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  1. 41 minutes ago, MattE said:

    Hi all,


    Ive been offered Lukaku (92) for my Alcacer (90). Would you take that?


    Alcacer is a starter, and will be for a while. Lukaku will be as well. I'll be playing either of them as a main striker in a 2.


    Lukaku definitely. He has taken in Conte's tactics well, while Alcacer's Dortmund look like perpetual bottlers.

  2. Not sure if relevant since most of the list are 21 years old (not under 21), but here’s a Top 10 list of bargains for the summer.

    All cost no more than 1.00M. Players are ranked according to Expected Profit (when moved on immediately after Transfer Ban).


    ·       1 October 2019 was used as the Transfer Bans on these players would have expired (should you choose to buy any of them). This helps managers looking to buy and sell them quickly.

    ·       Expected Profits are all marked down (less than expected). The data assume the maximum possible wage incurred, which is unlikely.



    Age (as of 1 October 2019)

    Current Rating (Price)

    Expected Rating (Price)

    Expected Profit (After Wages)


    Patryk DZICZEK



    (1.00 M)


    (2.40 M)

    1.12 M

    (1.4 M – 0.28 M)


    Bradley DE NOOIJER



    (0.50 M)


    (1.80 M)

    1.06 M

    (1.30 M – 0.24 M)


    Enea MIHAJ



    (0.60 M)


    (1.80 M)

    0.96 M

    (1.2 M – 0.24 M)


    Tomasz MAKOWSKI



    (0.30 M)


    (1.40 M)

    0.86 M

    (1.10 M – 0.24 M)


    Bartosz SLISZ



    (0.30 M)


    (1.40 M)

    0.86 M

    (1.10 M – 0.24 M)


    Denis DRAGUS



    (0.34 M)


    (1.40 M)

    0.82 M

    (1.06 M – 0.24 M)





    (0.36 M)


    (1.40 M)

    0.80 M

    (1.04 M – 0.24 M)


    Giannis BOUZOUKIS



    (0.38 M)


    (1.40 M)

    0.78 M

    (1.02 M – 0.24 M)


    Daiki SUGA



    (0.40 M)


    (1.40 M)

    0.76 M

    (1.00 M – 0.24 M)


    Birk RISA



    (0.40 M)


    (1.40 M)

    0.76 M

    (1.00 M – 0.24 M)



  3. 54 minutes ago, sirmarkhughes said:

    No rise predicted for Mathias Olivera of Getafe?

    Last rise dec 2017.

    He has 1260 mins in La Liga2 this season and 831 minutes in La Liga for Getafe since his recall in January. Plus 101 mins La Liga end of last season and 90 copa del rey mins. Maybe a +4 , 78-82?

    Great predictions by the way you are doing gods work on here.

    Getafe is overlooked, understandable since the race for Champions League is very tight.

    Olivera should get a +4 and Djene should get +2.

  4. vc-stc1C_400x400.jpg.b504718c49c9f3bba141be2abcba1de6.jpg

    Chester Move On


    9 September 2018


    Chester FC showed there was life after Loren Moron, dismantling Accrington Stanley in Sunday's clash. Six different players got on the scoresheet for the Division Five leaders.

    Chester made just one change to the winning eleven at Crawley and that move immediately reaped rewards. From kickoff, the ball was played wide to Rafał Kurzawa. Some quick passing with captain Fran Beltran saw Kurzawa play the ball to debutant Krzysztof Piątek. Piątek unselfishly played it to compatriot Łukasz Wolsztyński. This left Wolsztyński with an easy tap-in; Chester gained the lead after just 12 seconds.

    Another foray down the left nearly got Piątek a debut goal, but Adam Maxted in the Stanley goal showed strong hands to save. Indeed, Maxted kept the score respectable with some good goalkeeping. This, combined with Gedson Fernandes unluckily hitting the post, kept Stanley in this derby despite intense Chester pressure. The pressure eventually told as Chester got their second. More intricate passing between Fernandes and Stefan Gartenmann saw the latter play through to Zeki Celik. The right-back kept his calm to make it 2-0; Accrington's game plan was undone. 

    Roused into action, Stanley almost got one back, but the post denied captain Pierre Mingoia. Unfortunately for the visiting fans, the comeback didn't endure. Once again, Chester carved open Stanley's defence with tidy passing and superb off the ball movement. With a number of blue shirts available for the pass, Fran Beltrán surprised the Stanley by shooting from range. From just outside the box, the shot had enough precision and power to give the young captain his second goal in two games. Piątek then searched for his goal, but Maxted denied him for the rest of the half. 

