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  1. Yeah, I'm over it now. To be honest I had a midfielder crisis had way too many. Concerning player concerns, is the target number of matches played in proportion to how many turns are left or does it take the whole season into account? For example, I think 94s and over need to play 80% of their matches, if one player went up on concern level at turn 12 does it reset the target number?
  2. I transferred Rabiot to one team and guess what? He just resigned from the team 🤬. What can I do? Is it possible to report them? What is the point of doing a transfer if you're going to resign??
  3. Sorry for off topic comment: when are the player concern reviews usually?
  4. Haha good point. I have this issue with my mids at the moment.
  5. Could do seems fair considering Chiellini is on his way out in not too long. But isn't Werner tipped to become a hitter in future?
  6. @Kev I didn't make the deal clear sorry. I am giving away Firmino and either /Rabiot/Keita/Dembele for Vidal+Chiellini+Werner and cash
  7. I am giving Firmino and either /Rabiot/Keita/Dembele for Vidal+Chillini+Werner and cash
  8. This deal is getting more saucy. Deal is Vidal+Chillini for Firmino then Werner for either Dembele, Keita or Rabiot. This sound like a good deal? I already have Salah, Laca, Kane and Koke in my team.
  9. Indeed that's what I mean. But I'm worried about both going down Chiileni is sick but could retire soon no and vidal recently went down.
  10. Funny thing, i wrote my post and got an auto reply saying there was not enough evidence after analysing. No one else has reported so how can they know that right away. On another note. Sell Koke for Chilleni and Timo Werner? Edit: he's throwing in Vidal 93 (though recently dropped). @Sir Rahul?
  11. Also is the culprit notified about the investigation?
  12. Sorry for going off topic but how do you report someone for multiple accounts? Sure one salty player who I almost beat swooped in to take over the team not long after the our bids got accepted. He also begged me behind the scenes to let him win.
  13. May I ask why not? I know KDB is injured but it is also KDB
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