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  1. I would take Salah,he has all the future ahead of him
  2. Well thank god i was wrong.Hopefully championship will be over tomorrow.
  3. With 3 teams updating per day next league will be staring on Tuesday,at best. Worrall was ripped off,only +3.
  4. 3rd day in a row with no rating updates and no new players.Any idea what's going on?
  5. Pelkas most likely will a get a +2.Also i doubt Ofoe and Proto will Rise ,Olympiacos had an awful season!
  6. I play in a similar league (82 rating max and 21y old max) From Championship you should check also Joe Worrall,Chris Mepham,Kalvin Phillips and Ollie Watkins..
  7. The 94 rating that Silva has justifies his ability and performance!I would give zero chance to rise.If he was like 7 years younger and SM was generous he could get a +1 but still even then i think the chance would be small
  8. Savic should be raised to 91
  9. I think the championship update will come after playoffs for promotion,not sure though.It would make more sense to update smaller leagues first like Greece-Poland-Denmark-Norway-Serbia or Croatia!
  10. Championship was not updated,they just updated 5-10 players which where performing crazy good for their rating!There are loads of players who should get an increase in rating if it was an update!
  11. Forgot about about 2 young ones Svarnas from Xanthi and Mihaj from Panetolikos.They shoulg go to 78 rating
  12. Well i am from greece so...Some AEK players should get a very good boost (Galanopoulos,Bakakis,Anestis at least +3).Pelkas from PAOK should get a +2,Prijovic from PAOk a +1,Ansarifard from Olympiacos should get a 1-2,Koutris from Olympiacos at least a +3 and Cisse from Olympiacos a +1-2.Nikolaou from Oluympiacos a +2-4 But Olympiacos had a horrible season so rises could be smaller.For Cisse,Koutris and Ansarifard there are reports about interest from foreign clubs! There are other smaller risers but i think those are the ones worth mentioning
  13. Well....Von Balmoos should have gotten a +5 instead of +4.Marcelo Clarles from Maritimo has the same mv and got a +5 about a month ago.Nsame and Assale didnt get a raise so..maybe tomorrow?If the swiss league was finished we should have seen a couple of teams from another league in the database being updated ..
  14. I could give Firmino but Salah or Kane for Casemiro????Hahahahahahaha
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