    Following John Coleman's half time team talk, the visitors improved. Apart from young Callum Johnson, Maxted was afforded little protection by his back four. This naivete once again cost the visitors. A lapse in concentration from Seamus Connelly saw Giangiacomo Magnani break free. The Italian continued his superlative start, squaring for Gedson Fernandes to make it 4-0.

    Indeed, defensive errors began to creep in as the match wore on - a poor throw-in by Hamza Mendyl gave Accrington possession on the right flank. Érico Sousa's cross caused mayhem in the hosts' penalty area. In the ensuing scramble, Callum Johnson was able to play it to veteran Adam Mangan, who made no mistake. Normal service resumed in the 75th minute, as Rafał Kurzawa capitalised on slack Accrington marking to score Chester's fifth. 

    Having assisted Kurzawa's goal, Beltrán continued to thrive late in the match. One of his precise passes played through Giangiacomo Magnani. With the defence in close attendance, Magnani blasted the ball. Maxted never got close to the Correggio native's shot.

    Chester had a late scare, but Offrande Zanzala's speculative shot rattled the post to conclude a miserable derby for the visitors. Accrington find themselves 15 points behind in the race for a play-off spot, while Chester remain first in Division Five. In Loren Moron, Chester have lost a definite legend, but may gain several more cult heroes from his departure. 

    2018-09-10 (2).png

    Nine of the eleven Chester players were involved in a goal.

    🐘 says:

    Loren is gone. The stats speak for themselves - 32 goals and 15 assists in 17 appearances, 9.82 Average Rating, 17 Man of the Match awards. Yet a big cash offer for him was always going to be accepted for the sake of this club. Poor form in real life set this decision in stone. Following the arrivals of Beltrán and Piątek, we can settle down in terms of transfers (Albeit a new AML is needed after Kurzawa's departure). Our team is now full of more reliable big league talents; hopefully these can take us even further.

  5. 9 minutes ago, TMCosta said:
      Name Club SM Value
    1,6M MAX
    SM Rat
    78 MAX
    23 MAX
    Min Goals Assists WS
    1 Jacob Rasmussen Empoli 1 M 78 21 180 0 0 7,25
    2 Samuel Mraz Empoli 1 M 78 21 25 1 0 6,59
    3 Nicola Dalmonte Genoa 800 k 77 20 23 0 0 6,28
    4 Sofian Kiyine Chievo 1 M 78 20 21 0 0 6,10
    5 Oriji Okwonko Bologna 1 M 78 20 24 0 0 6,07
    6 Hamed Traore Empoli 360 k 76 18 5 0 0 6,07
    7 Andrea Pinamonti Frosinone 1,6 M 76 19 8 0 0 6,03
    8 Paolo Ghiglione Frosinone 1 M 78 21 19 0 0 5,92
    9 Luca Matarese Frosinone 340 k 75 20 8 0 0 5,82

    Giangiacomo Magnani (Sassuolo) - although rated 80 - is still an excellent bargain. 

  6. Chester FC Half-Time Report

    Fluttering Finances

    Finances are key to a successful football club. While Chester FC has been largely in the black, manager Steven Fox remains unsatisfied with investments in the playing staff. The main issue has been profitability, with the club making scant profit on some fringe players, even taking losses in a few cases. Wonderkids like Tom Van De Looi and Keanan Bennetts came and went, while the Nordic-heavy recruitment was also hit and miss. There were some notable successes, though. Alex Centelles made the LB spot his own, departing for a near 2 million profit. Strong performances also boosted Ross McCrorie and Victor Nelsson's valuations. Last but not least, captain Loren Moron's value has skyrocketed. Suitors from England and Spain are reported to have tabled lucrative offers for the Betis frontman, but Fox has chosen to hang on to his man. 

    Fox has since allayed investor fears, investing in more recognisable talents from bigger leagues. Besting Port Vale to the signature of Porto's Diogo Leite was a notable highlight. Leite is one of many players slated to move Chester forward financially, including the man who is keeping him on the bench - Giangiacomo Magnani. More than an asset, the Italian made an instant impact, scoring a debut goal at Barnet. 

    The first XI now looks like this:


    🐘 says:

    Well, that didn't go as planned. A 0.1 MB media limit has unfortunately reined in the colour, which is rather essential for these posts.

    We are now firmly into the Top 5 leagues + Portugal/Netherlands part of recruitment. The sheer number of affordable talents breaking through has rejuvenated this team. To that end, a big decision has to be made on Loren Moron. The Spaniard has played every bit like his 86 rating, scoring 26 goals and assisting 15 more. He has been so good, he got a Man of the Match award despite being sent off once! The fun is coming to an end, as Loren has not been able to replicate this rich form in reality. Thus, we have decided to keep him around for now, but will move him on as soon as another prolific No. 9 is identified.

