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  1. Struggling to find a striker worth punting on for around 15 million. An 89 rated with a good future for rises. Jovic sadly is taken of course. Felix gone too. Any other shouts?
  2. Playing in a new Gameworld. Season just started. Need a first choice Left Winger for the club. 12 million is the budget. Which one would you invest in? I've invested in Pepe, De Jong, Jovic, Havertz when it wasn't competitive and got them. Getting Bruno most likely too. Will be competitive now though. Think Havertz can play RW effectively in the game? Thanks!
  3. Yup, younger ones are more profitable easily. Can give returns to about 400% easily. I bought a few Brazillians that I read about here, some have jumped from 360k to 2 mil straight! Incredible return that, especially in a very competitive Game world. I find your spreadsheet very interesting @Soccahappy, always look out for your posts. Cheers!
  4. Rudiger. Best defender this season for us and nailed under this system.
  5. I'm pretty sure @Soccahappyis not using the stats to "know" if said player will rise to 89/90 in coming "few" changes. Of course that's obvious. The spreadsheet work is more about who will get the rise(s) in the coming changes.
  6. Pjanic is amazing in the game. So him. Insigne Immobile, Lukaku, Morata. Sell Sanchez but I don't like your options, due a drop maybe but Morata and Lukaku nowhere near a rise. Don't know about Immobile.
  7. If you had to pick one of Sanson or Tousart for short term, who would you pick?
  8. Brooks and also Aaron Wan-Bissaka. Having a great season and has a great future.
  9. Choose 2 out of these 6 please. Lanzini - Demirbay - Paredes - Sanson -Lo Celso - Fabian Ruiz
  10. You would know much more about him than me. Can't help you there.
  11. Drop Adrian imo. There's no way he's replacing Fabianski now.
  12. Soyuncu surely gonna fall next review? Also, any risers for the winter review under 5 mil? Joined a very competitive Gameworld and previous manager left the club in the gutters. XD
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