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  1. Who would you stay with from nick pope, nübel, dragowski and e. martinez? These are my best goalkeepers. But I can't stay with all of them because of concerns (two is still manageable). You can consider long term potential also.
  2. For the second point, as I said, it COULD be not realistic for SOME 90 players being as good or better than a 95 player. It depends a lot on how easy it will be for a player to get the +5 rating. If it as easy for any player, regardless of his age, current rating, recent rating changes to get a +5 it could be not so realistic. But of course, it is not always the case. For example, is not so impossible for a 20 year old 90 rated João Felix to grow within the game in one or two seasons get to a 93~95. But I don't think that as was already said it is so possible or even fair for a 33 year old
  3. I think, at least from what I read and think myself, is not the flexible rating itself. But it is about how it will be implemented. Because depending on how it is done not only it could not be good, but it could ruin an aspect of the game that a lot of people like that is the real world determining the ratings. As for your points on why it is good the flexible rating. At least from what I understand three of them could be fixed only by making more clear on what and how much form, concern and morale influence on the game. It is not necessary to change the rating to determine this. And other
  4. Thanks. These changes in current rating will be fixed or dinamic? Meaning, it will be as easy for a 93 player to go up(or down) a rating as a 85? And will they occur in fixed times of a season like current concerns (rounds 12, 24 and 36) or can they happen at any given moment?
  5. Very interesting to see the game being updated after quite sometime. Some of these changes are more then welcomed. Hope that they are properly thought through and tested. But as some already said, and I also play the game for the some time, I've a few questions over some of these changes: How would the flexible rating work in case of the player being sold? He'll be back to his base rating? Or maintain his current rating? And if his base rating changes will his current rating improve accordingly? As these things could change a lot on how much the real world influences on the game. The same c
  6. Oyarzabal, Pepé or Coman? Would you stay with any of these? Or none of them. It could be more than one. They are not my first team pick.
  7. Would you sell any of these Pépé, Coman and Pulisic (considering they're not your best options on the team). And if so who would you sell?
  8. If you need more a DC I'd go for Gomez, especially as he covers all 3 positions at the back. But Pavard is also a good position even more for a right fullback.
  9. Any chance of Mahrez getting a +1? He's having a very good season for now. 11 assists and 9 goals in pl. I know that being 29 he probably won't grow much. But maybe one increase more.
  10. Thanks. And I'm sorry, but right after posting the question I received a counter offer from the other player. So I had to edit, also because of the confusion about pereira.
  11. I'm sorry, by pereira I meant ricardo pereira. And which would you prefer kamara or konate?
  12. Would you buy Pavard + Kamara or Konate for ricardo pereira + harvey elliott?
  13. My bad, i mistyped, I meant brandt (borussia).
  14. Arthur or Brant? Regardless of position. Only potential in short(next review) to mid term. And Diego Carlos or Caleta-Car?
  15. Will the big 5 leagues get their review "normally"? I mean in terms of when they are getting reviewed not necessarily the reviews themselves as we have a exceptional situation. And do you think Nübel should get an increase? 89 maybe? One more thing there has been any change recently in how the concerns are computed? Because I'm getting a lot of players who play fairly frequently growing in concerns. Even Nübel which is 88 and played almost half the games has grown in concerns. If not is there any post here with the rules on how they are computed?
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