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  1. Re: Player concerns I have the same problem with Silva Neymar. He isn't the best striker I have so wasn't getting games. His concern was raised about this to level one so I put him in the team. Well he started to bang in the goals so I kept him in. He's played the last nine games straight he hasn't missed a game yet his concern about not playing has just gone up to level 2?? Plus the fact that he is in the youth team, I didn't think youth players were effected by this?
  2. Whats the difference in the game? Anyone want to shed any light? I obviously understand the concept in real life but was wondering the best formation/position for both. Help would be greatly appreciated.
  3. Re: EPL Changes. Do you agree? Thanks for your reply. The stats were the things that I was missing to back up the point I was making. But the thing is the point you made about the kids is a fair one 'BUT' with the kids they consistently achieve a top four finish, something that their stats don't reflect IMO.
  4. Re: EPL Changes. Do you agree? Can I ask one more question about Arsenal? Sorry if I seem to be banging on about them but it's them that have grabbed my attention this time around. My question is - As arsenal are consistently in the top four and have also had a good run in the CL for a number of years now. How do you think their 'TEAM' compares to the likes of the others who you would consider top four? By this I mean compare the team average to the likes of Chelsea, Man Utd and Liverpool. I would expect that Arsenal have to lowest average out of the lot (I have no proof it is my asumption). Would be interested to know. The feeling I have is in a straight fight Arsenal would struggle for a top Six finish in SM when bringing in the squad players into the first eleven. Not the consistent top four that they achieve in real life.
  5. Re: EPL Changes. Do you agree? This is what I love about this game. The fact that it can generate such wide varied opinions.
  6. Re: EPL Changes. Do you agree? One swallow does not make a summer. But if Bent was to continue his form through to next season them I'd say he'd get his 90.
  7. Re: EPL Changes. Do you agree? Oh yeah and didnt Collison get an 86 this time round? Which makes Ramseys rating all the more suspect. Who would you say is the better player? Sorry couldnt help myself.
  8. For me there were a few surpises. A couple that I noted - Aaron Ramsey - +2 > 86 I thought he should have gone to 87. The guys looking more and more as though he's in AW first team set up and has been playing solidly for the Welsh team. Compare this against Jack Rodwell who went to 87 who plays for a team struggling in the PL (Not that I have anything against Rodwell) Abou Diaby - No Change - Thought he should have been +1 > 89. Compare him to Song who are very similar players with similar Minutes on the pitch however Diaby has three goals this season to Song 0 and yet Song got a +1. Aaron Lennon - If Milner went to 90 I think Lennon should have gone to 91. Lennon is on fire this season Milner is too but Lennon has made the RM/Wing for Tottenham and England his own and has terrified defences this season. Any other you can think of?
  9. Re: "Crippling attendances and gate receipts" Second home game saw a massive 516 people turn up. Nice one SM.
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