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  1. Hi Everyone, International Club Championship (ICC) 383192 is very active if you would like to join. United Nations Amateur Championship (UNAC) Game World ID 384058 also if your interested.
  2. Martin AGUIRREGABIRIA is rated only 70 yet he is playing in main La Liga for Deportivo Alaves since the beginning of the season. Easily an 83-85 rated at worst. This can be seen here: https://uk.soccerway.com/players/martin-aguirregabiria-padilla/472270/ As you can see 1350 minutes is quiet a lot in one of the toughest leagues in the world. So a 70 rated is definitely wrong and he is the ONLY player to be missed of any of the 4 main Countries.
  3. Hi Everyone, INTERNATIONAL CLUB CHAMPIONSHIP (ICC) 383192 has now 98 Managers on the 5th day of it's creation. If you would like to join one of these teams then please go to the Game World and select one. NOTE: If it shows 100 Clubs taken then it could be false. This is because players were offered Clubs. Now all offers are withdrawn and all Clubs available shown below. So please check to see if any are available. (it may take 24 hours to show the true number of Clubs available) Here the following available teams: Division 5: Universidad de Chile Al Ahly
  4. Hi Everyone, INTERNATIONAL CLUB CHAMPIONSHIP (ICC) 383192 has now 62 Managers on the 2nd day of it's creation. There are just 2 days before the start of the season and all Transfers are not allowed to finalise before Day 4. This means if you join, you will have a clean team. All other Clubs are being offered to make the 100. However if anyone wants the following teams below, reply here and i will give you that team. Here the following available teams: Division 1: Villarreal CF Division 2: D Eibar Stuttgart Girona FC Bologna FC Getafe CF Atalanta BC Division 3: RCD Espanyol Udinese Calcio Leicester City Burnley CD Leganés Genoa CFC Deportivo Alavés Olympique Lyonnais PSV Olympique Marseille Division 4: Hanover Chievo Verona Levante UD Newcastle United Freiburg Everton Stade de Reims Montpellier HSC Empoli Dusseldorf Real Sporting Ajax Division 5: Sydney FC AEK Athens Club Brugge KV İstanbul Başakşehir Viktoria Plzeň Universidad de Chile OGC Nice Lokomotiv Moskva New York City FC
  5. Hi Everyone, INTERNATIONAL CLUB CHAMPIONSHIP (ICC) 383192 is available now. Do you enjoy a fully managed League? 37 teams have now been taken on the first day of it's creation. If you do not want to miss out then please join this new created world which has all the teams you need. Thanks for reading.
  6. Hi Everyone, INTERNATIONAL CLUB CHAMPIONSHIP (ICC) 383192 has seen 16 teams taken on the first day of creation. If you don't want to miss out, then please join with one of the following teams available. *as of writing* Division 1: Internazionale (Italy) Valencia CF (Spain) SSC Napoli (Italy) Villarreal CF (Spain) SS Lazio (Italy) Real Betis (Spain) E. Frankfurt (Germany) Leverkusen (Germany) Schalke (Germany) Division 2: Atalanta BC (Italy) Sampdoria (Italy) SD Eibar (Spain) Monchengladbach (Germany) Leipzig (Germany) Arsenal (England) Bologna FC (Italy) Torino (Italy) Getafe CF (Spain) Stuttgart (Germany) Athletic Club (Spain) Sevilla (Spain) Hoffenheim (Germany) AC Milan (Italy) Celta Vigo (Spain) AS Monaco (France) Girona FC (Italy) Division 3: Bremen (Germany) CD Leganés (Spain) Udinese Calcio (Italy) PSV (Netherlands) Corinthians (Brazil) Olympique Lyonnais (France) Deportivo Toluca (Mexico) Burnley (England) Deportivo Alavés (Spain) SL Benfica (Portugal) Olympique Marseille (France) Augsburg (Germany) Leicester City (England) RCD Espanyol (Spain) FC Porto (Portugal) H. Berlin (Germany) Sassuolo (Italy) Genoa CFC (Italy) Real Sociedad (Spain) Boca Juniors (Argentina) Division 4: Chievo Verona (Italy) AZ Alkmaar (Netherlands) Montpellier HSC (France) Hanover (Germany) Rayo Vallecano (Spain) Everton (England) Empoli (Italy) Ajax (Netherlands) Stade de Reims(France) Freiburg (Germany) Newcastle United (England) Levante UD (Spain) Sporting de Braga (Portugal) Nuremberg (Germany) Wolfsburg (Germany) Cagliari (Italy) Real Sporting (Spain) Sporting CP (Portugal) Mainz (Germany) Dusseldorf (Germany) Division 5: Lokomotiv Moskva (Russia) Club Brugge KV (Belgium) Santos Laguna (Mexico) Sydney FC (Australia) New York City (United States) AFC Bournemouth (England) Palmeiras (Brazil) Universidad de Chile (Chile) Hammarby IF (Sweden) Viktoria Plzeň (Czech Republic) OGC Nice (France) AEK Athens (Greece) Al Ahly (Egypt) Godoy Cruz (Argentina) Rio Ave (Portugal) Peñarol (Uruguay) Sanfrecce Hiroshima (Japan) İstanbul Başakşehir (Turkey)
  7. Hi Everyone, There is a New Custom Game World that has all the teams in the World. It is a big challenge also because 2 managers can get sacked if in the bottom 2. Are you good enough to be the best? Then please join INTERNATIONAL CLUB CHAMPIONSHIP (ICC) 383192 It will be full eventually so please do not miss out. Thanks for reading, Kaila.
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