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  1. Will Smallbone and Joe Scally worth keeping I mean will they rise in current summer updates?
  2. Hendo easily as he will rise whereas bale and rakitic both will fall.
  3. Genrally if your opponent is stronger than you and is used to 4231/433 use 541b with attacking fast tempo and pressure all over once u are in lead at 75 due to any counter u can switch it to 451b very defensive tempo slow and pressure own half
  4. Artem Biesiedin are you sure? he is facing doping charge ban till December 20
  5. So you guys think Aleksey Sutromin will rise? Also can Sebastian Andersson of Berlin rise? Also if you had to pick 1 of Sutromin vs Sebastian Vs Irvin Cordona which would you pick Also which is better pair to buy Barino + Sutromin Or Lenz + Abu Hanna + Sutromin Also if you guys can suggest some low key 80-82 rated attacker in budget of 1-2 mil who will rise? Shapi is sold so don't tell him😭
  6. So I am bit new with youngsters any tips on whom to hold from this list.
  7. A bit off topic but does anyone here knows how to open the web version of sm on android ?
  8. Seriously that's quite disappointing
  9. So I think I saw some nice players change so does that mean the forgot or skipped disasi?
  10. U think Moussa Dembele can rise? In next few days?
  11. U guys think Mbappe can turn 95 in this update session?
  12. Ok so need a suggestion Carvajal + Isco vs De ligt + Cuadrado better duo?
  13. I have one more suggestion. Temporary rating increase based on form. (Dynamic Rating) So say my 91 Rashford is playing amazing. Like 8 goals and 6 assist in say 12 games Then he gets a temp plus 1 for my team. Once his form declines for my team say Avg rating is back around 7 then he is 91 again
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