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  1. Suggestions for a lb around 87/88 rated who will rise in future ? Ps : Angelino is sold
  2. Okay so now I have 2 options Sule + Moutinho + Kovacic Or Lenglet + Moutinho + Grimaldo/Taglafico Which seems better?
  3. Lenglet or Alaba who has better chance of rising ? Or Sule?
  4. Can someone suggest me an 87-88 cb who will rise soon? Around 10 mil mark not more don't say bastoni he is sold. Basically I am selling Eric Garcia for a new upgrade so any suggestions?
  5. Which league is next can't figure out through soccerwiki
  6. So I was thinking of getting Chadli in a gw the issue is I am afraid he will get -1 soon , what are your thoughts? He is 88 now ik not a exciting player but ig he is just godly
  7. Mings or Webster? Who has a better chance of rising in next reviews and kinda better for long term?
  8. So SMS gets 92, but kovacic who had his best season stays 91 sm at its finest
  9. Any young gk suggestions around 80-85 Like safonov he is sold so someone like him or any good gk with solid potential or can rise in next 2-3 months?
  10. Have you heard of Ferdi Kadioglu planning to get him any idea on his potential?
  11. Rip my luck both along with Shapi Sulemanoy and Dominik szcosoblai (rip spelling) are sold too 😭
  12. So I received an offer for my main striker Sebastian Andersson 87 rated and I am looking to replace him with a young/promising riser who is around 84/85 and gets the rise to 87 any suggestions ? Ps : it's a competitive gw so all the top 5 league players are gone
  13. Mancini can rise? Even though I think Roma had pretty defense.
  14. There goes any chance of him being 95 😂
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