid, only then you should choose him. Remember that he's still quite young, but unfortunately contracted to A.Madrid till 2026. Hopefully D.Simone will soon start playing slightly more attacking football - in order to utilise J.Felix's special talents better.
  22. Broz will certainly add strength to your midfield and could just possibly rise in the Summer. O.Dembele isn't really worth keeping as I reckon he is now at a higher risk of dropping in the next review, just like S.Umtitti did this review. His long-term injuries were not considered or the fact that he is a WC winner. The latest on Ousmane Dembele: http://www.barcaforum.com/showthread.php/15823-11-Ousmane-Dembele/page189 😲 Out for the rest of the season. It's quite sad when such talented young players are injured all the time, or even get career ending injuries. One wonders how well Abdelhak Nouri would be playing if he didn't (sadly) suffer from brain damage back in July 2017 (thankfully, his condition is improving from the induced coma he went into). I would certainly sign M.Oyarzabal as a possible replacement for O.D. Although, having said that, if you can drop O.Dembele to the bench and only use him as a rotational player - due to other player suspensions/any future injuries to attackers, only then I would consider hanging on to O.D (for now). I would still go ahead and sign M.Oyarzabal if you can afford him without having to sell O.Dembele first.
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