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  1. Yeah, sorry, I forgot to specify. Rodrigo Moreno. Who would be your 5th?
  2. If you can choose 4~5 of the following options: Suso, Mahrez, Mertens, Moreno, Douglas Costa, Depay, M. Gomez, Thorgan Hazard, Martial, G. Martins, Bernadeschi, Brozovic, F. Anderson and Götze. Which players would you pick? Consider both short and mid-term (so you do not want to get all of them with 90 rating because you need some good players now, but you do not want all with the highest rating because they could be old or probably decreasing in rating in the next or after that review).
  3. If you had to buy one: Rodrigo Moreno or Morata, who would you all buy? I had Moreno, but he was playing badly a few months ago. Morata also wasn't playing too much at Chelsea. But since morata went to atletico madrid looks like both of them started getting a little better, not very much tough but considering my options they aren't the worse ones. I think that morata at atletico has more room to improve, but I'm not sure. What you all think?
  4. If you have a player with a 89 rating and his worry level is still low(1~2). Loaning him will make his worry level decrease? I don't mind it increasing again after because he's currently on loan. As long as it decreases in the short term. That's because I don't want to sell him, but he does not have enough rating to be a first team player and I didn't loan him before because I didn't receive offers.
  5. If you had to buy a goalkeeper 89 or below who would you buy? If possible list more than one name, as he may be already bought. Not necessarily with the best rating, you can consider the possible mid to long term growth.
  6. Thank you. Anyone has other ideas about selling both, none or one between Vecino and Gagliardini and why? And on the same topic, sell both, none or just one between Zouma and Maguire? Thanks for any answers
  7. Thank you all for the answers on choosing two between Rodri, allan, vecino and gagliardini. I thought that would probably be the answer but just to be sure I asked. Now one question that I'm more unsure. Considering that I already have 4 good miedfielders around that position. If you had Gagliardini and Vecino would you sell both, none or one of them? Why? I was thinking about selling one of them, but I don't know which. Because I don't think that Vecino will improve much more and he is older than Gagliardini, but the latter is receiving less chances than the former. So I don't know if any of them will receive much improvement on the short time. Considering the age, I was thinking of selling vecino and keeping gagliardini for now. But I don't know if gagliardini will improve much...
  8. If any of you had to choose two between: Gagliardini, Rodri Hernandez, Allan, Vecino which would you all choose?
  9. Does anybody know or has some guess on when the Brazilian league should be reviewed?
  10. Interesting to know that changing this would have this kind of effect, but I use this tackle style more often than not. I don't see why changing this would have this effect though(if it really is the case). Didn't know that these kind of injuries were so common. I was used to 3~5 week injuries, at least to some degree, but having so much of them and even these long ones(8+ weeks) wasn't the norm(I didn't even knew that there was injuries more than 7~8 weeks). At least for me they apparently have become every season more frequent and long just recently(last 3~4 seasons)
  11. Yep. I was completely shocked, literally just bought the player(Kanté), he was 100% on condition and played a normal game at normal tackling style. This team already had two players injured and another team of mine has 3 players injured all of them with 3 to 4 week injury. It's starting to be somewhat troublesome... Again, I know that it's off topic and I'm sorry for bringing this up here, but didn't know where to post this and I wanted to know if it's only me...
  12. I know that it's off topic, but to me It's a little unprecedented and don't where to ask this, anyone of you are having some troubles with injuries? I know that they happen, but at least for me they're becoming more frequent and absurd. Today I have a player with a 12 week injury(the same team has two players with 4 week injury) he was completely fit and I played at normal tackle style...
  13. That I can remember: Eder Militão from São Paulo, was linked to some offers from various teams around Europe. Didn't see much of him, but people are always talking about him. Bremer from Atletico Mineiro is a very good defender, he's strong and fast and has an above average stats(like interceptions) for his position. Linked to some offers from Roma. Zeca from Internacional is a good right/left back, he played at 2016 olympics. He started very well at Santos, but had some problems with the fans, some critics and other things, but since his negotiation towards internacional, he got back on his feet and is one of the best players at his position on Brazil, if nothing bad/different happens again and he keeps playing like that he could go to a good european team. Murilo from Cruzeiro is a very good defender, started playing at the first team just last year and today he's already one of the best players from Cruzeiro. He was linked to some offers from Porto. Maycon from Corinthians, as much as he's a mid fielder he played a lot of games as a left back, he's going to Shakhtar this month I think. About Juninho had a good start at Coritiba. Sold to Palmeiras, didn't have too much opportunities there and when he had chances he didn't take it. Now he was loaned to Atlético Mineiro and is starting to have opportunities, so I don't think that you should buy him for now, because it'll depend a lot on how many chances he'll have to play there and if he'll play well again. If I may add one player that is not at Brazil anymore: Dodô. He's young(19 yo), played very well at Coritiba last year and was already bought by Shakhtar, don't know if he's going to have many chances there, but some people commented that he was a good defender before he was sold and as he's very young and shakhtar tends to do some good deals I think that he maybe will be a good right back. There are others that are playing well, but none that I can remember that are young, good players and are linked to offers from European teams right now.
  14. Thank you. About Paulinho, yes, I've seen some games of him in the carioca and also at Libertadores. You're right about him not having played at the Serie A, as I've said on the previous post he suffered an injury and is recovering still.
