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  1. Re: SUPERNAG - NDF's Criminally Underrated SoccerManager Players

    Oh dear.

    Yordan Hristov' date=' the man who has waited patiently for his massively long overdue rise has finally received it. Over 6000 minutes in the past 3 seasons in the league and 4 caps for Bulgaria since 2013.

    83?82? surely no lower than 81?....... yes he got +1 now taking him to a mighty 78

    It would of been better if they just didn't change it at all. Neglect feels slightly easier to deal with than utter incompetence.[/quote']

    Outrageous! Please wake up, SM!

    We are expecting more from a game that has been around for so many years!

  2. Re: Help With Deal(s) Thread...

    Can afford either Alba and Jerome Boateng from external but not both

    RBs: Cuadrado' date=' Grusskreutz

    CBs: Bonucci, Godin, Bender

    LB: Alaba, Grosskreutz

    Bender and Alaba are competing with Raktic, Ozil, James Rodriguez, Ibrahimovic for CM/AM spots.

    Hoping to be getting Busquets as well.

    So Alba or Boateng?[/quote']

    I would choose Boateng

  3. Re: Help With Deal(s) Thread...

    Ilkay Gündogan or Candreva + Cuadrado ?!


    Any reason why Kirchoff is not rated well?

    I know he is 23 and have yet to start regularly for Bayern' date=' but does he have any chance of a break through?[/quote']

    Don't see him breaking through just yet. With little game time, he is unlikely to rise, even if he is at a big club.

    Gundogan or Gonalons+Bernard Duarte


    Should I sell kompany?

    And if so who should I try and replace him with?

    Game world is pretty quite so easy to get players

    A cb for around 25m and a recommendation for a CD at around 15m would be very helpful!

    I would keep him.

    You can try Dante, Barzagli, Koscielny, Nastasic and Varane for CBs.

  4. Re: Help With Deal(s) Thread...

    Wilfried Bony or Philipp Wollscheid?

    If positions don't matter I would get Bony.

    Bony for me

    Lucho Gonzalez or Steven Defour?

    Defour definitely

    Should I swap zaha and sterling (me) for lukaku (him)?

    Will either zaha or sterling potentially be as good as lukaku will be?

    Help appreciated!

    Oh yes, I would do that deal for Lukaku :)

  5. Re: Help With Deal(s) Thread...

    Swap Gotze for Neymar? can either rise further?

    You won't go wrong with these 2. I would personally opt for Neymar due to the hype surrounding him. Furthermore, he has more minutes than Gotze this season.

    Automatic first choice for Brazilian NT as well, while Gotze has to fight for his place.

  6. Re: Carvajal or De Scigilo?

    i have both of these in my squad and lars bender is my main RB although i think he will lose that position soon.

    So who should i sell i was thinking Carva but just noticed he's been playing a lot for madrid this season and Milan are very very poor and Scigilo hasn't looked that impressive to me this year so should i shop him out?

    Yup, spot on. Sell De Sciglio :)

  7. Re: Help With Deal(s) Thread...

    Vela or Willian?


    I apologize because this is probably the 3rd time i've posted about a similar decision but I simply am stuck once again.

    I have the trio in each case and can either give:

    Tevez + Bernard + Meyer for Cavani


    Tevez + Bernard + Oliver Torres for Van Persie

    I play 4-3-3 wingers mostly and my other attackers are Diego Costa' date=' Vela, El Shaarawy and Benteke, my starting XI average is a bit over 90 so Tevez is the only definite starter of the ones i'm giving.

    My thought process so far is this:

    Van Persie is solid at his rating but has peaked now but will be higher rated than any of mine for quite a while still. Cavani is also solid at 94, has longer at a high rating than Van Persie due to being 3 years younger and could potentially rise again in the future. Both of them are likely to be key players for their national sides at the world cup.

    Tevez is doing well for Juve but isn't in the picture firmly for the world cup with Argentina and 93 is as high as he'll probably be from now on.

    Bernard is a nice talent and 90/91 is possible at Shakhtar eventually if he plays well and can make a decent impact for Brazil but he won't rise very fast as he might were he to move to e.g. a top premier league side and impress there.

    Meyer is a big talent for his age and already a regular for Schalke, he could be 86 by the end of the season and maybe 88/89+ in a year or so and potentially one of the best youth on SM if he can continue to perform well at the top level.

    Oliver has a job to break into the Atletico first team but has good talent and can rise more over the coming season(s) even if he struggles to seriously break through for a while.

    Would you do either of these and why? Sorry again for repetition and for the long post but I think it will be case closed after this. Thanks.[/quote']

    I would prefer that you keep your players. You're giving too much for Cavani/Van Persie in either situation. If anything, Tevez is likelier to get 94 than Cavani/Van Persie while Bernard, Meyer and Torres are highly rated prospects.

    I will take Willian

    Lahm for Alaba straight swap' date=' yay or nay?[/quote']

    Alaba, younger and likely to rise. Yay if you're getting Alaba but only just.

  8. Re: Help With Deal(s) Thread...

    I am playing 5-3-2 3cbs. In back I have 2 fullbacks Piscz and Lahm (traded for Subotic) in middle of that two is Papa. I am getting Schaar from Basel. Now I am taking Ozil bcs I dont see Mats rising anytime soon he is injured for now he have quality but M.O. have bigger chance for rising and I think can do better deal for him in future then with Mats.

    It is down to you. As I see it, if you can replace Papadopoulos who is 89 with a 93-rated CB, you probably should get Hummels instead. That being said, you have to take into consideration the current strength of your midfield and decide how Ozil will add to that.

    In all honesty, I think Ozil may stay 94 for awhile and will only increase if Arsenal remain top of the league closer to May next year. Still the decision goes to you. :)

  9. Re: Help With Deal(s) Thread...

    My Mats Hummels + 7.5m. or Mesut Ozil ? Now I am short in back I understand Mats is one of best defenders but Ozil is one of best in world' date=' what to do ??[/quote']

    I would base my decision on who you need more in your squad. Since you are short at the back go for Hummels although he is unlikely to reach the dizzy heights of 94/95 for defenders any time soon. :P

    Edit: How thin are you at the back?

  10. Re: Help With Deal(s) Thread...

    Got a choice between Leandro Damiao or Doria and 6.6m

    I do have a need for both players' date=' but can only go for 1 of them. Damiao would get into my first team straight away (ahead of Kleber), but I do also need a long-term option at CB. Based on immediate need, Damiao seems like the obvious choice but I'm a little bit uncertain about his lack of goals and lack of involvement with the Brazil squad. The average rating of my team would stay the same with either player. I would probably prefer whichever player's likely to move to Europe first, but I know Doria's just signed a new contract so not sure whether that'll be soon with him either. The 6.6m probably could be used to fill a couple of other gaps in the not too distant future. Which side would people prefer?

    Whilst I'm asking, because another manager is still bugging me about this, would people prefer Neymar or Rooney & Aubameyang? I've decided to stick with Neymar because I really don't like Rooney, but just interested to see if it is as unbelievable a deal as the other manager is making out.

    Thanks in advance![/quote']

    Go with Doria on the first deal. Brighter future and great talent.

    I would go with Neymar as well on the second. Unless both Rooney and Aubameyang start for you, Neymar is definitely the choice to go. He's doing really well and a future world beater. :)

    Schurrle OR Rabiot+Schar+15m?

    Schurrle - has a good rating at a young age. Rabiot and Schar still has some way to go. The only qualm I have is Schurrle's game time at Chelsea but he is still the way to go.

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