  7. 12 hours ago, DiamondCannon said:

    Hey guys so I have been looking through the top teams just to stay on top of the stats and so far here are a few players that have some minutes so far for the "big" teams in Europe (keep in mind most of these are not new players, I am just re-posting my findings when researching on my own for all you lazy buggers out there ;):


    TEAM - Name - Rating - Minutes - Comments

    NAPOLI - Sebastiano Luperto - 83 - 17mins - Might be a good idea to keep an eye for more game time

    ROMA - J. Kluivert - 85 - 64 mins - is getting game time, known to everyone but is playing nevertheless...

    MILAN - Davide Calabria - 87 - 90 mins  - Milan have only played once but he started and scored

    PSG - Colin Dagba - NOT ON DB - 180mins - This guy has played 180 mins for PSG so far, look out for him

    PSG - Stanley N'Soki - 75 - 134mins - I picked him up for 380k, looks like a steal...

    PSG - Christopher Nkunku - 86 - 181mins - Again known to many, not a sure thing but keep an eye....

    PSG - Antoine Bernade - 73 - 170mins - Another one of PSG's new found youth prospects, surely due a big rise

    PSG - Timothy Weah - 76 - 54mins - The name says it all, scored once as well

    DIJON - Enzo Loiodice - NOT ON DB - 270min - This guy is 17, has played every minute for second placed Dijon

    DIJON - Joules Keita - 70 - 38mins - Not a lot of gametime but 2 goals already from 3 games, could be worth a shot for a competitive gameworld

    LILLE - Zeki Celik - 80 - 266mins - Arrived from Istanbulspor in summer, has played nearly every minute

    LILLE - Fode Ballo Toure - 83 - 260mins - Had a great season last season, seems to have picked up where he left off.

    LILLE - Arton Zekaj - 70 - 1min - Came on in 90+3 minute of 3 - 1 win against Rennes, still worth a possible punt at 18 years old

    LYON - Pape Cheikh - 80 - 81mins - Again, some minutes for Lyon, low rated, keep an eye throughout season

    MARSEILLE - Duje Caleta-Car - 86 - 90mins - Played one full game then sat on the bench since arriving, could replace Rami long term?

    MARSEILLE - Boubacar Kamara - 80 - 136mins - Played 455mins last season, one more game and he is halfway to matching his play time, and Marseille have played 3 games!

    MONACO - Sofiane Diop - 70 - 78mins - An absolute steal, buy him!

    MONACO - Jordi Mboula - 76 - 151mins - ABSOLUTE BUY, this guy is a future star, purchase him first when going through Monaco....

    MONACO - Pietro Pellegri - 80 - 31mins - Hasn't done enough yet, but at 17 he will no doubt be another Monaco Starlet in time to come

    MONACO - Willem Guebbels - 75 - 67mins - The fact they paid 20 million euros says a lot, future star with the right nuturing

    CHELSEA - Callum Hudson-Odoi - 73 - 0mins - Great pre season, hasn't done much but is definitely worth a punt, I can't imagine a person reading the forums to not know him, but on here anyways

    MANCHESTER CITY - Phil Foden - 80 - 8mins - Again most people know him, maybe more time with De Bruyne's injury? We will see

    ARSENAL - Matteo Guendouzi - 80 - 236mins - As an Arsenal fan myself and having watched him play, I can safely say he is a superb talent, calm on the ball, clever head on such a young kid, few errors here and there but for a kid brand new to the Premier League I am shocked at how well he has adapted, big rise if he carries this on.

    ARSENAL - Ainsley Maitland-Niles - 85 - 35mins - Recently broke his leg but Unai Emery likes him, plus he is versatile, will be a fixture for Arsenal and hopefully England in years to come

    BORUSSIA M'GLADBACH - Louise Jordan Beyer - NOT ON DB - 90mins - Played the full 90 minutes agasint Leverkusen and at 18 should be a good find when he comes on (he's a RB)

    ESPANYOL - Marc Roca - 84 - 180mins - Another know entity, however he has started both games, Espanyol sit second (insignificant this early on but hey) so he could be on track for a rise/move

    ESPANYOL - Javier Puado - NOT ON DB - 9mins - Came on as 81st minute substitute in Espnayols first game, has 4 year contract with a 40 million euros release clause and was the top scorer of Espanyol B last season (12 goals). Keep shortlisted.

    VILLARREAL - Manu Morlanes - 76 - 65mins - On the bench the whole of Villarreals first game, but started and played 65 minutes of second game, he is 19 and rated 76, surely worth a punt.


