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  1. 🇯🇵 is too weak to overcome 10 men 🇨🇴..
  2. Ozil hard to drop as a result of massive of fans, Buffon is the same.
  3. both should be rise, Oblak is far better than Buffon now, but Buffon only -1.
  4. both of them perform perfectly. I mean he was dragged by Milan. no drug sorry.
  5. only 1 season but best defender of serial a now, the key point is top level
  6. hope you still keep Skriniar, have told you he better than Sule. Skriniar Will get 94 in the future, but Sule Will never
  7. Skriniar is better than Sule. so defo no.
  8. hi mates, is SM available for you all now? I can't log in for hours.
  9. bigger? "Club No.4" even not the No.4 for 2 years
  10. yeah, i hope them change before match start🐾
  11. I have an important match tonight and I have Salah and Mane in my squad, could they just updated timely?
  12. definitely MAXI GOMEZ has proved himself in La Liga already
  13. poor predictions, less than half correct
  14. 5 teams updated, maybe they pick up drugs today
  15. Terrier get a +6 to 86 when he is just a rotation for strasbourg.
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