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  1. Tried one of these initially but makes things harder!
  2. Now 3 games in to season 3 and Bournemouth are available!
  3. Team awards will be posted at some point too. Looking forward to next season. Don’t think I’ll be up there but hopefully you two can battle it out again with a few others.
  4. One team has opened up in ‘The Unusual Suspects’. Small set-up consisting of all premier league sides excluding the top 6. Team of the turn is posted regularly and some top managers already in. Coming towards the end of the first season so a good time to get involved. Squad cap of 40 ID: 386292
  5. Just a squad cap of 40 starting from the start of next season.
  6. I’ll post on here mate. Got another gameworld similar. The Unusual Suspects. Also a thread for it and will have a vacancy very soon!
  7. Hi mate, no rules atm but may be 1 or 2 starting from next season depending on what the managers vote on. A team has just opened up if you fancy joining them add me in game and apply. Please only join if your planning on sticking around and being active though.
  8. Today I met with Mr.Thumbs up to talk football, footballers, The Jets and rivalries! He turned up late, but was a pleasure to speak to.Here’s the interview in full! How are you finding the Set-up so far? I’m enjoying it, it’s a small gameworld with lots of good managers and features such as Team of the Turn and End of Season awards to keep things interesting. You seem to have transformed the club and they’re playing some fantastic attacking football and getting results, what’s the secret? Everyone started on equal footing and nobody had any advantage, looking at the squads, I’m surprised only one team is above me. But hey ho, it’s Thumbs Up! After chasing him all summer you finally landed Ronaldo! Is he the final piece of your jigsaw? I was desperate for him from the beginning, so much that I sacrificed bidding for 2nd target Salah who was in turn quickly snapped up! It was an obsession, also to have a shot at the title I needed to improve, and what better way to do it?! And what was your thinking behind selling the leagues hottest star in Immobile?! That was a tough one. He started the season incredibly but then blew hot and cold for a while. Also I needed to balance the books after signing Ronaldo and the 2 never quite gelled together. So he had to go. What does the future hold for the Jets? The future looks very good, the only flaw atm is that we struggle for a settled team due to finances. Everybody got stronger after the second round of transfers. Quickfire Q&A Jets unsung hero- Thauvin Opposition player you’d love to sign- Asensio Manager you take most pleasure in beating- Noisy Next player heading for the exit- Nobody as of now Message to the fans- We’ll be tripling ticket prices next season, see you then! So there you have it, straight from the man himself. He’s certainly doing something right but can Ronaldo inspire The Jets to the title. We will have to wait and see!
  9. Got 1 space in my Custom ‘Wizards of Aus’ if anyone fancies joining? 10 team Australian set-up still in its first season. Has a good bunch of managers in there and run a regular ‘Team of the Turn’ on the forum. Looking for an active manager so apply of interested. ID 384090
  10. Sorry filled the spots before I saw this! If another comes up I’ll let you know though. Thanks
  11. So I have 2 set-ups that have recently had a manager or 2 leave. The ‘Wizards of Aus’ is an Australian gameworld with 10 teams in. Features include a team of the week which is posted on the thread regularly and manager interviews which have recently started. A good active bunch of managers are already in and it’s still in its first season with the first lot of transfer bans shortly ending so will be able to make the team your own. All squads are pretty evenly matched for now. ID: 384090 Secondly, 2 teams available in ‘Unusual Suspects’ which is an English Premier League set-up minus the top 6. Again it’s in its first season so pretty evenly matched at the minute with lots to look forward too. Team of the week also features here and again we have a good set of guys already in who are committed and vocal! ID: 386292 Feel free to apply if you’re gonna get involved and stick it out
  12. Economy could be changed but will have a vote on it towards the end of the season and see what everyone thinks. Potential to go up 1 or 2 levels
  13. Don’t want to further increase the size of that huge head of yours!
  14. So... we’re at the halfway mark and it’s been a cracking season so far! The squads are all unique but looking strong and there’s plenty of market action to come in the next week or so I’m sure. Weve had a couple of managerial casualty’s but those who have stayed, I thank you and those who have joined have actually made the managerial line up a better one! So what’s happened so far? Well Bart is making a sprint towards becoming our first Wizards of Aus champion and Thumbs looks to be the only person who can stop him. Much will depend on whether Ciro Immobile can continue his incredible form which has seen him move to clear favourite in the race for the golden boot after scoring 12 in 16. Sterling and Saul are our main creators registering 7 assists each so far and Aduriz has picked up more man of the match awards than anybody! Owen has steadied the ship at Central Coast Mariners but still looks like the only team that could Finnish the season with less points than new man Shankly Gates’ Wellington Phoenix. Both have work to do, as do I! Everything else is up for grabs with only a few points separating the rest. Congratulations to Mr.Inzaghi on claiming the first piece of silverware in the set-up and good luck to Stephen and Damian in their final. As I mentioned on the feed, there’s gonna be a few interviews coming up soon so keep an eye out for them. Hope your enjoying it here and if there’s anything else I could do to make the set up more interesting then I’m always open to ideas. Love you all!
  15. This will be the next English Championship created. Been looking to get into a new active, relatively full one for a while but most of them seem to end up with just 6/7 teams after a couple of weeks now so hoping to drum up interest for a decent one! Be nice to get a fair few good people involved. Keep an eye out for it and jump in when it pops up!
  16. The Unusual Suspects has a team free! Season has just started and need a committed active manager that join the rest of us! Its a premier league set-up minus the top 6, visit the thread from r more details. Very enjoyable small gameworld. Apply if you fancy it! ID 386292
  17. Immobile is awful mate, he won’t score again this season! (Is that better?)
  18. Massively happy with the team, anyone gonna get through that defence?!!!
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