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  1. A friendly match against division two Burnley tonight ended up with us going 1-0 down. Kostic was sent off in five minutes.
  2. Jaden Sancho will no doubt get a 90 in next review. He is only 88 not 89 tho.
  3. Second friendly of end of season ended up all square against Division 4 play off winners Colchester.
  4. On transfers you should try selling or releasing the lowest rated players if you can. If not try and sign two 86 or 87 rated players then try 89 or 90 and so forth until you can sign whatever rating you can. Good luck.

  5. I don't get to see enough of Fiorentina to be honest but the times I watched I thought he was at Rb. I mixed that with the stats and I noticed he has played 18 at RB and 10 at CB in Serie A this season. But good to know he will be utilized more as a CB as he plays that role quite competently for Serbia. Cheers.
  6. You have the rb/lb in wrong place. I like Militao but I feel he is more of a CB than a RB so I would chose Milenkovic. Chilwell is an easy choice over Shaw at left back for me. If it were for the attacking midfield right yep Sancho (I believe the hype lol). Piatek v Rodrygo is hard one to call as we are yet to see him venture out of his homeland but with him being five years younger than Piatek his potential seems the greatest.
  7. Usually this could be either: 1: The player you tried to sign is a high rated player and will not sign for your team until you increase the average rating of your team. Or 2. You included a player in the exchange that the external club did not deem worthy in the trade. So either you need to increase the average rating of your club by first buying a few mid to higher rated players that will sign for you. Or just bid cash instead of trying a player or player plus cash deal.
  8. With a balance of £405k Palace scouted around to try and add someone to the squad as we will be minus throughout the season (until tbs come off a couple of players in six weeks) with roughly £1.15M coming in and £1.5M going out per home/away match. Nassim Boujellab 19-73 300k The young Moroccan-German midfielder has just signed his first professional contract and has been involved in the last three Schalke games(11 mins, 79 mins, 81 mins). He also got 68 minutes in the cup quarter final. Before this he racked up 1639 minutes in the Oberliga Westfalen with nineteen games producing thirteen goals and three assists. Hopefully can get a run of games/minutes in the future.
  9. He is a great wee player but not ready for the jump to 89 yet, tbh I wouldn't even give him a +1 to 88 at end of season. I think he is fine at 87 the now.
  10. First game in charge friendly against Cambridge.
  11. W. Szczesny- Juve keeper will hopefully get a +1. F. Muller- Mainz keeper should get a +2. O. Kabak- Stuttgart youngster should get a +2. Hot prospect. K. Zouma- On loan Chelsea player at Everton. Played a full season should get +1. D. Da Costa- Frankfurt player should get a +1. F. Costic-On loan Hamburg player at Frankfurt having great season +1. M. Greenwood- Man United kid with great prospects. R. Cannon- Dallas player who will leave when tb is up. M. Dembele- Ex Celtic player having a great season at Lyon. +1 predicted. R, Alvardo- Don't know anything about him will probably leave after tb is up. S. Bergwin- Highest value player in the team, having awesome season at PSV. Can they keep him?
  12. Players who are already at the squad and staying :
  13. Jaime Mata 30-86 Has had a more than decent season for surprise Champions League contenders Getafe. He has banged in thirteen goals and six assists in his twenty-nine la Liga games this season and two goals in four Copa del Rey games. His exploits even earned him a cap for the Spanish NT. Nicknamed 'The Spanish Jamie Vardy'. Coming in as a back up striker for us as with his stats this season he should get a +1/+2 rise at seasons end.
  14. Theo Hernandez 21-87 Not sure what the future holds for Theo. He is on loan at Sociedad from Real Madrid. Has been involved in twenty-three La Liga games scoring one goal and two assists. Also has four Copa del Rey games. Whether he will ever wear the Real Madrid strip again is unknown. Decent back up left back for us this season.
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