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  1. Jackson Martinez surely drop and Frank Acheampong may keep imo
  2. Matteo Guendouzi Phil Foden biggest finding this season
  3. which of the following team has the best setup?
  4. Muller is droping but still Muller imo
  5. more and more players become unhappy as a result of lack of games than before. that's why?
  6. right. rates based on statistic often cheats us
  7. Will SM make a update base on the World Cup 2008?
  8. should be 90 next time at least can't believe that he is an English Goalkeeper
  9. Messi dropped from 80M to 60M after Argentina eliminated.
  10. Walker is English and play in EPL and finished No.3 and get 6 points in 2 matches in WC Group G.
  11. that SM can't accept a turth: la liga is stronger than EPL in competition.
  12. right, everyone knows that Oblak is more steady than de Gea. If DDG 95, Oblak worth a 96.
  13. Another important reason why Argentina is on the verge of football is the corruption of the Football Association.
  14. The competitions that Switzerland participated in were all taken care of by the referees. Northern Ireland, Brazil and Serbia were all their victims, because FIFA President Infantino was Swiss.
  15. Because Iran was sanctioned, SM implemented the US ban without updating them.
  16. Nueur De Gea Courtois Alisson ter Stegen Oblak Navas Who is the best?
  17. aha no more change on Serial A, too much unfair ratings and the update staff is so innocent.
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