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  1. i have been offered welbeck and oxladechamberlin and 34 mill for bale,i have alba and a 92 left back,also nani hulk and milner,both could be big espesc oxlade chamberlin.help
  2. Help i have enough money for either jones or vidal,my def is old mostly over 33 with 3 over 35,but all in the 91+,jones will rise to 90 poss 91 and is 19,vidal only 5 years older already a 91 but a poss 93,this is a call i need help please.
  3. i have been asked if i will swap ribery for coentrao and hazerd,i have said yes as i think hazerd as the poten to get up the rankings and i have robben and ronaldo what do you think.
  4. should i swap alex(chelsea) for gotze alex should keep his 91 i have just enough defenders to cover i have terry luiz kjaer abidal then cole maicon santon youth flanagan gordon midfield already have essian mikel malouda do jong lampard modric and valencia help
  5. i have carrick i know he is a 92 and pastore is a 90 but has pastore got the chance of going higher than carrick,it would be a straight swap,should i do it
  6. Re: van der sar and chillini 4 casillas wanted 10 mill a s well which my board wont go for so im hopping he will go for chillini plus 10 or even better chillini and van
  7. i have van der sar but my back up are monzon and delac,with van retiring i need a keeper,i put in 4 casillas with robben and van but he has come back with chillini and van 4 casillas,i have vidic kjaer silva lescot and chygrynsky,youth i have raphel and rakytskiy,there is no body else i want de ge and hart but they wont allow me to put abig enough bid in.help
  8. giggs has a season left i think ,i can swap kross or keita or if theres any one else that you can recomend apart from the big names,should i swap i have 4 good wingers so he is surples
  9. i can sell giggs {swap}for either kross,ranocchia,elia for youth or keita at barc,i have ribery,ronaldo,nani and other star players everywhere,should i sell giggs 1 more season left i think shall i cash in now,help
  10. i can swap van der sar and giggs for either mata or hazerd,van is retiring and giggs has only a year left i would say what should i do
  11. I have 7 mill need to build up the size of my squad,i have just left wba for man u in my division but they are short,i have the choice either rodwell or casnos and thiago should i go for the 2 or rodwell,i also have bought hart as van der sar will be retiring so should i swap van der and oshea for either suarz,balotelli or lukaku as i only have messi and rooney as forwards.please help
  12. shoul i swap gourcuff for pato,pato coming to me. i have diarra melo hamisk in the centre i have good wingers. up front i have higuan di natilia and fabio all 93 but thats it then all 70s teenagers good prospects. help
  13. a manager offerd me 25 mill robinho and kompany,it went threw i have managed to get on free adaybour {sorry about the spelling} huddleston,nani and bought canales for 7mill.did i do the right thing or was i wrong to let him go
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