    Most of these players everyone knows and some of them people don't, just wanted to give people another topic of discussion so feel free to comment, if people have more in depth knowledge of a player I would love to hear more.




    Good work, would add Giangiacomo Magnani of Sassuolo (80) as well. Signed by Juventus, sold to Sassuolo as part of their partnership. Has played every single minute for Sassuolo so far, including a big win over Inter. 

  8. 3 hours ago, Dasylver said:

    By how much will these people rise?

    Player (profit after wages)

    Okosun - 78 --> 82 (840,000)

    Nelsson - 77 --> 80 (820,000)

    Joronen - 77 --> 80 (200,000)

    Qvist - 73 --> 80 (460,000)

    Horsens worries me as SM seem to have underrated them despite a good season. Nelsson is probably the stand-out here.

  9. 22 minutes ago, Lowco said:

    Hello guys... I have 10m and i want to spend in promises. I made a short list, can someone rank them? Or choose 3, 5 to buy?

    Godfred Donsah 87 7m
    Diadie Samassékou 87 7m
    Wilmar Barrios 87 6m
    Andrija Zivkovic 86 6m
    Ricardo Esgaio 86 3m
    Yann Karamoh 85 5m
    Josip Brekalo 84 4m
    Weston McKennie 83 3m
    Fabricio Bustos 83 2.6m
    Luka Ilic 78 1m
    Beni Baningime 78 1m
    Exequiel Palacios 78 1m
    Timothy Weah 76 1.6m
    Xian Emmers 73 0.3m
    Callum Hudson-Odoi 73 1m
    Fernando (Palmeiras - Shakhtar D.) 70 0.2m

    Thx in advice!

    McKennie and Pedro Fernando are the safest choices if you are not looking for high-rated players. (3.2 M)

    I would spend the other 6.8 M on:

    Ruben Dias (5.0 M )

    Mattia Sprocati (0.7 M)

    Victor Nelsson (0.4 M)

    Ross McCrorie (0.3 M)

    Harry Cochrane (0.22 M)

  10. vc-stc1C_400x400.jpg.f6a5c734216dc609418f06cab91f5803.jpg

    Chester Win Convincingly


    24 June 2018



    Loren's first Cheshire Derby was a success. (@FTalentScout)

    Loren Moron scored one and assisted another as Chester FC got their Division Five campaign up and running in a 3-1 victory over Crewe Alexandra.

    Loren had the ball in the net after two minutes, but the linesman's flag was up. Seals fans did not have to wait long for the breakthrough, however. Alexis Saelemaekers scored after good work from Jose Alonso Lara. Loren set up Tom Van De Looi shortly after the restart to make it 2-0, before the captain finally got his goal in the 65th minute.

    Jamie Jones scored for The Alex, but it proved to be a consolation as Steven Fox began his Chester reign with a victory.

    Chester finished bottom of Division Five last season but looked nothing like that team. This side seems to have co-opted their manager's Keegan-like attacking ethic, constantly causing fear amongst Crewe's ranks.

    In contrast, it looks to be a long way back for Alexandra, who gained no respite from relegation last season.

    No longer pushovers

    Chester began on the front foot, with centre-half Victor Nelsson charging through the midfield and setting up Loren with a delightful through ball. Loren smashed it past Ben Garratt, but he had strayed offside. But the young eleven continued to overwhelm Crewe, and scored after four minutes. Lara expertly switched play to his fellow teenager Saelemaekers. The Belgian fired the ball back across and into the top left corner, scoring his first professional goal. 

    It was also a first professional goal for Tom Van De Looi, who scored just after the restart. Crowded out by markers, Moron played it back to Van De Looi. The Dutchman again launched it into the top corner, just out of Garratt's reach.

    Loren would not be denied, netting with another powerful shot after a tidy pass from Suga.

    There was still time for drama, with vice-captain Ridle Baku seeing red in the 69th minute after two separate tangles with Michael Raynes. Crewe finally came into the game thereafter, with captain Jamie Jones scoring after a neat pass from Chris Porter. Yet that proved too late for Alexandra, as Chester saw out a straightforward victory.

    Notable rating changes (Profit after wages) 

    Loren Moron: 80 --> 86 (2,960,000)

    Alex Centelles: 70 --> 77 (1,500,000)

    🐘 says:

    It has been a great week at the Deva Stadium, with Loren becoming the best player in Division 5 over these rating changes. Centelles also ballooned in value, providing us with valuable funds should we sell them on. After we make one last signing, the Squad Report will occur next update, where we evaluate the profitability and potential of the new Chester FC. Going forward, Match Reports like the above will be made for important matches (Tranmere Rovers come to mind).

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