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    Troianos77 reacted to -JMH- in SM Worlds Reboot   
    @Steven Paul @chris16
    Great to hear of the news of some long overdue updates to SM Worlds
    As a long suffering 10+ years player, i don't think radical overhauls are needed, I'm not sure about -/+5 fluctuating ratings. 
    Maybe a +/- 1  would be more appropriate
    The thing that makes SM Worlds unique is the relation to real world time ratings to players, and is one of the main reasons i enjoy SM
    Many of the features mentioned look great, some glaring things i can absolutely get on board with regarding the Concerns system, Squad sizes, Finances and Cheating. They are my priority.
    Concerns & Morale need a much bigger role in players ability, i would also like to see a chairman step in to raise cash if the club is in big debt by bad management. 
    Like the idea of hidden attributes like captains, penalty taking, free kick specialist as they have zero relevance in the current tactic board/ match engine.
    Cheating - desperately needs an overhaul. Its rampant in the big popular GWs i play. Sure its a process to stop/reverse transfers, but we need to be able to kick managers far sooner, also to stop them changing usernames/IDs and just re-joining.
    Prehaps the top 10 Ranked managers - so the longest term, most reliable - ranked managers in the GW get some powers to remove managers, able to create poll to allow a vote? Or a vote to allow a new Gameworld Owner, who has control much alike a Custom GW ( if the GW owner is long gone like most public open GWs)
    Any way i can contact someone though these message boards to investigate? 
    A massive gripe is the New Player list as well, it just dumbs down the whole transfer market. Either do away with it/hide it/ or make all new players unobtainable for a 10 week period. There is a huge glitch with player values changing over night making new players only available to those on a specific timezone and a specific window when the value changes and bids get accepted. The same folk can just 'camp' out for changing bids at the last minute. Its not a field playing field.
    Make scouting players manually great again! There is zero reward for going out and finding players in real time , adding them to Soccerwiki, as they all end up on a public list and you just play off against the same managers who actively just hoover players up from the list. 
    Player Values used to be a great tool for smaller clubs many years ago when the algorithm placed a value on them to the worth of your squad, not a generic value. It was vital for a small club as it helped generate funds from scouting as you are up against the dreaded 3 turn weeks, paying 3 lots of wages, whilst the Division 1 clubs had the standard 2 turns. The gulf is too great financially to build clubs outside Division 1 in big competitive Gameworlds. It would also massively stimulate markets if you got a greater reward for a ratings rise. As your First XI average improved, you lose the inflated value. In theory progress is rewarded in team building as you go up the leagues
    I have a whole bunch of ideas if input is still sort, and absolutely be interested in playing a Beta
    I wouldn't be to keen to see a rushed in Match day experiences or developing a training/club facility aspect until later on, as i would just go and play SM21 for that
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    Troianos77 got a reaction from Nameless in SM Worlds Reboot   
    I think, at least from what I read and think myself, is not the flexible rating itself. But it is about how it will be implemented. Because depending on how it is done not only it could not be good, but it could ruin an aspect of the game that a lot of people like that is the real world determining the ratings.

    As for your points on why it is good the flexible rating. At least from what I understand three of them could be fixed only by making more clear on what and how much form, concern and morale influence on the game. It is not necessary to change the rating to determine this. And other factos like squad caps could also help on this.

    And as other people pointed out there could be a lot of cons, like managers in 3/4/5 divisions having 90+ squads by hiring a lot of 85~87 players and having a good season. That is why it is important to determine very well how easy should be for a player to get the +5 rating. Maybe even considering age and how his real rating has been changing recently.

    And it could be not so realistic having some players 90 or less being way better than a 95+ player not on good form. And if implemented, more important than that is to have a consistent, well-defined and organized calendar of rating update.

    So again, is not the flexible rating itself, but how it will be defined and implemented.

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    Troianos77 reacted to chris16 in SM Worlds Reboot   
    It would stay the same. Player with 90 BR and 85 GR is sold he would still be 85 GR but the new club could get him back to 90 and beyond. Should add some extra elements to transfer dealings.
    Yes (or down). Player with 90 BR and 85 GR goes up one the player would then be 91 BR and 86 GR.

