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  1. Any suggestions for gk under 300-400k who will rise in next 10-12 weeks?
  2. Rai Vloet to get 82/83? If Dutch are done properly?
  3. So Saiss doesn't even get 88? Whereas Coady got 90. Also Harrison only 85? Could have got 86 imo considering they gave Klich 87
  4. Darmian or PVA who has higher chance of dropping?
  5. And thoughts on Darius Olaru and Olimpiu Morutan?
  6. You guys think Helinho will rise saw him being edited if yes will he touch 80?
  7. Short term goal for like 1-2 years Bruno as has chance of reaching 93/94 in 2 years Deligt ain't gonna rise for next 1-2 years unless Juve wins UCL or Netherlands win worldcup. Long term De Ligt because good cbs are rare to come by in sm for some reason.
  8. I had one in other gw looks like they are retiring now 😂 to fix the error
  9. Okay so need a suggestion I can get either one of these Ansu Fati or Ferran Torres. The gw is tight and value rise is necessary so which would you guys suggest in terms of value coz Fati is already 12 mil and 86 with his injury he might get 87 but will that make him cross the 20 mark? Also Ferran Torres sure shot 90? And if he does can he hit the 24 mark?
  10. Suggestions for a lb around 87/88 rated who will rise in future ? Ps : Angelino is sold
  11. Okay so now I have 2 options Sule + Moutinho + Kovacic Or Lenglet + Moutinho + Grimaldo/Taglafico Which seems better?
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