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  1. Wow I didn't know this. Never tried to tbh but presumed it was the same as with any other outfield player. Thought you just needed to have at least 2 GK's in your squad at any one time. I stand corrected
  2. Buy another goalie and it will. You can buy literally anyone (eg a 60 rated guy for 1k) and then loan out your 84 rated gk. You need to have at least 2 GK's in your squad at any one time
  3. Nothing special from what I've seen. Can't see him ever cementing a place in the first 11.
  4. Because he already got a rise based on the majority of last season, didn't play in the world cup, and also was not playing at the start of this season. Granted, his form lately has been impressive but SM can't base their ratings on performances from the last couple of months.
  5. Well you've sure managed to find a way haha
  6. I really must be missing something. Granted I haven't really seen much of him since he was at Everton (maybe the odd champion's league game) but his stats are far from 'on fire'. If his performances have been out of this world then fair enough but scoring the odd goal in the russian premier league is not really that impressive in my book. He couldn't get a look in at Everton either... If you guys see him play week in week out, then I'll bow to your greater knowledge but I really would love to know what it is that I'm not seeing
  7. Would love to know what makes you say that mate. I don't think either of them are necessarily top players but I have no idea what makes you think Vlasic will hit 90. Not trying to start an argument or anything, just intrigued
  8. Definitely joelinton. (It had been asked and answered though)
  9. Tough as I love Silva, but the duo probably edges it for me too
  10. No need with the two GK's you already have. Use the money for an outfield player instead
  11. 4-3-3b Tackling normal (hard if losing) Mentality normal (attacking if losing) Passing mixed (direct if losing 60mins+) Attacking down both flanks Tempo normal Pressing own half Thank me later
  12. Anyone know if they're done with updating West Ham now?
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