    All of this is to be finalised and is open for discussion and debate.
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    Troianos77 reacted to Sir Rahul in Rahul W's rating predictions   
    No surprise you have it covered  
    Answered already
    Probably Pepe - because he's definitely hit a cap of 91 for a while. Unlikely to move for many years to come, Arsenal unlikely to  challenge for the title any time. Maybe if he adds more goals and assists...
    yes get Deano
    I think Jordan, based on what I've heard
    Looking for alternatives but there aren't many, Ronaldo Vieira is one. Cassata is another.
    Kumbulla can play as a DM so technically he is another.
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    Troianos77 reacted to Kieran_S91 in Rahul W's rating predictions   
    Pretty sure he won’t be sold you can’t have less than 2 goalkeepers.
    Edit: Reading Lemontrees link it does say that he will be sold irrespective of the amount of goalkeepers you have.
    I would sell Pepe out of the 3.
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    Troianos77 got a reaction from Arun in Rahul W's rating predictions   
    If you need more a DC I'd go for Gomez, especially as he covers all 3 positions at the back. But Pavard is also a good position even more for a right fullback.
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    Troianos77 reacted to Sir Rahul in Rahul W's rating predictions   
    I believe he has peaked at 92 - and considering the drop off from last season, I don't think he deserves the 93 right now.
    Nope and nope
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    Troianos77 reacted to Sir Rahul in Rahul W's rating predictions   
    Prefer the Pavard side of the deal
    Prefer Felix long term
    The move to Napoli might help the 87
    Ah.... I agree. The only Israeli player I know is Tomas Sivok, who somehow is still 87 rated.
    Soccerwiki does need an overhaul. The SM admins mentioned something would be done about it in the revamp, but I don't know what. I've volunteered myself to help out, let's see what happens. 
    Can't help mate sorry 
    Arthur, much younger 
    I'd have to check, haha
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    Troianos77 got a reaction from Kieran_S91 in Rahul W's rating predictions   
    Thanks. And I'm sorry, but right after posting the question I received a counter offer from the other player. So I had to edit, also because of the confusion about pereira. 
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    Troianos77 reacted to Kieran_S91 in Rahul W's rating predictions   
    Pereira and Elliott for Pavard is a fair deal.
    Edit: But looking back at your previous question which you edited, I would go for Pavard and Kamara.
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    Troianos77 reacted to Kieran_S91 in Rahul W's rating predictions   
    Argentina is currently being reviewed not sure after that too early to tell.
    Diego Carlos.
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    Troianos77 reacted to Sir Rahul in Rahul W's rating predictions   
    Ah, Arthur then
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    Troianos77 reacted to thorgan lesar in Rahul W's rating predictions   
    Marco Kana 
    Marco Angulo 
    Mohamed Toure 
    Danny Leyva 
    Michal Karbownik 
    Fausto Vera 
    Ricardo Pepi 
    Kobe Hernandez-Foster 
    Daniel Antosch 
    Kacper Kozlowski 
    Nascamento Renyer 
    Adam Karabec 
    Ömer Beyaz 
    Tochi Chukwuani 
    Jayden Nelson 
    Joelson Fernandes 
    Isak Jóhanneson 
    Dario Sarmiento 
    Maarten Vandevoordt 
    Victor Guzmán (18) - 70
    Arsenii Batahov 
    Juan Manuel Cuesta 
    Luis Henrique 
    Facundo Pellistri 
    Issa Kabore 
    Mohammed Kudus 
    Jan Bernat 
    Must buys of the list:
    Kudus, Kabore, Vandevoordt, Sarmiento, Joelson Fernandes, Nelson, Chukwuani, Renyer, Kozlowski, Pepi, Toure, Angulo and Kana
    And a lot more of talents.. 
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    Troianos77 reacted to hoochy koochy in Rahul W's rating predictions   
    Joao Felix all day. Younger. And has much more to his game. A few posts back Dembele was discussed. 
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    Troianos77 reacted to Soccahappy in Rahul W's rating predictions   
    Postimage looks as if it is open for business but still when I try to use it it says "New Uploads is Temporarily disabled for maintenance" drat!
    Turkey Next by the way bottom club Kayserispor went into Swiki this morning.
    Will run thru my spreadsheet, both great talents but I'd go for Soyuncu first
    Will run thru my spreadsheet, the ones in my spreadsheet
    Oh Ok,
