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  1. I've been asking myself if there's a good formation with just 3 defenders ingame because no one uses it. Any experience from you guys?
  2. Anyone here has Mbappe ingame? Wich position you used to play him? Wich formation? I got one in a GW but he barely touchs the ball 😕
  3. Can L. Jovic drop? Or is it like 50/50?
  4. Guys, what about M. Cunha + Antony + max cash for Carvajal? I've Kimmich so I'll use him as RB if I lose Carva, and I've decent midfielders to cover Kimmich spot. imo It's too cheap for Carva, but I'd appreciate yours thoughts. The one who wants Carva also has Paulinho, so it could be Cunha + Antony + Paul...
  5. I've exchange my Messi for B.Silva, Ginter, Tielemans and Tabsoba, but I've Mbappe and I belive Messi will drop to 97 soon. Thanks btw
  6. Tks guys. I have Messi and someone offered Gnabry for him, I'd ask Bernardo Silva plus him but I dont think it will be accepted... Would you guys accept just Gnabry?
  7. Sorry, I swore that you was in Div1 LOL, as my rival please dont play defensive as I recommended 😅 I was worried about my wages but clearly there are biggers than mine, not also that I still have 60M so I'll not be in debt Ppl say that debt can affect moral on long time, not also that if, for example, you've the minimum of players in debt you will can't sell to raise funds.
  8. You should play defensive imo, Dont know if in 1st div have so many better teams compared to yours. What are your thoughts? I'm Portuguesa from 2div
  9. Great signings like Bono, Lewin, Magalhaes, Soucek, Romero, Luiz, Dest, among others... And you didnt spend that much on them! Especially in Machine Y. Herrera 😍 I'm just worried about some big wages like mine haha
  10. Sure, how about the prospects? I've bought Coulibaly after your post (In a very competitive GW) Just sold Noubissi, I dont know if he really worth and we have squad cap.
  11. I agreed with drafts but we really need everyone active and we don't have this situation right now. How much time we have to respond? Considering that some ppl are outside of Europe. It will demand too much time I guess.
  12. I'd like to manage Portuguesa as a good BRA rebuilding the team ↗️
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