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  1. What is the chance of City's Mendy of increasing in rating? Would you swap Gaya for him?
  2. Don't think it will be solved so quickly. It envolves debts that the team has with the player, the former club of the player and the agent of the player. It already has a legal action so this things, unless some agreement is made, tend to prolong in Brazil. And I don't think that Cruzeiro will simply let the player go to its rival so easily. So I'd be on look to see how the situation develops. Because it could be detrimental to his career stay the way as it's now as he could not leave and not be played because of the sue to the club.
  3. He's a good player. And probably will develop a lot if he has more chances and game time. But you've to know that after Cruzeiro got relegated and had a lot of troubles concerning debts and the director's board the team is changing a lot. A lot of players are leaving and he may or not stay there so his development may be postponed depending on where he goes to. This applies to others players there. Some like him even are suing the team and may leave through legal actions.
  4. Would you trade Hakimi(mine) for O. Dembele or Pavard? And for both? Consider that both fullbacks and wingers are equally needed. So don't need to consider positions. Only the players themselves and their prospect. I was considering both, but as Dembele is not playing well at Barcelona I have my doubts.
  5. Thanks for the opinion. I've not made my mind even though It could like it. I'm sorry if i didn't express myself properly. I was just laying the ground and showing my opinion on some of the players as I've not seen the same amount of games for all of them. But I'm more than willing to change my mind with more opinions. That's why I was asking.
  6. If you had to pick at most 4 out of Richarlison, M. Gomez, T. Hazard, M. Dembele, Everton S. and Gabriel Barbosa. Who would you pick? My impressions from some of the numbers and games that I see: Everton could be getting a transfer really soon so maybe hold on to him would be good. Gabriel Barbosa had an amazing season at Flamengo, but of course the disparity between teams was too big. From what I can see Dembele is having a good season and T. Harzard is handling well at a irregular Dortmund. Don't see much of Gomez but doesn't seem to be having a good season, at least from what was expected. And Richarlison despite not being bad, Everton is not as great now and he doesn't improve much. Always is scoring some goals but doesn't look to improve his numbers(at least from what I see). I also have T. Abraham but I'm expecting him to improve more. Please, do consider both short to mid term as they will not be my first choice now. Is just that I need to sell some of them to avoid concerns.
  7. Between Pepé, Fekir and Insigne if you had to buy two of them which would you buy?
  8. Yeah, I do think he's a good player. But as he has been quite irregular for Barcelona that's my worry. And he's the only decent 91 player available, I don't think there are decent 90 available either, but I'll check again. And I don't need him exactly, like I said I've Pepe, Ziyech, Thauvin and as substitures: Brozovic, Everton, Bruno Fernandes, Richarlison, Maxi Gomez and Thorgan Harzard. But It would not be bad having another player, my doubt is only because I don't know if he'll rise in the future or even maintain his rating for a long time if he continues having problems in and out of the field and as I'll be spending a lot of money on him... But thanks for the answer.
  9. Has Barcelona's Dembele any chance of rising in the near future? Because he's available in one of my gameworlds, but a lot of teams will compete for him, so If I do buy him I'll be spending a lot of money on him. At my starting team I've Pepe, Ziyech and Thauvin as of now. As much as he as good as them now(at least in rating), I now that he is not so regular at Barcelona and didn't achieve what was assumed of him when at Dortmund...
  10. If you could pick two of the following Tolisso, Brozovic, Torreira and Barella who would you stay with considering that they will be your second/third option so it can be considering both potential and current rating?
  11. I got gaya, but now Hysaj is linked to a possible move to Tottenham if he indeed goes to Tottenham and Trippier is at Atletico de Madrid. I have them both, but they are my third choice. I've to sell one of them, which of them would you stay with? Trippier does look the better of both, but he's older and hysaj plays at both sides, so I don't know... Or would you sell both? I was thinking of it, but I began to question this with the change of teams that could be good for both.
  12. Yeah, that is what I was thinking. The question is if he'll stay at OM, as I think if he does so he probably won't increase in rating unless OM has a very good season, but it is just a guess... But Immobile doesn't seem to improve a lot either even making a lot of goals these past seasons.
  13. Well, for the last three seasons he has seen a lot of game time there in a napoli that was doing well in serie A. Besides that he had some good games and some good stats for a while. But I agree that he has declined recently, besides I just thought that he was gonna get better than 90, not that he was going to be one of best. Those that you've recommended are already taken(by me or others), but thanks for the input. Thanks I'll try, there probably will be some competition for gaya anyways. And about other available besides thauvin there is not much, all the others are below his level or are taken, that's why I asked about him.
  14. He did accept it(Ndombele + Pepe for Sancho) we had to rearrange the offers as it passed the limit but in the end it all worked out. Thank you for the opinions. Now anybody has any input on Gaya? I have mendy(from real) and hysaj as my left backs now and I was hoping that hysaj increases the last two reviews but he doesn't so I don't know if my hopes are too high. And gaya as much as he played well for valencia last season his stats are not that great if i'm not mistaken. And about thauvin? he had great stats the last two seasons but I don't think he'll grow too much if he continues at OM. But as I don't see much of Ligue 1 I don't know much about him. And I don't see news about him going to other places. Is he worth it? If I do buy him I would have to sell someone maybe T. Hazard, Brozovic or Ziyech or even Immobile as he's already getting older and at Lazio probably won't increase more...
  15. Thank you all for the answers. He does allow two players for Sancho, but now he somehow doesn't want to exchange Havertz anymore, I'm still trying to convince him, but he doesn't seem to change his mind. So theoretically I could exchange Pepe as you all suggested and some other player from that list. What you all think? Is still worth it? Some of you recommended exchanging only pepe for him, do you really think that he's that good? And which player more from that list would you prefer if I don't convince him of Havertz? Or just pepe? And as some asked I don't need a position preferably a midfielder or a winger are both good and considering that I could get both that worry is not so relevant. For me what matters more is potential mid to longer term.
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