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  1. Re: Courtois or welbeck I would definitely pick Courtois if I were in your situation. Courtois is gonna rise to 90 in the coming review and might rise more thereafter. De Gea isn't fantastic at United thus far. Courtois has a very good chance to rise above De Gea in the near future. Furthermore, looking at your squad, you definitely do not need Welbeck in it. Of course, you can wait for him to rise before selling him. I reckon he will get a +1.
  2. Re: Danny Welbeck Yes, it is certain he will get a +1.
  3. Re: Thibaut Courtois He will get a +2!
  4. Re: Dzeko or Lavezzi? I would personally get Dzeko. He is currently doing pretty well for City. He has a better chance of rising in my opinion.
  5. Re: Neven Subotic Many people, including myself, were expecting a rise for Subotic during the recent review. Definitely get him if you can. He will be useful in any team. As a centre-back, he is considered young at 24. He has a long and promising career still ahead of him. Indeed, he has had some shaky performances this season but you will expect that from any young player. He isn't scathing like Pepe or Vidic but more of silky and good on the ball. He has shown his ability to play at the highest levels, no doubt. He will definitely rise above his current rating very soon.
  6. Re: +22 rating. Is this a record?
  7. Re: Kwadwo Asamoah and Alexis Sanchez for My Marco Reus? I like young, exciting prospects in my team. For that reason, I would keep Reus. He can possibly reach 93/94 very soon. Kwadwo Asamoah and Alexis Sanchez aren't bad players but I just can't see them rise as much and as quickly as Reus. And since Reus is doing a good job for your team in your game world, I suggest you keep for now!
  8. Re: Help With Deal(s) Thread... Firstly, you have to ask yourself a few questions. Does Moutinho start for you? How much will Higuain improve your team by? As it seems, you are compensating depth for a solid 94-rated player. If depth is important to you, keep the duo. If you have enough cover for the loss of Moutinho, then do the deal. All in all, the deal seems a fair one.
  9. Re: Help With Deal(s) Thread... Trade away Huntelaar! I'd pick Cabella.
  10. Re: Poor mans Pride M/R Transfer News and Banter Thread US LUZENAC US Luzenac, or Union Sportive de Luzenac, looks forward to the beginning of the season in Div.2 of "Poor Man's Pride". Newly appointed manager, Terence Tan, gave his views to the local media on the beckoning season which kicks off in less than 5 days time. "Everyone starts on a leveled playing feel. Competition will be great but I am indeed happy and privileged to lead this club. I will see to it that US Luzenac grow from strength to strength as long as I am here." The manager has also reiterated that his recent appointment will be the toughest task he has undertaken to date. Yet, he holds a firm belief that the talent he has brought in will make his job easier. "It will be a long and hard process. We've got our work cut out for us. SM has been surprising us with sudden player rating changes. I'll just have to hope this will throw everyone off-guard just like it did to me," he joked. Having brought in many young starlets, US Luzenac will pose a threat to many teams in Div. 2. The locals are getting behind the team like never before. Even the common man in Luzenac believes that promotion is within their reach as new blood flows into the team. The entire town has their hopes cast on the likes of Carl Jenkinson, Luke Shaw and Francisco Portillo. This tiny town in southwestern France has been buzzing with excitement recently, we will see if the buzz fades or grows at season's end.
  11. Re: Help With Deal(s) Thread... In my opinion, yes. Jackson Martinez has a chance of getting 90 in the near future. Possibly by the end of the season even. If you are that desperate for Willian and if he starts for you, I would say why not? Though he needs to move to a bigger club to get a rise in my opinion.
  12. Re: Just swapped Robben for Silva + squad advice Yes, it is definitely good that you have Silva instead of Robben. Your first XI looks good with the exception of Evra who is waning in his career at United. No doubt, he is having a good run of form this season but I am unsure if he can keep it up for the next. I see Badstuber as a replacement for Evra when the latter eventually fades away. Those in BOLD, you really have to get rid off soon. Together with Ramsey, you may also want to consider trading away Llorente and M'vila for brighter prospects. Llorente just can't get a move to a bigger club and is struggling to make it big. He is, however, your best substitute striker. So, approach with caution. M'vila is finalising his move to QPR. I don't see him rising in the near future. I may be wrong about this though. Again, a more risky move.
  13. Re: Help With Deal(s) Thread... Van Wolfswinkel for me as well.
  14. Re: Help With Deal(s) Thread... Bear in mind' date=' Hernandez has a good chance of rising to 91. You may want to think twice about selling him so soon. Yes, whatever floats your boat! I am happy enough to see my team win as well. Continue to build on your squad.
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