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  1. Re: GC Teams Coming Free In The Morning.
  2. Re: Available Teams, No Job Offers! (GC Teams Only!) GC 91 west ham they have 2 90s owen and arteta
  3. Re: Available Teams, No Job Offers! (GC Teams Only!) its alright m8 good luck with the team
  4. Re: Available Teams, No Job Offers! (GC Teams Only!) Stuttgart in GC51 good youth squad 2 93s 2 91s I am arsenal so good luck on whoever gets it, i may be interested in some deals :-)
  5. Re: Gold Championship 109: Match Report/Transfer Gossip Thread Manchester United Main Transfers In Sakho Akinfeev Rossi Dzaegov Hazard Granero Drenthe Ninis Out Berbatov Park Carrick Owen Hargreaves VDS Giggs Manchester United manager told his fans not to be worried, even though the older players have gone we still got the likes of Ferdinand and Vidic/Evra at the heart of the defence to teach those younger ones how to play
  6. Re: Gold Championship 109: Match Report/Transfer Gossip Thread Man Utd selling: hargreaves scholes giggs berbatov p/e only
  7. Got an offer for lloris of a straight swap involving only akinfeev? should i accept? which one is better?
  8. Re: Good deal | Bad deal | Thread i got pato for forlan and witsel in a gc tho
  9. Re: Good deal | Bad deal | Thread bad (could have perhapys got someone who plays every game because both will drop)
  10. Re: Liverpool- Help with some players (Babel, Riera, Di Maria, Mata) do all of those deals, u are spot on di mari to rise mata prop to rise di maria prob to rise rolando to rise babel stay riera stay or drop kygriagos drop voronin drop dossena drop if u can do all of those deals
  11. Re: Good deal | Bad deal | Thread nice idea, should be a gd thred
  12. Re: will humberto suazo rise? to rename threads double click on your thread just before you get on the page if u want to change the title if u want to change the info in the thread there should be an edit button on where u wrote the info down
  13. Re: will humberto suazo rise? defo drop get rid off ASAP
  14. Re: Gold Championship 50 - Match Report / Transfers Thread West Brom's Shock SMFA Cup Run Continues They won 3-1 against besiktas away and it means that they have now knocked out another big team they are looking better and better lying 4th in the premiership and know spartak will be no easy opposition in the next round
  15. Re: Forum Dream Team well i havent replied in ages cuz i have school in day and then during the weekends im out all day but i can respond all weekdays but im lost with the squad and i really need to see it, if not giving me the details but then just telling the account name but i dnt know who f is?
  16. Re: Albiol or Mertasacker? defo get albiol mertersacker has reached his peak i think and is only going to drop as time goes on whereas albiol should rise in the next rating changes to 93 and is younger and can reach a much higher peak
  17. Re: *!transfer helped needed!* get di maria playing great defo getting 90 and linked with man utd
  18. Re: Which of these would you buy? iniesta he is same standard as xavi but younger
  19. Re: Forum Dream Team i havent been emailed the pass or dont kno the account name?
  20. Re: Forum Dream Team everton manager doesnt even know who he is signing his brother is telling who to sign supposedly...
  21. Re: [English Championship 4977] II JacK Ru x [beginning of an Era] well its ur team, sign the players u want
  22. Re: Pato or benzema? Pato pato pato
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