    8m is eight million tho and Jesus will go down in value probably to 36m on 1st of May.
    Yes unless like Laporte he has a further setback.
    I favour Palacios but both good prospects. Hooch's post spot on
    YES he's very young and his talent like most of that age will be inconsistent until he gains experience and confidence. I believe he will get there, when is another question. Worth the bet tho
    Yippee! Your a Star Mr Lesar. (I'm a poet and I know it) 😃
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    Troianos77 got a reaction from Milanista1 in Rahul W's rating predictions   
    He's a good player. And probably will develop a lot if he has more chances and game time. But you've to know that after Cruzeiro got relegated and had a lot of troubles concerning debts and the director's board the team is changing a lot. A lot of players are leaving and he may or not stay there so his development may be postponed depending on where he goes to. This applies to others players there. Some like him even are suing the team and may leave through legal actions.
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    Troianos77 got a reaction from Milanista1 in Rahul W's rating predictions   
    Thanks for the opinion. I've not made my mind even though It could like it. I'm sorry if i didn't express myself properly. I was just laying the ground and showing my opinion on some of the players as I've not seen the same amount of games for all of them. But I'm more than willing to change my mind with more opinions. That's why I was asking.
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    Troianos77 reacted to sirmarkhughes in Rahul W's rating predictions   
    Correa and Poulsen.
    I would punt them all.
    Easily Firpo.
    Tolisso and Barella.
    I would probably sell Verratti of the trio.
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    Troianos77 got a reaction from sirmarkhughes in Rahul W's rating predictions   
    If you could pick two of the following Tolisso, Brozovic, Torreira and Barella who would you stay with considering that they will be your second/third option so it can be considering both potential and current rating?
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    Troianos77 reacted to TMCosta in Rahul W's rating predictions   
    DDG, Oblak, MATS and Alisson
    Oblak, MATS, Alisson and DDG
    MATS, Alisson, DDG and Oblak
    Alisson, DDG, Oblak and MATS
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    Troianos77 reacted to Milanista1 in Rahul W's rating predictions   
    I agree with what tryn2rtr.
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    Troianos77 got a reaction from Milanista1 in Rahul W's rating predictions   
    Yeah, that is what I was thinking. The question is if he'll stay at OM, as I think if he does so he probably won't increase in rating unless OM has a very good season, but it is just a guess... But Immobile doesn't seem to improve a lot either even making a lot of goals these past seasons.
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    Troianos77 reacted to Bukɑ in Rahul W's rating predictions   
    For me 
    I will ask for Pepe and Wener Or Ndombele.
    Pepe scores all the time on SM I use him alot and is also a good player in real life and given the fact that he is linked with a big club in Serie A.
    Wener has the capacity of hitting 93 before Sancho once he moves to Bayern. Sancho has just played one good season. Timo has done quite well in the last 2 seasons.
    Ndombele is a young and promising midfielder that can hit 94 with time. He's done well in the National team. I have watched him severally. Moving to Spurs and playing in the PL is an improvement.  
    Felt United would have gone for him but it's all good.
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    Troianos77 reacted to RobboEFC in Rahul W's rating predictions   
    No, while Firmino is a good player Son is improving each season to a point he's now Spurs most important attacker. Firmino in comparison is at risk of being benched if Liverpool sign a marquee striker. Son can reach 94 at Spurs eventually
    Ask if they'd trade 2 for Sancho, otherwise take Haverts or Pepe like others have mentioned 
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    Troianos77 reacted to Milanista1 in Rahul W's rating predictions   
    Your player swap also depends on the position you need filling, if you need a winger type then i would swap Sancho for N.Pepe, if a require more of a midfield type then go for K.Havetz.
    I do believe K.Havetz is the better player out of the lot you have mentioned (including sancho).
    Surprisingly if the manager is willing to swap for two then let it be K.Havetz and N.Pepe.
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