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  1. 32 minutes ago, TMNT said:

    I had Gumny +6 to 83 Szymanski +6 to 82 so I was very happy with that Poland update. It was especially helpful in my scouting league where I can only sign players rated up to 80... Gumny's my new starting full back & he can play both flanks. 



    in fact just earn a little

  2. 1 hour ago, Floodstreet2017 said:

    Agreed. No way Kyle Walker should be same rating. Apart from Man City there hasn’t been a great team in England for a few years.

    Some teams have managed it on a one off basis. 

    Carvajal maybe should have had it before but for me not better than Kimmich. Also not sure why Alaba is 93 and rated above these players.

    The ratings are a mess. No consistency or logic behind a lot when you compare abilities of the players.

    Walker is English and play in EPL and finished No.3 and get 6 points in 2 matches in WC Group G.

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