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  1. Não tem como tirar um treinador de um world personalizado. Ele só sai quando quiser ou por inatividade.
  2. Esse jogo está completamente abandonado. É uma ofensa contra jogadores que investem no jogo.
  3. Administrators don't seem to care about our problems
  4. Não existe nada que possa nos ajudar.
  5. They have already noted that goalkeepers below 89 always stand out, while goalies over 90 always look bad. I have ederson 91 and he always delivers goals, always takes notes 5 or 6, and my friends with goalies 87-88-89 always play well. Is there a reason for this?
  6. I've been playing since 2011, but I wanted to know why it does not update any more. I would also be very grateful without being informed if the characteristics of soccer wiki influence the game, as well as if the weather also interferes with the game. Thank you very much. I expect a response and updates in the game, characteristics in the defensive statistics players would make the game much better.
  7. kelvintcosta


    Weather conditions influence the game?
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