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  1. Sessegnon , Augustin and Grealish to rise?
  2. Nah...but he is scoring a lot of goals.....
  3. https://www.mundodeportivo.com/futbol/fc-barcelona/20181005/452172506352/barca-koulibaly-napoles-braida.html Koulibaly at BarΓ§a? πŸ˜ƒ
  4. For me Havertz at least +1..but we never Know
  5. What about Maddison from Leicester? +1 Weston McKennie? +1 Thanks
  6. Thanks..I know there is no Magical tacticts...but thanks for your help.
  7. Hello Guys, Some help needed. There is this guy in my job place , that always wins everithing. And why? He has the best team. But he has that team because he gives real money to other managers if they sell him the best players- So,,,I would like to win him.Can you Advice Me how I can improve my chances? This is is his starting Eleven: Neuer 95 LICHTSTEINER 90 Miranda 92 D ,Luiz 90 MIlner 90 Busquets 95
  8. Wow.Do you want us to analyse all those teams?
  9. Should Dembele , Lyon player , raise to 88?
  10. Ruben Neves to join City in winter market?πŸ˜‰
  11. I will keep Koulibaly then. Thank You all
  12. Is it a bad Deal? Rugani is younger...and probably will sign for Chelsea. And PL has always good raises.
  13. Should I sell Koulibaly for 10.8M + Rugani?
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