  15. About Murilo, from what I know, he started playing at the first team last year and played very well. This season he's pretty stable on the first team and was linked to some offers from Porto I think, but I'll be surprised if he doesn't go to a medium/big team until the end of the year. Good defender and still young. Would keep medium term at least. About Verissimo I don't know much about him honestly, but I've seen some people talking good about him and from what the media here says he has some offers from Torino and other teams, but I don't know. Maybe wait a little to see if his negotiations go through. Maycon was a pretty consistent player last year from Corinthians and was bought by Shakhtar. He is a good mid fielder and can play also at the left back, as I've said on previously post Shakhtar tends to buy good brazilian players and sell them 5x their value after, so I'd keep a eye on him, but depends a lot on how much you're able to wait, because as a defender he tends not to appear much. About Sander, I really didn't heard anything from him. Didn't actually know him and as 27 yo, I don't think you should keep him. Maybe, he could be a good player, but I really doubt it, because of his age, the team that he plays and not having heard of him before, I think it's not a good sign. Paulinho and Melo are great players. Paulinho as I said(yes, I was talking about Filho Paulinho that was sold to Leverkusen, not the one from Barcelona kk). He was one of the three best young players this semester at Brazil, he, Vinicius Jr and Rodrygo were very good this season, I'd say that Paulinho was even better, not because of what he did but considering that the team that he's at is not so good and yet he was a great player, suffered a injury, but I'd keep a eye on him. At leverkusen he can be a very good player. Definitely keep him. Arthur Melo as I said is one of the best mid fielders from Brazil, I don't know why Tite hasn't called him for National squad, that's how good he is. Linked to offers from Barcelona. Definitely keep him. Wendel was a good player from Fluminense, had some upps and downs, but I do think he's a good player. As far as I know after going to Sporting he didn't have too much opportunities, but I'd keep him at least until next season in order to see if he's going to have more game time. Gabriel Girotto was good last year on Corinthians, I don't remember him having offers from europe recently and I don't think that he played enough to go to a big team there for now, I think he's a good player and but considering the level of Brazil's league. Wouldn't buy him back, at least for now, if for some reason he begins to be linked to some european teams then you could try, but I don't think that he has earned a spot there yet. Maybe for a minor/medium club, but I don't see him going to a medium team and then going to a big european team. I think that's what I can say for now, I think I got everyone covered without going into too much details, about stats and all. I don't know much about the Brazil's national league thread, I didn't use the forum until just recently even though I played SM for almost 10 years now. But I saw this thread and thought that I could contribute with something, not much but something.
  16. That depends a lot on what you mean by "big", because there is a range of good players on Brazil. If you mean big, like stars or something, as of now these 3 are the ones that are shining the most, a lot because of how they're playing considering their age. But there are a few players that wouldn't surprise me if they play in major teams on a not so distant future: Pedrinho from corinthians is a promising player, he's not exploding like the others but has been playing well there and he is still young. Maycon has been bought by Shakhtar donetsk and they tend to buy good brazilians and sell them 5x their initial value. From Grêmio Arthur, i think, is probably a very interesting player, has been linked to some offers from barcelona, many don't know why Tite hasn't called him for the national squad. Luan I don't know why he wasn't bought by some big european team, ok, he's not a player that makes too many goals, but was good at the olympics, was considered one of the best from south america last year... Atlético Mineiro, I'd say gustavo blanco, he's not too young, but has had a great year, one of the best defensive midfielders from brazil's national league and is one of the players with more assists. Also Roger Guedes depending on which club buys him, he's the league's biggest scorer and has been linked to transfers from arabia and shakhtar donetsk, started with some ups and downs since last year, but it looks like he has finally playing consistently. Cazares from Atlético Mineiro and Arrascaeta from Cruzeiro are constantly linked to offers from europeans teams. But these ones I don't know how "big" they're going to be, because they're not so young anymore. But if they play what people think they're capable of playing at a consistent rate at some european team, they'll get at a big team not so long from now. The first is linked to some offer from Porto and the second one from Monaco I think. Again, that depends a lot on how much you mean by big and how much you're able to wait in order for them to get to big clubs, but that's what I can say for now I think. There are others but they're not the standout right now at least I think.
  17. Vinicius Júnior is only getting better. Last year was still too shy and too "hidden" on games, but it was normal because of his age, playing on a big club from Brazil and all. This season he has constantly been one of the best players of the team. Decided a lot of games for Flamengo even some important ones from Libertadores. Of course he's not at a incredible level because of his age, experience. If I were Madrid I'd let him there until the end of the year in order for him to gain experience and mature. Because at madrid he probably will be a reserve next season(unless he gets much better in short time), so I think it's better for him to stay more. But yeah, probably will be a star. Another one that is only growing. He wasn't so called by the media, because VJR already had a offer from Madrid. But this season he has been great. He still has to learn a lot and get experience. But him, with Vinicius Jr and Paulinho are probably the biggest names from Brazil right now. Even though they're still young. From what I could see his greatest skill is his shoot, scoring a lot of goals(at least considering that he's a 17 yo).
  18. It's hard to predict how good they'll be in the coming seasons. Gotze if it weren't for his health problems could get back to a good level in a not so distant future. Philipp played well on the start of the season, but then suffered some injuries and didn't played well since, but he's another one that can play well(don't see him getting more than 92 in the next two seasons unless he has some great seasons from now, that is difficult to predict). Vestergaard I think that you could sell without any "risk". About buying I'd say that Neres, Kluivert, Wolf(more because borussia tends to find good attackers), Solanke are good investments, the first and second more than all of the list IMHO.
  19. Even though Burki has made some mistakes. I don't think that he deserves to drop a rating. In most of borussia games he was one of the best players avoiding higher scores and defeats. It's not him to be blamed that the team was pretty inconsistent during the season.
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