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  1. What are peoples thoughts on Lucas Alario of Leverkusen? I see he has played a decent amount of games but his minutes are low. I read a few tenuous links to Atletico.
  2. No need to sell if they go over 85. I do not think Olmo will be at Zagreb much longer, he spent six years in the Barca youth academy before moving to Zagreb. Zagreb are a selling club and there is much interest from big clubs in Europe. I think I am going to go with Olmo as I am unsure of Nelson's attitude to be honest.
  3. I am in a setup max 85 and have joined late to the party and club not got much cash. Two players come off transfer ban in a week. I can afford to battle for one of them. Who has better short/long term potential? Dani Olmo (84) Reiss Nelson (83)
  4. Gameworld> Player Database> Load data pack> Ultra World Data pack load. I think that will do it. EDIT: NEVER NOTICED THIS WAS A SM19 QUERY.
  5. Alexander Arnold is quality. Chiesa great player but I thought it was a right back you were looking for? Anyway Transfermrket has Wan Bisakka valued at about double that of Mazraoui. https://www.transfermarkt.co.uk/noussair-mazraoui/profil/spieler/340456 https://www.transfermarkt.co.uk/aaron-wan-bissaka/profil/spieler/477758
  6. If there is a chance to get Aaron Wan Bissaka you should take it. His stock has increased exponentially. Should get a move to a top club soon enough and will be an England national team player.
  7. Anybody have any clue of what players from Hamburg will get rises at the end of season? Mangala, Bates, Van drongolen etc
  8. What do you think the potential of Mathias Olivera is? He plays for Getafe who have a love for Uruguayans (five in their twenty-three man squad), he is signed on a six year deal. Mathías Olivera (78 rated) Getafe Been involved in all of last six games ( 4x 90, 2 x subs 17 +19 mins). Played 15 games at Albacete (1268 mins) before being recalled in January. I think he can get a + a couple at end of season but do you think he will keep getting played as with Getafe possible Champions League qualifiers for next season his development could be decent if given the chances. He is relatively easy to pick up as I have only saw him already taken at one of my twelve clubs.
  9. Haha cheers. Had me scratching my head that over last two weeks not once but twice quoting me from four or five years ago and yeah only eleven posts.
  10. Why are you necroposting a message from five years ago lol. This is the second time in the last two weeks you have done it, I barely come on the forum now. Are you trolling me?
  11. cheers lads. And getting any on your list is impossible as everyone ha;f decent is taken in the full GW. EDIT: Do you think Teixeira MARCÃO will get a rise when Turkey is done. He has played six games there since his transfer in January. If he playes all games what kind of rise can you see?
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