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  1. okeej in 2063 when messi and ronaldo have 78 years and 99 rating u still will be happy with this game bcs they playing 2015-16-17-18 best football on planet, this is game based on ing real life right? then how can some players have rating if they playing badly 2 season? 2 fck years? you rly doest understand or you dont want to understand some things...ask messi why icardi doesnt play on world cup pls read again what u write man u rly dont understand some things...
  2. i play this game 6 years and it is annoying to much last few months, i understand what are you talking about vitor but tell me who cares what vidal or somebody else doing 2012 or 2014... this is game in real life how players playing rating should change..base on that what u write c.ronaldo or messi win a lot of throphies... and rating two of them next 10 years shoud be 99 right? this is bull... something about mane and g.jesus... both play for great clubs of course but why mane have 93 this year liverpool played champ. league, last years they even didnt qualif. and didint win any trophies also this year same is as last except champ leag. g.jesus win this year league they play this and last year champ. leag. and why now he have 92 and mane 93? only bcs of statistic right? see this is not fair if he play very well enlarge his rating if he play bad drop his rating down ....who cares for players which play in 2.Croatian League and their rating or for players in "483 Brasilian street league" i dont care, many peoples of this game doesnt care about their rating, shoud be more changes based on real life...... Danny HARRISON 36 years club Connah's Quay rating 67 dfaq man...who care about him? who? same story with costa and higuain tell again who care what they do 2015 who? drop their rating they playing badly if they start playing good enlarge their rating simply right? costa score a lot? ? 29 goals in 2 years even idiot Kalinic score more goals ... based on your story then why Mario Mandžukić have 92 ? he playing on high level 5-6 years, score well, win a lot of throphies ?? people leaving this game only bcs of that....bcs it's not fair
  3. how it is possible that THIAGO, VIDAL (15 goals, 6 assists last 2 years), can have 94 rating and PJANIĆ ( 15 goals, 28 assist) 93 ratingpls explain me it is insane....last 3 years 2 champ. finals and .... FEKIR 91 rating (37 goals in all competitions last 2 years)? G.JESUS 92 rating (24 goals in all competitions last 2 years)? SAIDO MANE 93 rating (33 goals in all competitions last 2 yeras) ICARDI 92 rating (55 goals in all competitions last 2 years)? HIGUAIN 94 rating (55 goals in all competitions last 2 years) ? DIEGO COSTA 94 rating (29 goals in all competitions last 2 yeras)? and why you judge player only bcs of his club this game more and more losing its meaning ..sorry bcs of english
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