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  1. Marius Wolf droped from 7m to 6m before i sold him🙆‍♂️
  2. maybe as a result of the poor performance of HSV 84 or 85 is properly imo
  3. Will the Big Three of Liverpool (all 92 now) have a rise? Salah to 94? Mane to 93? Firmino to 93?
  4. aha you are right. but meanwhile wingers of Portugal are too strong. Rony is the future.
  5. it was so slow but which is the next league? EPL?
  6. Bailey is updated to 89 at 16M, will him rise to 20M in a few days?
  7. it's just the coach's choice, like nainggolan in belgian
  8. Rony the best player of ASM this season
  9. Hi mate are you still in this GW?
  10. i want to choose FC Paris but unavailable, while the club is promote to L2 for 1 year already.
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